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  1. It does. I love my hulu live. You won't regret the change at all. Navigating it does take some getting used to.
  2. First you reset the terms of the argument. You said that the criteria set by the OP is lifting heavy, but you refuse to define what "heavy" qualifies as, and you think we should just ignore the part where he specified 45 lbs. You claimed that you had proof that championship wrestlers don't need to lift, got defensive when I said you were assuming things, then bowed out when I asked for you to share that proof.
  3. haha ok then. This isn't passive aggressive? A slight jab, trying to make it seem like you are just a bit more civil than me while still getting that last word in so you could feel like I winner? "I'm not wrong, I'm just checking out because russel is no fun" Why else would you say it? Honestly, why would you say it and then try to indirectly un-invite me to comment on it? Did you expect that I wouldn't read the comment when you quoted me? You don't want to argue, but you most certainly want to get the last word in, don't ya?
  4. Then why would you bring it up? You want to live in a world where you can make claims or in this case, take little jabs and not have to face any kind of rebuttal or criticism for doing so.
  5. So whats the line? If John Smith threw 135 on the bar then he didn't lift, but then if he throws some 2.5s to put it to 140 then he was clearly lifting? The "he may lift but he doesn't lift heavy" is a stupid argument to make. If you are so stuck on the criteria of the debate then it was set at 45 lbs. To which I would say all of the athletes lifted more than at one time or another.
  6. https://strongerwrestler.com/why-strength-train/ An actual quote from Cael Sanderson: “I was more concerned about hustle and technique as a competitor but strength is icing on the cake. I did lift weights. The year I took second in the world I learned that I had to get stronger. I felt that the top guys were much stronger than me. I did a lot of cleans and thought about lifting in wrestling terms. In wrestling you have to explode, and push and pull. So I did the exercises that made me a stronger wrestler.”
  7. Show me one quote. I will wait and I'll be here all day. Also there is very little context here. Is that during his high school career, college or his entire career? I can't believe Cael and KJ were just cool with him skipping mandatory team lifts.
  8. So whats the line? I consider throwing 200 lbs on a bar heavy lifting. Is that the line for you? My wife would consider the bar heavy lifting. Lifting weights is lifting weights. You spend time in the weight room, you lift weights. Its not hard to understand. I guess I assumed you assumed. *gasp* I will continue doing that until you give me anything that that would show that you know John Smith didn't lift weights.
  9. Another poster on here just referenced an article that said he lifted three times a week. Unless either of you can show some sources, Im not going to just take your word for it over his. My argument is that champion level wrestlers lift weights. The idea of non heavy lifting does make sense to me. Ok so do they lift less weight, but for more reps? Well that is still an increase in volume. If that is your definition, that its light weights and more reps, well thats technically lighter weight, but its still a wrestler taking time in his training schedule to use weights to supplement their wrestling and build strength and stability. Ya, its not power lifting by any means, but it is lifting. Wrestlers lift. Hell, at most colleges runners, gymnasts, basketball players, the tennis team, all athletes lift. This is my experience. Like I said, I would be shocked if the best wrestlers in the modern era were not lifting weights.
  10. And you are welcome to your assumptions, but what I am saying is that people just bring up John Smith because he is long and lean, not because they actually know he does not lift. Would you agree?
  11. I have doubts and I would like to hear someone who actually knows of a champ not just based off of conjecture.
  12. There are, but are any of them grounded in actual research? In my experience, D1 athletes do not write their own lifting programs. Coaches do.
  13. I clearly do not understand. I would consider a split of 3x10 as heavy lifting just as I would 5 x 5. What does a non-heavy lifting routine look like?
  14. What about lifting weights to prevent injuries? What about lifting weights to keep muscle on while cutting weight and keeping your metabolic rate high? You guys keep listing guys who look skinny and assume that they do not lift, but just because someone isnt huge doesnt mean they dont lift. I think you are underestimating what it takes to get huge and buff and also genetics plays a huge part in this. Does any one actually have an example of someone who they KNOW didnt lift?
  15. Even John though, do you really think he didnt ever lift? Clearly all of his guys do now so he sees the value in it. Maybe he is just a lengthy guy.
  16. I would be shocked if there was a d1 wrestling program in the last 20 years that didnt spend consistent time in the weight room. Pretty much every D1 college athletic department in the US employs a team of strength coaches to handle all the various sports. Yes, some of that could be bodyweight stuff, but even that is lifting weight and can be trained for pogressive overload. Plus, there are plenty of reasons to lift beyond putting up a large bench and getting huge.
  17. Cael didnt lift weights? I dont believe that. Has John ever said he didnt? I dont think it has happened in the modern era.
  18. Which is a good sign for Kemerer against Hall because you know Hall wont take a single shot.
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