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  1. russelscout

    Iowa vs Princeton

    I don't think Ive ever been as impressed with a guy who just got teched. Glory showed some good signs there.
  2. russelscout

    Start a movement...

    Its not the same though. Kasper wasn't even competing at a high level at 184 until he jumped to heavy. If 125 and 133 merged you would add Lee, Rivera, Bresser, Picc, Moisey to an already stacked weight class. For heavy you take out White, Hemida, Probably Casser to go 220. Your top 8 is Stoll- Iowa, Jordan Wood- Lehigh, Billy Miller- Virginia Tech, Jere Heino- Campbell, Conan Jennings N'western, Matt Voss George Mason, Cory Daniel- North Carolina. Then throw in Gable, but otherwise this is not a very exciting weight class I am sorry to say. I can see where adding a 215 would be worse for the sport.
  3. russelscout

    Start a movement...

    Wrestlers that would make that 215 weight would deplete the talent from heavyweight. Guys like Tommy Rowlands, Pat Cummins, Jacob Kasper, and Kyle Snyder and many others (those come to mind first) not only compete, but are capable of winning heavyweight. Now you take those guys out and half the talent is gone. The American average size may be larger, but wrestlers tend to be smaller. Go to a college open and you will see most brackets 141 to 165 are huge brackets. Heavyweight is ussually one of the smallest. No sense in watering down the weight with fewer participants and is the least popular.
  4. russelscout

    Iowa vs Princeton

    I see Spencer completely dominating on top this match. Glory is a good wrestler, but he has never faced someone with those skills on top.
  5. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    Wow. I am simply defending a statement I made that you are continually criticizing. Does every thought shared on a forum need to be reviting or am I allowed to drop a thought in here and there? I guess the change of the recruiting landscape in Iowa seemed relevent in a thread about recruiting at the University of Iowa. If you see no value in my statements, refrain from commenting on them.
  6. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    I dont understand your fixation with trying to argue it. There are quality kids but few top talents. Iowa's nationally ranked wrestlers. 103-Drake Ayala, So. #2 113- Cullan Schriever, Jr. #8 120- Aden Reeves, Sr. #3 126- Caleb Rathjen, So. #15 152- Cade Devos, Sr. #10 160- Lance Runyon, Sr. #7 170- Anthony Zach, Sr. #18 182- Julian Broderson, Sr. #15 285- Spencer Trenary, Sr. #7 How many of these guys make an Iowa lineup if they want to compete with PSU, OkSt, and tOSU?
  7. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    What guy out of those 13 Junior Freestyle AAs do you think will have a Cory Clark, Derek St. John or Jay Borshcel type career? Schriever? Brands? Also Iowa was losing guys to out of state schools at the time too.
  8. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    True, but Iowa did produce talent well above average in the late 2000-2010. The Hawkeyes could survive with the majority of their wrestlers being in-state. Now that the state seems to have fallen back to the mean, the Hawkeyes can't survive without going after PA talent.
  9. russelscout

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Good post. Teasdale has to deal with the pressure that comes with expectations much more than Teske.
  10. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    I thought I was pretty clear on this, but I guess not. I am talking about the Iowa high school in-state recruiting.
  11. russelscout

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    They both came from an era that was producing a lot of future college studs. My point was that Iowa is not producing those kinds of wrestlers right now.
  12. Well put. I understand the situation and your point, but my distate for how people handle the Desanto actions and my distate for Desantos actions are not mutually exclusive. However, I may have dived deep down a path defending something I'm not really thaaat passionate about. I think you and hammer are right here. The truth is desanto was out of line, he does have something to prove and deserves that. Yes, I'm annoyed by some fans reactions to this, but for the most part many times they are justified and should have been expected.
  13. You were more than happy to interpret my post any way you wanted... what's the difference?
  14. I mean, he is a kid... compared to me. I wasn't aware I was making it an issue.