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  1. Agree but that weight is kind of questionable who should be where all the way down. How they match up seems to make a big difference. Also, Geer was top 10 at the time I believe?
  2. That's because they don't know how to do it correctly!
  3. After a while people get good at defending a move and it starts to go away. If it has been gone long enough, people forget how to defend it well. Then the move may work again. Moves like a single leg have so many variations that it can never be completely defended.
  4. Sorry for not reading all 14 pages if I am repeating but...... Doesn't this count as a lose? Didn't PSU get the same team points as a pin? So really what difference does it make how hurt he is/was except to feel bad for him if he is hurt.
  5. Actually that is what he said and it is an interesting discussion. If one wrestler has double underhooks and drives the guy back off the mat either he is pushing him off or the other guy is backing off but the ref, if I remember correctly, called it continuation of action?
  6. It does seem to me that college coaches are hired for their wrestling ability and not their ability to work with kids. A coach that is good at both seems to do well, but there are not many.
  7. I know I am not suppose to predict PSU because this is all fun but...... I really feel like PSU is currently like IOWA use to be. No matter how much I feel IOWA will knock them off, PSU will find a way to get it done. Guys will wrestle above their seeds and many of us will be shocked. The entire season is just to prepare for that tournament, so all things happening now mean little to them. So would it be the biggest FLOP ever, NO, it wouldn't even be a flop.
  8. Does good grammar actual mean you are smart? And poor grammar you must not be smart? Interesting.......
  9. I would expect the match to not happen but..... Who does that benefit most?
  10. Are you talking about Christensen? Wow I didn't know they pulled it. I thought he would be pretty tough, he looked darn good in HS.
  11. I think they have a very good 97 but he is red shirting? Tough not to pull that but I hope they don't.
  12. Buchanan is young, and very inexperienced, but I think he will be very good some day soon.
  13. Well then look at the post ahead of yours. To some it is not that clear?
  14. I guess what I am saying is, for the last several years we talk about who is the best team but when it comes down to the NCAA tournament PSU seems to win rather easy. So until that stops happening, I think the "hunt" is for second. I wish it were different.
  15. Teams can be ranked where ever, until PSU loses the NCAA they are by far #1 and anyone being in the hunt is a Christmas miracle.
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