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  1. "is that a majority of people disagree with the referee's interpretation of the rules" qc8223 are you sure about this?
  2. Not completely disagreeing but, just because a technique or style is different or not as exciting, is it less technique?
  3. And the Saints should have been in the super bowl..... Argue all we want, the call was made. I have coached and officiated both for many years and I can tell you some much worse calls. One that cost a kid a state tournament. Point is, it is done and the ref's opinion. Also, his opinion is the one that counts.
  4. None of this really matters, judgement call by the ref and he will be backed or they will lose officials quick.
  5. I don't think the call at the end really matters. Good call or bad call WI high school sports do not allow students to question calls at all and it is a penalty. The flex, regardless of my opinion was called and the ref has the ability to decide unsportsmanlike conduct. The WIAA does not allow appeals as a sign of support for the officials doing the best they can, and because that would be a full time job for someone to look at all the appeals that would come to them. They will make exceptions in very rare cases and I am sure they are investigating this but will not say that. If you think they are afraid of a lawsuit, you are silly. They have this happen on a regular basis. (Fans upset because of a bad call, parents mad, people thinking the refs are biased....)
  6. The flex sure looked to be directly at the corner and for a purpose. If that was his corner, so what, if it was the apposing corner???
  7. Once again unless you have wrestled heavy weight you may not ever understand. That being said. I would argue that there is a lot of wrestling technique that light weights will not know unless they wrestle Heavy.
  8. Unless you have wrestled heavy weight I don't think you will ever really understand.
  9. Only if they all wrestle of course.
  10. Maybe attempt is what I am hung up on? If I am hand fighting and trying to get position but just can't seems to get in a spot to make a move, is that an attempt? I am not saying it is, but I can say that in heavy weight matches, for example, you can work very hard and not make a real shot.
  11. I know this is not a popular opinion but, I really did enjoy the match and thought it was very exciting. If you take out the long delays. During the match it was a chess match, and I believe it would have ended at some point with a take down. Just taking shots would require one of the wrestlers to probably lose. If you are not wiling to do that, then you wait for an opening. If that doesn't come, or you miss it? If stalling was called it would have had to be called on both and how would that help? Otherwise the ref could have decided who wins by just calling one of them, and do we want that? I do not believe you are stalling just because you are not scoring. I understand most of you do not feel this way. I love watching Folkstyle.
  12. Bent 75 degrees? Is there a rule on this? and are you sure it wasn't 84 degrees?
  13. Well they do in the movies all the time!
  14. Ok, I finally watched the match and I have to say I enjoyed it..... But then again I also like heavy weight.
  15. So does this mean he will not be allowed to wrestle for PSU? Also, in some states at least in the Midwest, all athletic violations have to transfer with you, but of course we do put education first and very rarely will you see any school make an exception for a blue chip athlete, seriously.
  16. Call it ducking if you want but in my opinion when you have a perfectly healthy wrestler that wrestles every match except all of a sudden one that he probably won't win, that is ducking to me. On the other hand if Stoll, or anyone, is coming back from a serious injury and the coach puts him in spots based on when he feels he is ready both physically and mentally, I think that is just smart. Maybe it is the ranking that bothers people, but that will take care of itself at the conference tournament, or before, no matter where he is ranked now.
  17. Yes, but would he have this success anywhere else. (He would have success, but this much?)
  18. Ok, I will predict wick wins 2-1
  19. Wick is capable to beat anyone. Not that it will happen but he has a different style that is difficult to wrestle.
  20. I love the fact that there is actually a long thread about HWT!
  21. Are you convinced that a 100% healthy Stoll will not be number 1? I'm not so sure a large number of people feel that way? There is a lot of season left and some people actually still coach. Just saying I'm not convinced (yet) that Stoll can't win.
  22. This whole topic kind of makes me think we have nothing to talk about?
  23. Any team not in the big 10. Nothing against them really but I like under dogs maybe?
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