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  1. I always found it easier to wipe/blow my nose.
  2. This has probably been said in one of the anti Flo threads but.... I am thankful for Flo and Track. Between the two of them I get to see many matches that I would not without them. I work full time and really want to see Wyoming wrestle, for example, and I could not with out Flo. Heck I even watched in my car this weekend.
  3. What if having fun isn't really that much fun? Would no fun and hard work be fun?
  4. A good wrestler is a good wrestler, lifting properly can help. I have seen very average HS kids make themselves very above average in the weight room. College?
  5. But he did do better than I expected, and I would say he is a legit world level wrestler. I wasn't sure of that either before this.
  6. The only thing I can say is that many people are stating that these are really like wrestle offs. If that is true, do you need to make weight put your singlet on and get your hand raised for wrestle offs?
  7. Too bad it takes away from the Final X is all. That being said, what if we said anyone who is a current world champion automatically has the spot, no wrestle off until they are no longer world champion?
  8. Really well said, but people don't want to hear it.
  9. If Breske can go to 184 they do have a very good freshman at 197 if they don't mind wrestling him this year.
  10. Is it possible that PD3 is our best guy? Is it possible that he medals? I have doubted him many times and he has just kept surprising me. I kind of hope now he shuts up and shows people. Oh but he does have a tattoo so we really shouldn't like him.......
  11. Can Breske go 184? He looked pretty small last year.
  12. I do not follow as close as many of you apparently, so, why do we think PD3 would lose to anyone? How do we know/think they are better? He really seems to have improved a bunch from what I saw. Or is it that many just don't like him?
  13. Wait, so they don't like PD3 type behavior but they do like our president who represents all of us?
  14. teach


    I completely understand what you are saying, however, I don't believe "never" will be true. Times change, people change, and employers change. There was a day people said women will "never" be in the military. There are many examples of that. I just think a time will come when most people think/say who cares. It will happen faster in some areas than others though.
  15. It really was pretty minor, but it does give us something to talk about.
  16. teach


    People, if you think employees and endorsements are staying away from Tattoos, I think you might be old? Or the employer is?
  17. I think sometimes people forget just how really good Gwiz was/is.
  18. Gwiz in two. I don't think there really is a big difference in speed.
  19. teach


    Really why does anyone care other than maybe his parent? Tattoo's, the length or color of someones hair, the socks they wear...... Really does it make any difference? Tattoos are art to many people who get them, so who is the judge of what is good art?
  20. Maybe it comes down to the ref? If he feels he is just pushing, he calls it. If he feels the other guy is just backing he calls that. There really is not a great fixed answer.
  21. A lot of times Dad's don't think about those things, they are just caught up in their kid, right or wrong.
  22. If his hair was shorter you could tell. With the bushy hair it is hard to tell if the fingers are around the head gear?
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