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  1. The reason I am asking is because if Telford doesn't wrestle that changes everything and is probably a 6-9 point swing?
  2. Obviously I miss out on some conversation when I'm working darn it, but why has Telford not been wrestling duals? I see him at tournaments?
  3. You know there are actually some pretty darn smart kids that use wrestling to get some or a lot of school paid for. #1 concern, studying and getting good grades in a strong area. #2 concern being All American. I would like to see a list of National qualifiers this year with a science or math major. I bet there is more then you think, and they are probably putting studies first, but getting that paid for.
  4. Another option would be to take stalling out of the rules completely? Maybe wrestlers would then be forced to make things happen even if the other guy is stalling? You could then have a push out rule, a backing away rule, and other rules to force positive action? Just asking officials to make better decisions is useless, and in the eye of the beholder anyway.
  5. My mistake, baking away might be a hwt problem also.... but I meant backing away!
  6. Instead of complaining about heavy weights all of the time, try understanding the difficulty of HWT. It just isn't the same when you are standing up to a guy that is 6'5" and cutting to make 285 and you weigh 240. You wrestle hard but one mistake and the match is over. You can not come from behind often at Hwt. So is baking away the stall, or is the guy pushing stalling. To me the guy who is pushing is making nothing happen and so is stalling. Ref has to decide.
  7. I know there are many exceptions but I will say this. We know a lot more about how to lose weight, how to lose weight correctly and there are more "tools" available. With proper diet and work, a wrestler can keep weight cutting to a minimum. Lose the weight, keep it down by eating correctly, and cut just at the very end for a pound or two. I would say wrestlers are still losing weight, but not "cutting" so hard, and wrong.
  8. This is all assuming coaches are actually coaching kids and not just trying to get top of the line kids that they really do not coach. If you find talent but you need to coach them to be AA then a redshirt year is highly useful. I see many college coaches that bring kids in and they really are only as good as they are when they come in. Sure they may get in better shape and learn more about competing at a high level, but what about finding those average kids, redshirting them and coaching them? Of course if you keep hiring former national champs that were naturally good then they won't know anything about developing kids..... The cycle continues, top wrestlers become coaches and can only win by recruiting top kids, and very little developing of young athletes happens. So to stay on the thread, if that is the case, no redshirt is needed.
  9. My favorite part of going to big tournaments is watching the excited fans, the mad coaches, the wrestlers give it all and maybe show emotion. If everyone behaved perfect it would lose some fun! Now all of you PS fans, Iowa fans, Minni fans..... keep hating each other cause it makes it fun for the rest of us! Nothing worse then going to a college match and its dead quite with no emotion.
  10. Not sure why were discussing Romney on a wrestlers with Tattoos line but??? I personally like most tattoos and as far as I'm concerned, if they want to work as hard as they do, put in the hours, keep good grades, practice constantly and get ridiculed by people like us..... Get any tattoo you want, you deserve it. After putting in that much work for the team I would be proud to have the tat!
  11. I may be missing something but "so trivial" meaning getting paid to wrestle? I would think he would lose his amateur status? Otherwise the door is open.
  12. 1. Justin Grant 2. Adam Chalfant
  13. Wow, A guy would think there is something wrong? I personally like riding time and I like it how it is. If a guy is good at running out a clock, good for him, it works in other sports. Get out, don't choose down, or don't get taken down if you do not want to be ridden out. I personal think you are pretty darn tough if you can ride a guy for two minutes.
  14. Parents do need to check their egos but I also found that D1 coaches need to as well. When my sons were doing the recruitment thing, some coaches thought they should go a long way from home and for no, or little money, just to wrestle for them and in a D1 program. When I made comments like, I do not really care if it is D1 or D3, they thought I was a complete idiot. I, and my sons, really did not care, as long as they were wrestling. We really felt like we were being sold a used car in the process.
  15. teach


    All systems have bad sides. Sometimes the big 10 gets 11 guys at a weight and the 11th guy isn't ranked or beat anyone ranked to make it. Sometimes guys from weak conferences make it because they win but they are not ranked nor beat anyone ranked. I think the current system is alright. I do believe however, it is easier to get ranked if you wrestle in a high profile school. So, joining the MAC should help kids from those lower profile schools get a better rank and a better chance at going on. just saying.
  16. I am by no means an expert on this but it makes a huge difference if you are a top ten recruit or not I would say. If you are one of the many kids in the nation hoping to wrestle D1 you need to see what the team has to offer you. School, location, reputation, do they build good wrestlers or just recruit them....... Along with that would be; are there good wrestlers to push me, and is my weight going to even be an option. Teams will not recruit you if they do not think you will help, but there are also schools who will recruit you because you "might" fit and if you don't, go somewhere else. Plus no matter how good these recruits are, many are still kids moving away from home, and wrestling at a whole different level. Any amount of security is helpful. Recruiting isn't always about getting the best wrestlers, (maybe it is for top ten teams), but it is also about getting kids that fit into your team.
  17. Well lets see, if UNI should be higher then 4th, ODU and Ohio are ranked 1 and 2, and we all know Missouri will place higher?????? Sounds like not enough room at the top! That is what makes it fun.
  18. This is an exciting year for teams like ODU. The MAC just has more wrestling excitement IMO, than the CAA did. Teams with good tradition or at least a stronger fan base. Could make for a fun tournament at the end of the year!
  19. teach


    I didn't mean to take this off the topic. I just feel a better conference will raise the level of the already tough ODU kids. Missouri is also in the MAC this year I believe. This should make for the third toughest conference, and push the wrestlers to another level. Just saying?
  20. teach


    I think the MAC will actually help ODU. With rankings and conference placing being so important to qualify, even thought the conference is much tougher more qualifiers come out. Look at the big ten. It is not unheard of for ten guys to come from one weight. They probably deserve to be there but it may be easier to make it when 7-10 guys from your weight go than when one goes. One bad match and your out.
  21. teach


    :D I don't think I would count Henderson out so fast at 197. He has beaten Beazley in the past and has a lot to prove this year. Either way they will be tough.
  22. teach


    Solid line up with a good possibility to be a National Qualifier at ever weight. What a great dual team!
  23. I don't know if many of you understand heavy weight. It isn't that these guys are slow, don't know wrestling, or aren't as good, they weigh 285 pounds and are stronger then the average bear. Any attempts to wrestle fast, smooth, or aggressive are stopped by strength. Nelson has mastered the 285 game. Until he is forced to change by the officials or someone who plays the game as well, he will win a third. Until one of these other guys have beaten him (past or present) he is unbeatable, and one of the best ever. I would like to see him wrestle any of your great light weights. My money is on him, the strength at 285 is the great equalizer.
  24. I am new to this forum and I enjoy the humor, but when it comes to heavy weight I think many of you are way off. When it comes to Nelson even more, (and I'm not from Minnesota). 285 is not easy, they are not doing nothing, it is different. Tony has figured out a way to win and until the refs change that or an opponent changes that, he will win. Does it make him bad, no, just the opposite. Askren figured out a way to win with funk, and could not be stopped easily. Was he a bad wrestler then because he did not "fit in"? Heavy weights are BIG, and strong. Wrestling a fast aggressive match is stopped by the pure strength of these guys. He will be a three time champ and no one in the past "could beat him" unless the have.
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