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  1. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    They both came from an era that was producing a lot of future college studs. My point was that Iowa is not producing those kinds of wrestlers right now.
  2. Well put. I understand the situation and your point, but my distate for how people handle the Desanto actions and my distate for Desantos actions are not mutually exclusive. However, I may have dived deep down a path defending something I'm not really thaaat passionate about. I think you and hammer are right here. The truth is desanto was out of line, he does have something to prove and deserves that. Yes, I'm annoyed by some fans reactions to this, but for the most part many times they are justified and should have been expected.
  3. You were more than happy to interpret my post any way you wanted... what's the difference?
  4. I mean, he is a kid... compared to me. I wasn't aware I was making it an issue.
  5. I'm not telling anyone to drop it. I simply pointed out that people remain outraged after last year and are eager to jump at the opportunity to get on desanto about this since it happened even when it is not relevent. I was told that was a cop out and its all about the integrity of the sport. To which I explained how I don't think that is the case. There are many examples in D1 that show a lack of sportsmanship. How come we are not rioting about those examples? Let's be honest, many we just let slide by. And if it is all about class and sportsmanship, what is our responsibility as fans in this discussion? If it's such a serious problem, should a kid be continually thrown under the bus at every oppurtunity to prove a point? Maybe. Maybe he does deserve that. But do you really believe it's about the integrity of the sport or do you think it's about a chance to take the moral high ground and rip on a kid especially now that he is at Iowa? I think the latter.
  6. russelscout

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    How did I bash him?
  7. No, I'm for accountability, but what would be sufficient response from Brands right now to appease this board? Last year, if Desanto would have been held out his next match at the NCAAs? OK. I would have understood it. I think he should be on a short leash by Brands this year, but at this moment how should he be held accountable? How does cjc playing moral police help the situation? You say my arguement is idiotic and vulgar. I say beating a dead horse is.
  8. What is classy about hating on desanto on a message board? Is bashing a kid continually consistent with those views of sportsmanship and class? Bc I would argue that sportsmanship is also the responsibility of the fans. What will need to happen for you to forgive Desanto? Does he need to publicly apologize? That won't happen. No you and others will cast stones and claim "sportsmanship is the backbone of our sport" until everyone gets sick of it and it isn't entertaining anymore.
  9. Like you I suppose?... Maybe if you complain about the events that happened last year, you could be on the nwca sportsmanship committee or something since you clearly get it. If I am wrong, why are you not standing up for every incident in college wrestling? Why haven't you started a thread called "Sportsmanship in College Wrestling". Instead we have everyone singling out one kid over and over and over. It's not helping the sport, it's bringing down 1 kid to show how pro-sportsmanship you all are. Congrats.... have we had enough or do we need to continue ragging on Desanto to bring class and sportmanship to wrestling?
  10. These fans will never be satisfied. Too many ppl loooove being outraged. That way they can act superior and scold desanto from a message board
  11. russelscout

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Gotchya. To tell you the truth, I know nothing about Gavin's lifestyle so I could be wrong. I just remember after he flipped to PSU, I was super bummed about it. I thought Iowa was missing out on a huge talent.... then I checked out the kids twitter and I was less convinced that he was a sure thing. I don't think Twitter should be the the be-all and end-all when judging a kids character, but what a kid puts out for all the world to see does say something. I had a similar feeling about Destin McCauley a few years back, however, that one was way more obvious.
  12. russelscout

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Ussually if it is simply kids catching up we don't see that until college. This kid wrestled Fix close in free and beat Piccinnini in just 2016. I would say he got worse over the next years and that to me points to lifestyle issues or HEW.
  13. russelscout

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    He didn't but lets see how Wilcke continues to adjust at 84. He looks much more offensive than he was at 97 in only 2 matches but he did show more athleticism. We rarely saw that at 197 from Wilcke.
  14. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    I don't think it's even close to what it was. Not too long ago, Metcalf won how many Fargo titles and that was the peak of his season. Now I don't think he would even go. He would have gone to Akron, and tried to make a Cadet world team. I mean, how many Fargo titles does Lee and Gable have? The very best rarely to Fargo anymore.