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  1. Ok, but it goes back to my original argument... they are already getting top classes and elite big guys. If they brought in a top 57 kg guy i would think this is a game changer, but for now it just appears to be more of the same.
  2. So if they dont send someone at 97 kg and 125kg for the olympics or win 197 and heavy this year, is it the biggest letdown in the history of the sport? I mean all that talent guarentees those wins right?
  3. People do all the time. Sometimes the best guys come from rooms with very little competition. Gwiz didnt go to Binghamton and then NCSt for room partners and yet he is one of the top guys in recent memory. Maybe just maybe a room full of studs isnt key to developing talent.
  4. A couple months it will be cool retro gear.
  5. I would maybe buy Kerkvliet, but do you really think Gable would have gone to PSU if Snyder were there? I dont.
  6. Ok, but who were they not getting in recruiting at the upper weights that they will now bc they have Kyle Snyder? They have consistently had a log jam of talent at the upper weights and just had champs at 197 and 285 last year. They havent really lost anyone huge bc of a lack of training partners there. I guess you could say Kerkvliet if you think that he went to tOSU just bc of Snyder. I doubt it was the only reason as it wasnt in his mind when he committed to Minnie and Okie St.
  7. Does this really change much for PSU? They werent missing out on talent at the upper weights. Their biggest miss in recruiting around that weight would be Gable and he didnt need a gold medalist to pull him in to Minnesota. I fail to see how this really changes anything for PSUs recruiting.
  8. I will pick Jden, but its not because I dont think NLWC is a great place for Snyder to be. Jden has just looked dominant and continues to improve.
  9. All those guys go to Iowa now from what I hear :) I really think this is a good move for Snyder. It seems like he has stalled out a lil and needs this change. Right now, I take Jden if he goes 97 next year, which I wouldve never imagined picking a couple years ago.
  10. Any chance support is being pulled and the program is being run into the ground to justify cutting it before they go D1?
  11. I came to that conclusion because you said: This comment would suggest that whether the show is free or not was large part of what I was trying to say, and it was definitely not. It also contradicts several stances that I have taken defending Flo in the past. Can you really not see why I would want to set that straight? Its only an argument if you make it one Lurker. Relax.
  12. The fact that you misrepresented my position made me think otherwise. Anyways, carry on.
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