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  1. I could (probably) be wrong but I think the majority of the time, the 9th place Big 10 guy would beat them?
  2. This is a great topic but it really is different for HS and post HS.
  3. Dave Beazley, (Is a great coach, but could have been a great D1 coach), and if Kevin is at all like him, he would be too.
  4. Funny, I keep checking this thread to see if there is any news on wrestling? Silly me.
  5. Whatever, the point is made. When you guys don't like something you look for spelling and grammar. That just tells me the person making the point is correct.
  6. Well, better than average? I just didn't want to push it and miss the point.
  7. You know, this was a nice topic about a good wrestler from an average wresting school. I appreciate the insight about what he needs to do, and even how tough it will be. So why do we have to go away from it and talk about how great PSU is? This is a Hillger, Wisconsin, topic so give the guy this at least.
  8. I am really surprised that there is not more discussion about this on this board. Maybe I should see that as a positive thing? Everyone hears what these guys are saying and will do all we can to help, so no discussion needed.
  9. I love when people say all, or most. Is this a study done with all kids in the nation and all senior level wrestlers? or all the ones you talk to? or pretty much all, it seems like?
  10. I would be a little careful generalizing Ed,D programs as often, many, and certain people have them? Most programs now have programs, even PhD programs, on line. Are there stats that show that most don't require thesis? I have found the opposite. (maybe they were just good schools?) Also, does Shaq have an education degree, and a masters in education? Because most programs require that for an Ed.D? Anyway, like many things I am sure there are great programs and not so great?
  11. I agree! We all can be bad fans at some point, especially when it is someone close to you. The worse fans are people who say they are big fans but, never go to matches, never watch matches, know nothing about local, state, or national wrestlers and so on. And, even then, I would rather have them than haters....
  12. Sorry I have been out for a while but the problem I have is, when they went to conference USA I asked the AD about wrestling and he said "In no way will this effect wrestling."
  13. If they wanted to direct resources to the bigger sports, why cut wrestling and not rowing? or others? Does rowing give national exposure? Have you seen the facilities, wow! Or do these other sports need to be prepared because it's coming? Baseball a lot of schools cut but it seems to hold at ODU?
  14. Keep in mind the ODU program was not even "on the ropes".
  15. I do not know details but I do know at least assistant coaches had no idea. They need to pay for the new FB stadium some how?
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