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  1. russelscout

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Wait, he hit, shoved, whatever you want to call it, but he did it to a kid. We count on our adults to be adults in these situations. I dont care if he doesnt have a history of hitting kids. We teach children not to hit from the time they are little and he cant figure out he shouldn't do that as a grown man? I dont see how you can possibly excuse that as an isolated incident.
  2. russelscout

    Forum going soft?

    Something about the OTC man. Same thing with Slay. No biggie though. These guys did their time.
  3. russelscout

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Come on Zebra. I'm just messing with you. Despite our back and forth in the past, I do legitimately value your input.
  4. russelscout

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Where is @Zebra to swoop in and explain that sometimes you just have to strike the kids?
  5. russelscout

    Final Forfeits

    I'm all in on this one Tbar.
  6. russelscout

    Final Forfeits

    Are you saying I defended someone lawyering up? I think you have me confused with someone else. However, I cant blame anyone for acting in their own best interest when their income is dependent on it.
  7. russelscout

    Final Forfeits

    You want them to wrestle? There has to be higher monetary incentives. Why wrestle in the Yasar Dogu final if you think it could do anything to hurt your chances in the Worlds? That's where the pay day is, and it is their job. ....but yes. I see what you are getting at...
  8. russelscout

    Forum going soft?

    Whoah. Be careful. You'll be accused of being a commie with that kind of talk.
  9. russelscout

    What we learned at Dogu

    What kind of results does Nolf have on the international level? I dont remember him in any overseas tourneys.
  10. Btw me questioning a divine experience does not equal cynicism. Apparently the only way I could have won in that situation was to agree, but I thought I dealt with the topic with respect.
  11. Ahhhhhh I remember that. Sorry I hurt your feelings. What was that, months ago?
  12. About what? What socialism is or communism? Havent we been down this road before? Google it. Now I'm on the end of a McCarthy hearing because I didnt think everything you didnt like about the world equaled socialism. The fact is, I could explain what it is, as I have multiple times, and it wouldnt matter. You're level of cynicism automatically leads to me being a called communist sympathizer, left wing radical, or even antifa gets thrown around. I would consider myself as a centrist, but me simply pointing out that socialism is not what you have been saying in your mind makes me radical. Facts dont matter to you @GockeS.
  13. I was stating my opinion.
  14. 1. Most definitely. 10-life service atleast for speaking out against the party. We need to fix his bourgeois ways. 2. It really is too bad. 3. I never said those were not socialist. It's very clear you are out of your element any any discussion about these things since you dont know what you dont know.
  15. I'm surprised that you even have to ask. Of course, that is exactly what I was saying.