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  1. So, if you are really good and are scraping by to make ends meet at a small college, you really need to just transfer?
  2. Serious question; If a wrestler is from a very small home town, and goes to a smaller size college that is in a lower populated state, how can he get NIL support? If this wrestler becomes very good, would like to stay at his school, but knows he can get a lot more money at a big school with NIL, what should he do? What can he do? Is there any national sponsors to contact?
  3. Why is that unlikely?
  4. I know you are really "with it" and everything, but growing the sport we also have to make it as easy as possible. Yes I am old, yes I will watch it, yes it is much better and easier, but I also think it can be better. I know casual fans that will not make the effort. If it was on ESPN like the big 12 finals, a lot more of them did.
  5. I think the point is, if my elderly mother wants to watch NCAA basketball she turns on her TV. If I tell her she can watch NCAA wrestling I have to explain something she does not even have. It is much better now though, I can't argue that.
  6. 165 is a fun weight for us WI people. 1. Was at WI 2.Is at WI 3. From WI
  7. Wisconsin appeared to be in good condition, or at least better condition I thought.
  8. I would hate to be the one to tell Bulsak That he is weak.....
  9. So, if a weight has a lot of parity, it is week?
  10. 197 is a much better field than a lot of you seem to think. IMO Last years results really are not a good indication, unless no one improved or changed in any way.
  11. Buchanan, other than when he was sick he has really looked good. (Biased)
  12. Two very good wrestlers that were wrestling at a highly intense level. They will meet several times and it will change.
  13. Really? I didn't see any other kids do it? Plus we shake hands way too much as it is.
  14. Is it "OK" to shake the apposing coaches/teams hand after an individual match? I don't like it because there is just too many things that could go bad. Plus you don't see it normally.
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