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  1. If his hair was shorter you could tell. With the bushy hair it is hard to tell if the fingers are around the head gear?
  2. teach

    RBY TD

    Did RBY take injury time? If so was there a choice of position? It was loud where I was at and could not hear.
  3. Wouldn't you start using something immediately after the NCAA tourney, gain the mass you want and stop using? Then it may be out of your system but you have the mass. Continue being the hard worker that all of these guys are so you can keep it on? I am not a medical doctor but that is what I have been told? (Not just 285 either.)
  4. pushing is not an offense....... or is it?
  5. Just look at the top 4 seeds alone; PSU - 7 OHST - 4 OKST - 4 Iowa - 2
  6. DrStrange I am assuming is a parent probably, or past athlete in the program? If so I understand your feelings. Tough to understand though otherwise.
  7. Wow you got some free time! Is it possible neither is stalling? Is this a form of wrestling that works best for wick? Maybe we don't love it but if it is what he has and it got him this far, and the refs allow/help it along, isn't that ok? Do we have to love watching a guy for him to be good? On this board it seems that anyone who is not doing exactly what "the people" want, is doing it wrong. I'm not pointing this at qc8223, just in general.
  8. I hope your joking... Math major with education was pretty tough. Chemistry, physics.......
  9. Wick will have a hard time AA if he wrestles like he did last weekend. Time to open up.
  10. It sounds to me, talking to Mich people, that he just had his knee scoped, he is fine but conditioning will be a question.
  11. It is harder and more strategic than it looks.
  12. Why bother have the 5th place matches at the same time, when there were many no shows.
  13. Any chance PSU will look so/so this weekend and get everyone talking, but then smash everything at the NCAAs?
  14. The issue to me, and we probably can not know, is how was it was communicated to the team? If they knew this was the plan and there would be a wrestle off well....... If they really had no clue what was happening and all of a sudden a wrestle off occurred, that's not good. Maybe it sounds stupid but I have been part of this more than once.
  15. But if he does something stupid will we still be able to say "he is just a kid"?
  16. I have also been told; You can eat and drink all you want, but the more you do the more you will have to work out to make weight. With that in mind, eating and working out become a balance. Coaches can actually encourage eating because it leads to more work outs.
  17. Not just former wrestlers, look around, a large percentage of American men over say 30 are over weight and by a lot. Many of the ones who are not, come by it naturally.
  18. The majority of this nation has some sort of eating disorder whether they admit it or not.
  19. Maybe what he is doing is just right? Best for his kids?
  20. I have a hard time completely understanding this because I am not very smart but I am also not sure I completely agree? If Iowa was never good, do you think they would get just as much criticism on this board and people cheering against them?
  21. Wick let's see 18 matches that were a major decision or better. Beat Shields, lost 4-3 to Marinelli. I don't see where that is a season that dosn't look as good?
  22. Wick seems to get little respect? IMO end of the year will be interesting.
  23. A lot of 285 never get pinned, They train for that.
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