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    SBPCOACH reacted to jackwebster in Passivity / Head Position   
    The passivity calls in the Sad/Snyder match reminded of the way these sorts of things were called back in the day. I remember when I first started in freestyle, I got hit repeatedly for passivity bc I would block with my head. But about the time the push out rule came into effect, nobody seemed to care about blocking with your head. At some point in the last decade, burying your head became passive again.
    In that match, Sad kept his head up, and Snyder kept his head down. No matter how many half shots Snyder took, it was obvious that Sad was controlling the pace bc he wasn't blocking off.
    Same thing with Yaz / Taylor.
    I'm not sure how you unlearn this folkstyle habit.
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    SBPCOACH got a reaction from LifeintheRed in Hoodwinked by J'Den Cox?   
    The theory sounds good and I don't necessarily disagree with it, it does make sense, I just don't think that is the case. As much as we'd like to think about some conspiracy theory or put blame on someone, in my opinion, I put the blame on him personally. He had one job in this, to get to weigh ins, that was his only job. To insinuate it could have been coaches fault, is nuts. As a wrestler and now coach, I double, triple, quadruple check weigh in times and what not. Sometimes every 5 min leading up to a big competition, double check with people to make sure everything is right. I just think he dropped the ball. He's a grown man and can figure out when weigh times are. He doesn't need a coach to tell him that. Only he really knows what happened. Good thread though.

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    SBPCOACH reacted to jchapman in A REAL World Championship   
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    SBPCOACH got a reaction from 9insoft in Rule change proposal: no touching legs from top   
    Let’s just wrestle freestyle then

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    SBPCOACH got a reaction from spladle08 in Chamizo's Weight Had Me Thinking   
    Yazdani was actually a 55kg guy when I first saw him. He's placed at every world tournament I've seen him wrestle in since then. That year I believe he took a silver or bronze at Cadet worlds

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    SBPCOACH got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in FS Rules Question   
    You answered the question, hands to the head OK, hands to the face not good. On a more technical note, he has to look to take control of the position not "flee" or "block". Was a frustrating but good call.

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