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  1. Ahh, another thumb in the eye for the fat acceptance movement. Those people cant catch a break.
  2. Cant help myself what?
  3. It did. It took an absolute stellar performance, hardwork, and talent to beat Karelin. No shade at Rulon. Karelin just was so good, I dont think he loses with a different rule set
  4. People are making him a victim when they paint the situation as unfair because some are annoymous and he isnt. He has a choice, and I guess I dont understand why anyone would want to free a grown adult from the responsibility of owning up to what he says or does. i dont have a clue what you are talking about here.
  5. He is getting paid. He is a public figure in the wrestling community. If he doesnt understand that there are consequences to what he does and says, then thats on him. In reality, Im sure he knows that and is fine with it. What I dont get is why people want to make him a victim. If he wants to be a heel, let him, but expect him to get a heels responce.
  6. Is it though? I feel like he asks for it or even strives to get that kind of attention. Its a free country and he can do or say whatever he wants, but Im not sure why it surprises people that he has "haters".
  7. Respect to Rulon, but with a reasonable rule set he never loses.
  8. Same ole act. One thing I can guarentee in any discussion with @LJB is a quick exit from any discussion of substance and a sprint to the lowest common denominator to try to "win" on a forum. No doubt business 101 is too high minded for you. Now, proceed with trolling ya mook. Im out. If you want to have a discussion that goes beyond the kindergarten BS, @ me, but I wont hold my breath.
  9. Uuuuuuummmmmm.... No one even got close to saying the sky was falling... Copying others strategy while sacrificing what differentiates you is not a good long term solution... This is business 101.... Read a fricken book sometime...
  10. I have said this a few times. Flo wants to push this kind of stuff, ie. Downey, but I think in doing that they could lose sight on how many people love wrestling because of the stoic principles related to the sport and who view it as pure. It may bring in a few more eyes to the content now, but how long before it forces a large contingent away? With UFC, I think you are already starting to see diminishing returns. You have someone like McGregor come along and UFC sells the hype and antics, and it works great, but now that is the product they need to sell and what the people want. Interest will be lost if someone doesn't come along who is more boisterous; more outrageous. It will just get more and more stupid until no one wants to watch it as a sport any more. Selling the drama is a great plan short term. Selling the sport is better long term. JMO
  11. What do you think is the correct response? Should he not have pushed him? Ya, but he got penalized a team point didn't he? Just say the word and I'll warm up the tar if you bring the feathers.
  12. I never said otherwise. You claimed it "absolutely qualified as a slam." Excuse me for pointing out when someone makes misleading comments, but at the bare minimum I hope others see how often you make a claim with no verification, then just double down on it and deflect the rest of the way. In my opinion calling out that kind of bad faith dialogue is a great use of my time.
  13. Yes, Iowa has the worst losers. Good thing they do a lot of winning :)
  14. Oh I realize that. This was all in a response to uncle who said "his mid-air shove absolutely qualified as a slam under that rule". It absolutely doesn't qualify as a slam under the rule. Thats all I have been saying.
  15. Also, not the same thing.
  16. ....but he never had control. If someone leaves their feet and end up in a precarious situation, its not the other guys responsibility to return him safely. Thats just silly.
  17. Yes, I was limiting the definition of the move to the actual move. How dare I? Strict interpretation? My interpretation is based on the actual rule. It says lift in the first sentence. Its pretty clear. You just change any definition to mean whatever you want, yet you think I am moving the goal post. How do you not see the hypocrisy in that?
  18. Isnt posting or bringing up moves that are not the flying squirrel as examples to prove your point moving the goal posts? Im on a college forum, and no one was able to show me a college kid hitting a flying squirrel at this level, but you think its still demonstrably untrue? Why? Because you said so?
  19. It depends what you think the educational system should be for. Im not saying youre wrong; youre not. Im not saying I have answers, because I dont. It just seems like there are some contradictions in college athletics. Is this what the education system should be? To fund football to the gills so we can have sports no one cares about? Im conflicted.
  20. Imar took it like a man after Joseph decked him.
  21. Ive seen several. Go back and watch some of flos old russian nattys highlights and you'll see a lot of examples.
  22. Thats what I was thinking. Also, I feel like we have seen that from europeans, albeit with slightly different angle to avoid exposure, for quite some time.
  23. Thank you for the thoughts JB. I should have put a /s. However, reading your comment, how do you see these non power 5 schools playing out through this? Dropping a division? realignment and reclassification (like D1- AA across the board) and less restrictions?
  24. Tim Johnson called it a flying squirrel. I dont know why, but I think most here understand that it was a misnomer on his part and backflipping out of a single has been around for quite some time. So, like just a regular squirrel? I think the altitude is the point.
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