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    manyak got a reaction from Johny in Congrats to Adam Batirov and Bahrain   
    Batirov finally gets a medal at the senior Worlds level at the age of 33. He was stuck behind his brother Mavlet and other great wrestlers for many years. This is Bahrain's first ever World medal in wrestling. Bahrain's royal family has been very supportive of combat sports lately, much like the UAE with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
    It's been a long time coming:
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    manyak got a reaction from TobusRex in Why can’t we import some free agent russkies?   
    Based on my experiences in the North Caucasus, most of them hardly consider themselves Russian and would kill for a chance to even live in the USA, much less wrestle for them. They like USA wrestling and frequently wear T Shirts and other USA gear.
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    manyak got a reaction from Ching in summary of Worlds MFS, changes needed, future for USA   
    Sadulaev has always been good at these barrel roll/fireman's type moves. See the 2014 world finals vs Salas.
    Creative ways of getting exposure seem to be natural to lifelong freestylers and unnatural for some US wrestlers.
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    manyak got a reaction from PSUMike in Congrats to Yowlys Bonne Rodríguez!   
    Bonne finally gets it done at nearly 36 years of age. He competed once internationally between the ages of 20 to 28 and it is well known Cuba struggles with finances and often cannot send a full team overseas. He was stuck behind Chamizo and some other great wrestlers for a while but persevered and got it done.
    One of the most exciting wrestlers in the sport:
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    manyak got a reaction from Buckeyebison in Congrats to Yowlys Bonne Rodríguez!   
    Bonne finally gets it done at nearly 36 years of age. He competed once internationally between the ages of 20 to 28 and it is well known Cuba struggles with finances and often cannot send a full team overseas. He was stuck behind Chamizo and some other great wrestlers for a while but persevered and got it done.
    One of the most exciting wrestlers in the sport:
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    manyak got a reaction from Katie in Congrats to Yowlys Bonne Rodríguez!   
    Bonne finally gets it done at nearly 36 years of age. He competed once internationally between the ages of 20 to 28 and it is well known Cuba struggles with finances and often cannot send a full team overseas. He was stuck behind Chamizo and some other great wrestlers for a while but persevered and got it done.
    One of the most exciting wrestlers in the sport:
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    manyak got a reaction from Katie in Congrats to Spain!   
    Congratulations to Spain and Taimuraz Friev for their first ever world level medal.
    Friev placed 5th in 2013 at 84 kg and was a 2016 Olympian at 74 kg, as well as a Russian Nationals finalist in 2010 at 74 kg.
    Friev is from North Ossetia and has a slick style I have enjoyed watching over the years.
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    manyak reacted to Katie in Congrats to China!   
    Deng (125kg finalist) will be China's first men's freestyle world-level medalist ever. Congrats!
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    manyak reacted to Yellow_Medal in Russian Nationals Finals Videos   
    Posted this on the Russian Nationals Stream thread too, but thought this would be easier for more of us to find. Hope it helps.


    57kg – 


    61kg – 


    65kg – 


    70kg – 


    74kg – 


    86kg – 


    92kg – 


    97kg – 


    125kg – 

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    manyak reacted to Yellow_Medal in Russian nationals stream   
    Not sure if anyone else has posted these links for what I think are the finals. Some good matches.
    57kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ8QVb0RQsM
    61kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwMpwesnmLg
    65kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5js6RCM6UY
    70kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGe_YPLcYm4
    74kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9jO-h3p8ic&t=1s
    86kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDuEBMmwxa4
    92kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53x7f9HzIi8
    97kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZbzNAjassw
    125kg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP6SSks47bc
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    manyak got a reaction from tbert in Article about Snyder-Sadulaev match   
    It's definitely not a straight forward sports journalism piece. It was in the "politics" section in an intellectual magazine.
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    manyak got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Article about Snyder-Sadulaev match   
    Great to see some traditional media coverage of this.
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    manyak got a reaction from pamela in How Good are Women   
    I think I could beat any female wrestler on the planet but this is a ridiculously dumb thread and I would never say I am better or more skilled than Helen Maroulis
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    manyak reacted to BigTenFanboy in Push-back against the 3pt TD?   
    How about we keep takedowns worth 2 points and but get rid of escapes.
    Make the wrestlers start back up in neutral if the top man doesn't turn the bottom guy to his back after a few seconds.
    Every time the top man turns his opponent over to his back he gets points, even if its for a split seconds. No reaction time.
    Get rid of the 3 periods... 2 periods of 3 min each will do.
    If you're winning by 10 points or more thats a tech.
    If a wrestler throws his opponent to his back he gets 4 or 5 points depending on how high amplitude the throw is.
    Also if a wrestler steps out of bounds the other guy gets a point.
    No overtime, just some criteria in which the guy who scored the biggest move in the match wins.
    If no one scores a takedown and the score is tied, give the guy who is less offensive a warning and if he doesn't score within 30 seconds of that warning the other guy gets a point. 
    Get rid of locking hands penalty too.
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    manyak reacted to DF in Push-back against the 3pt TD?   
    Takedowns should be scored on artistic merit, a la gymnastics and figure skating.
    Heroic takedown on the edge of the mat as antiheroic opponent tries to flee the mat to avoid the takedown: 10 points
    Heavyweight slowly spins around his opponent during a sprawl for a takedown because his opponent was exhausted and just gave up: 0 points
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    manyak reacted to AnklePicker in Dagestan NY Times   
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    manyak reacted to EasyToPin in Snyder vs Coon final?   
    I don't know if that would be much of an upset. Both were Ironman champs and Fargo AAs. 
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    manyak reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Beat the sreets Alans. World cham lost!   
    Ilsmail Muskaev beat Khicni of California by way Georgia!!! 

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    manyak reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Beat the sreets Alans. World cham lost!   
    Super match of the year!!! 125 kilos Makhov vs Meshvildishvili!
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    manyak reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Beat the sreets Alans. World cham lost!   
    The Alans (Russian version beat the streets when Ossetians beat super starts in Vladikavkaz) final 70 - 125  kg:
    Harder event than Beat the streets! c:
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    manyak got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in Burroughs wrestling for Iranian Club...   
    I hope this becomes the norm. Our wrestlers deserve to wrestle in front of large, passionate crowds and to be paid for doing so.
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    manyak reacted to wfan24 in Kuramed Kuramagomedov interview   
    I translated another interview for the forum from this multiple time world and european champion.
    source: http://www.wrestrus.ru/news/smi/Pressa_o_nas/kuramagomed_kuramagomedov_vsegda_nado_borot_sja_tol_ko_za_pervoe_mesto_v_nas_tak_vlozhili_s_detstva_molodezh_dagestana_06_09_2017
    – How do you evaluate the performance of Rashidov (Kuramagomedov's student)?
    – Well, it we are talking purely about results and of our wrestling club, then a 2nd place at the worlds is a good result. This is his first time wrestling seniors at the worlds. Until then, he was wrestling juniors and winning, similarly European seniors. Of course, if we look closely at the final match -- I believe that Rashidov picked the wrong tactical plan. He was rushing.
    – When you saw Rashidov's draw,  where he got Stieber, the world champ, Olympic champion Hinchegashvili, and Opan Sat (now wrestling for Turkey), what did you think?
    – You wouldn't believe, but I was absolutely calm. Why? Well,  Rashidov trains in my room and I saw the shape he was in and his focus. I saw that he is cutting weight well.v I talked to the head Russian team doctor and he said that Rashidov is feeling physically great. Because of that I was sure that he will overcome these opponents. And in general, recently, he was practically never losing any matches. I was only worried about the final.
    You need to be a wrestler, so that you can understand what I want to tell you. Rashidov finished all his preliminary bouts and there was time until the final. He went to the restaurant and he had to eat something, something healthy. Instead what happened is he just ate something quick in some restaurant, and on top of that it was not proper food. And because of that, when I talk to the Russian head coaches I always tell them: take a cook with you, just one. Let him cook the right foods so that the wrestler can recover. Something liquid and hot/soup...where can we get this? Because of that, when I saw Rashidov before the final, I understood that he had not recovered fully. And then I started to worry. 
    – Did you watch all of his matches at the worlds? Which match did you like most? 
    – One usually most likes the matches you win (laughs), nobody likes losses. All his matches were interesting. It was very interesting to see him vs. the Georgian, but the match I liked most was vs. Stieber (USA). He was a world champ, yet Rashidov easily beat him.
    – Head coach Tedeev said that: If Rashidov followed the game plan, the result would be very different. What game plan would you give him?
    – Well, whatever game plan a coach would have given him, if the wrestler has not recovered mentally, then no plan will help him. Of course, he could have waited these 2 periods, not attack and try to keep 1:1, don't wrestle, but this is not serious. As for the game plan, then a minute before the end, losing 1:5, he was in a hurry, he decided to attack with one big score. Why did he had go for the big move like that? This is youth and inexperience. A lot can happen in a minute -- takedown, turn, etc, lots of time, one can score...To go crazy like that, one can do 10 seconds before the end...I think in the future, he will not make such mistakes.
    – Did you talk to him?
    – Yes, he admitted that he was in a hurry and rushed. He said that he failed to do the move as the arm slipped as if the opponent had put oil on himself. He had done this move hundreds of times, but it didn't work here. 
    – I have to ask you about Sadulaev...many experts believe that he got too excited with himself with his move to 97kg...What do you think?
    – I don't think that Sadulaev lost the final to Snyder in terms of wrestling per-se. By that I mean, technical moves, takedowns, and so on. Why did the american win? Because of push outs and such stuff...I don't argue that Snyder was stronger in that. But why did Rashid lost? Same problem as Rashidov -- he just didn't recover after 4-5 matches, improper food and lack of weight.
    I already talked to the Russian head team doctor about this: why didn't they help him add the necessary weight? A couple of kilograms so that he would have power? It turns out that the standard vitamins and proteins that the doctors give Sadulaev, he simply refuses to take...I am joking with the doctor: may be he doesn't thrust you? (laughs). Medicine doesn't sit in one place...now things are much simpler than earlier when I wrestled.  Now you take some vitamins and you add few kilograms. Don't think that we are talking about some special prohibited substances...these are all officially approved supplements.
    Its just that Sadulaev does not want to take any supplements. Who knows, if he had listened to the doctors, perhaps the result would be different, he would have been stronger and more powerful, and would beat Snyder. But it came out the way it did.
    Its good Sadulaev lost now. This is just the start of the Olympic cycle. There is still time to understand and repair the mistakes.
    Anyway, the main thing I want to say about the bad performance in Paris is the following. Here, everything is important, even the smallest things...But now there is some kind of a confrontation in the Russian team -- Dagestan coaches, Mamiashvili, Tedeev...This all affects the wrestlers. They see all that and it affects them. When there is no good team spirit, this is not normal. At the training camps, one has to have a working atmosphere, wrestlers should not think about side things. Many of our wrestlers lost in the final seconds, by 1 point and I believe such losses are due to the unpleasant situation in the team. This shouldn't happen. Remember when Russia used to win 5 gold medals? This was when there was a great team spirit in the team. That is how it has to be.
    – Lets get back to Sadulaev. Arsen Fadzaev advices him to return to 86kg...
    – Fadzaev participated in 2 tournaments in a year -- worlds and Olympics and that was that. He didn't have problem cutting weight. If now, Sadulaev only participates in Russian nationals and the worlds, and the rest of the time he rests, then well, yes, he can stay at 86kg. But this will not happen. He will be sent to tournaments all over. Sadualev will be unable to physically constantly cut weight. Lets remember several wrestlers like Murtazalev, Isagadjiev, and that same Ketoev, all of which destroyed their bodies cutting weight.

    Sadulaev, after all, lost by 1 point, its not like he was losing by 10 points. So it means not all is bad with him in the 97kg class and we need to seek the reasons somewhere else, in particular, what I said above already. And also, ask Sadulaev himself, what does he want? If he loses again at the next tournament, then one can think of changing weight. So far, he only lost 1 tournament by 1 point. So we shouldn't hurry. Sadulaev will figure it out himself.
    – Should we say that the worlds are a failure?
    – Without a gold medal or Russia, who considers itself a wrestling country, yes , this is a tragedy. We had 3 finalists and if 1 of them won, we would be speaking differently. But what happened is a catastrophe. And I don't understand why Tedeev says that the worlds are not a principled tournament. How should I understand this?

    Here its important, here its not? One has to wrestle for 1st place everywhere. We were taught that way since we were children. I remember, what focus we had when we had to wrestle an american, this is a true war on the mat and we understood that we are wrestling for Russia, for its prestige. Look at how Americans and Iranians were celebrating when they beat a Russian wrestler in Paris. So, for them, this was a principled tournament, while for us, its not? 
    Right now we are seeing the consequences of what happened few years ago when wrestlers started departing from our country. The Russian coaches only took to tournaments their favorite wrestlers, forgetting the no.2's and no.3's.  It shouldn't be like that. When the no.1 has an injury there always has to be someone to replace them. There has to be few good wrestlers in each weight class. It shouldn't be the case that the head Russian coaches have their own personal students and pet wrestlers. Take, for instance, Sajidov. You think he doesn't get wrestlers who come to him to get trained by him personally? Of course they come, but he understands that as a head coach he cannot  have personal students, favorite pet wrestlers. In one word, we have problems and we need to solve these problems now.
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    manyak got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in Sadulaev's coach interview   
    Sadulaev doesn't have a twitter, it's fake. He uses Instagram.
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    manyak got a reaction from 2td3nf in Jordan Burroughs   
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    manyak got a reaction from PRyan2012 in Sadulaev's coach interview   
    Sadulaev recently got married. This has different connotations in a devout Muslim society than it does in the US. In the US the stereotype is when you get married you become more responsible and tame and have a more stable home life and no longer go out partying etc. In the North Caucasus the stereotype is totally different. When you get married you get soft and have access to sex/women for the first time and are no longer just a warrior.
    I saw several comments about Sadulaev's weight gain and lack of training post-marriage.
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