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  1. I agree that story telling content is a good thing. @Marcus Cisero just had a good thought provoking post about parents and multiple stories added to my perspective. However, I don't think the forum should be that kind of storytelling alone, and we shouldn't dismiss every other discussion. Within a match there is a story that can be told, and duals and tourneys are hotly debated. The debate becomes a way to argue one narrative over the other. I think this is a good thing even though it can get heated. It becomes bad is when someone cannot handle a civil debate and it no longer becomes a discussion of facts, but ad hominems, diversions and non sequiturs in order to troll people just to win an argument. Civility doesn't mean we all have to agree or compromise. To me it means that you need to feel obligated to take part in discussions in good faith. Having said that, there is value in the reaction count in that it rewards well thought out posts and does not reward personal attacks. However, I don't think it should be the be all, end all of what makes a good poster. Sometimes contrarians can make some damn good arguments that are worth consideration and not be rewarded for it.
  2. I appreciate you doing all this @jross. However, I don't think this is something that should be given too much merit. Putting an emphasis on more likes and reactions isn't a recipe for better discussion. Some of the best things that get said are controversial and it is up to the forum to determine the legitimacy of those statements. An emphasis on saying only things that people like is a recipe for an echo chamber. The reason I like this board more than all the others because it is not an echo chamber.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I was more responding to the tone of the thread. Probably shouldnt have quoted you.
  4. Oh he would have won some, but if he stays at ISU, OSU and tOSU likely have 1 or two more. Maybe Iowa but they kind of fell off in recruiting the last decade.
  5. He would have had Taylor, but would he have gotten the Altons, Molinero, Ruth, Wright to come out to Iowa? Cael is a great coach no doubt, but he didnt spin a globe put down his finger and it happened to land on PSU. There is a reason he want there. I honestly dont know how you could assume it would have worked out the same way at ISU simply because the optics are that ISU is Iowas lil brother. There is a recruiting disadvantage that comes a long with that.
  6. It just seems like you already made up your mind.
  7. I already said maybe Im too optimistic. I am just not going to complain about something that hasnt happened yet.
  8. Seem pretty sure. Were you at Grapple at the Gridiron?
  9. Gotta agree with this. Seems like people arent even willing to give this a chance.
  10. This is 2013 so I believe it has the metrodome not us bank stadium on it.
  11. Then why didnt he win one at ISU? Its not like he took over a struggling program at ISU.
  12. Oh really? How do you picture me?
  13. I really don't see that being a problem. Maybe I am too optimistic.
  14. Really? Like fans, coaches or what?
  15. I think you will still be able to see. You're not going to see the pain in Cael's eyes when Iowa is taking the title, but the action will still be clear. ;)
  16. I don't think it will be too bad. Kinnick is larger than US Bank stadium and you could still see from the top. I knew plenty of people at Grapple at the Gridiron. None of them complained about not being able to see, even the ones way off to the side.
  17. I really hope the turnout is great. This could be amazing if its full.
  18. If you have a support system, having your parents there is awesome. I have coached a few kids from the other side of the tracks, rough home life, and bum dads. To some of those kids, the wrestling team was their family. The coaches were the closest thing to parental figures that they had. One kid in particular really sticks out. It was his senior year and he was having a great season, really against all odds. We got to the end of the year qualifier and all of a sudden his dead beat dad shows up. We hadn't seen this guy in 4 years of competition. First thing he does is go up to his kid and puts a bunch of unwarranted pressure on him. Match starts and it was a whole different kid than we had seen all year. He got pinned his only two matches. Man, I wish that parent wouldn't have shown up to that tournament.
  19. Ok. What point really resonated with you? I'll leave this as a reminder of what he said since you still can't seem to respond to this:
  20. I don't think I need to do that. He came on to FRL because he was getting called about by many, not just me. Plus, since he gave such a poor explaination full of excuses and ridiculous defenses, I am sure its not the last time this will be discussed.
  21. Oh I will enjoy wrestling as much as always. That hasn't changed at all. I will look at Dresser a lot differently now.
  22. ....Yeah he rigged the system. By rule he is fine, but it says a lot about his character that he is willing to do that, especially when it could potentially cost a spot to someone that played by the rules.
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