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  1. russelscout

    3 years or 4 til ISU tops Iowa?

    Such a weird thing to read when you consider that without the Kemmerer injury, Iowa has 10 ranked guys in their lineup and are young.
  2. russelscout

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Poor match management by Suriano. Those stall calls were correct and his own fault.
  3. russelscout

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Maybe, but I'm not as surprised by the mat wrestling as I am by Lee's complete inability to get to the legs the last few matches.
  4. russelscout

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I don't know how to feel about him. He showed a great ability to move the guy, then not finish soundly. He showed great set ups at times, then later just dives in. He gets called for stalling, then just immediately hits roll through tilt. Why can't he put it all together?
  5. russelscout

    How does this make you feel?

    https://www.instagram.com/flowrestling/p/Bsg68TEnUxF/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=p9i4p07pwfw6 Unless there is something going on that I don't know about, Suriano clearly seems to be referring to his match with Fix. He is pumped. Does that make you feel more confident about his chances, less confident or the same?
  6. russelscout

    No more Cael

    How do we know your not tbar?!?!
  7. russelscout

    No more Cael

    I don't see Cassar, Rasheed, Censo, and maybe even Lee being as solid as they are. Nickel would probably be #1 still, but not as dominant. Nolf same. I don't see Hall beating Valencia this year, but I do think he is probably a clear second. Maybe I am not giving Cunningham enough credit, but he is part of Caels system and don't believe it would be the same without him. Having said that, they would still probably be the favorite going into nattys without Cael.
  8. russelscout

    Crazy for You - Things I learned today

    This movie made me believe the lat drop could be used successfully at any time against anybody.
  9. russelscout

    Best Wrestling Forum

    I never really was on TWT so I can't say. When NCAA's come around I don't leave this board, same with the worlds. There is a good mix of College and International here. HawkeyeReport is a great echo chamber for Iowa fans, but as long as we are not talking Iowa or PSU(PSU trolls don't help) it stays pretty neutral on all other things college wrestling.
  10. russelscout

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    This also crossed my mind. Having said that I do think Flowrestling is a great deal! $150 dollars a year. Thats 41 cents a day; not even 2 cents an hour. You can't afford not buy Flo!
  11. russelscout

    The Rudis Podcast

    I don't completely disagree with all of Ben's analysis, but I don't see him applying such a harsh criticism to everyone else. He assures everyone he is impartial, but how is a team like Iowa who won midlands by 60 pts soooo bad and poorly coached? How many teams has Askren been apart of that is better than this team? 1, maybe? For example, look at his analysis of Marianelli. The Bull didn't do much on bottom, but there is no discussion on just how good wick is on top, how the bull was able to get the only takedown, showed excellent shot defense, and was able to turn it around from a complete pummeling at nationals. The Bull beats the #2 guy in the country after getting smoked last year and Askren uses it as a clear example for Iowa's poor coaching. Come on now.
  12. russelscout

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    When they had that weekly flocenter type show, I thought they were headed in the right direction. I guess they didn't see enough clicks to keep it, but I really liked that approach
  13. russelscout

    PSU looks horrible

    No worries. Actually you made me look it up to make sure. I didn't realize this dual got moved to late Feb. It usually happens right after the new year.
  14. russelscout

    PSU looks horrible

    I think they do. February 24th this year
  15. russelscout

    PSU looks horrible

    I meant Oklahoma State. Don't we differentiate Okie st. from Ohio st. as OSU and tOSU?