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  1. When do they meet up? At that weight it is possible it doesn't happen at the NCAAs.
  2. What's up with using a female reference to cut on someone? Says a lot.........
  3. teach


    There might be some 197 pounders from this year that will not just let it happen again.
  4. Actually, in my very humble opinion, this sounds like a very good approach.
  5. Maybe something similar has been said but, it is possible to wrestle without an ACL. I ruptured mine in college many years ago and the doctor gave me a choice; fix it and be done, or wrestle and fix it when I am done. I rehabbed it and wrestled for a couple more years. Coached for a few, then had it done. Of course now I have a complete knee replacement but.... It is possible and wasn't all that bad.
  6. So does this mean Dean is at Penn State?
  7. wow, good for him! It is great to see coaches hired that are also really good people.
  8. Can't add time. There is no way to know how much time went off. I think that is how they said it......
  9. teach


    Nothing, really, he could and maybe probably is a fun guy and darn good! I find it funny though, how the media picks out some parents and show them a lot. Then they talk about how he has been there every step of the way. Boy! do you really think that is unique for a wrestler at that level? I think most families invest a lot, but some dads sit nervous with out the TV. (Not his fault by the way. (Is TFBJR maybe his dad?)
  10. teach


    If this is real why do we/you have it?
  11. 11 won't happen but would help duals. A weight between 197 and heavy would be great, in my opinion. I know several kids personally who were stuck between being a very light 285 or have a huge cut for 197. So, they stop wrestling, or stop competing. Of course there are ways to get big. I don't really like when we compare " better athletes", because that depends o what you mean by a better athlete.
  12. Unpopular opinion but... there is a good chance that no one from the big 10 will be in the finals at 197.
  13. I did, Stephen has been behind many times late and won. he also did get a bad concussion. You are correct, however, and that is what makes him hard to place. There is a certain style that he struggles with but I am hoping he has figured that out as well. If not this year, look out for the future. He does have three more years.
  14. I am extremely biased, however, If you watched Buchannan the last two years, he just keeps getting better. He came in having very limited experience and is doing a lot of catching up. I say this because yes, he got pinned by Norfleet, and he will struggle with him, but when Stephen wrestles a guy more than once he figures it out, often. I just hope he gets a high seed and I think he will do better than most people think.
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