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  1. Double post. Damn thats not good for the ratio!
  2. Cenzo vs Bull bc I dont think these two know how to wrestle a conservative match against eachother. There will always be fireworks.
  3. I am out of reactions, but this is very true and I "like" it.
  4. Everyones goal on this forum, to finally be liked.
  5. Im counting on all of you coming around one of these days. Cant stop now.
  6. I would react to this statement but i have no reactions left. So for now :D
  7. I dont like that they are, but its to easy to game if they are not the same as pins.
  8. Yeah but you also acknowledge there is plenty of opportunity for PSU to win. Who you picking to win Tbar?
  9. Yeah rules never change so your point is completely valid and not a cop out.
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