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  1. And if you say something that isn't perfect you will get called out! (But they really do know their stuff.)
  2. How can you be a musky junky and not a Wisconsin fan?
  3. No, someone will be hurt or sick and that will be the saving grace.
  4. Good or bad just be consistent. I was telling a group of casual fans about how the rule will change things, then we watched a match and it wasn't called?
  5. It is possible for someone to be a jerk, a good coach, a terrible interview, inappropriate, respected, friendly...... and other things all at the same time.
  6. curios, what did he change it to?
  7. No matter how you see it, it was a really big win for Wisconsin. Bono has done already what many people were hoping for. People are actually mentioning WI wrestling in a positive way.
  8. Also, Tanner Hall goes to over time with many people, that is what he does.
  9. It's hard to just say everyone should wrestle at their normal weight. Some guys just walk around thin and pretty lean all the time, even eating what they want. Some guys seem to put on some fat even when they are active. I think we all know this. So some guys have to lose weight/cut.
  10. I think it is both. losing weight takes time and management. Cutting weight is getting off water weight in a short period of time. This may just be in my head but that is how I always looked at it.
  11. Also remember (and maybe I made this up?) there is a difference between losing weight and cutting weight. The problem is when you cut too much.
  12. weight loss is different for everyone, that is part of the issue. My experience is that college is better than HS because it is just to hard to compete if you do not have energy.
  13. teach


    Gantry, what did you mean by this? "Plus Conel probably isn't even wrestling and it sounds like he's not wrestling the cupcake match as well that weekend." Is he not wrestling this Friday?
  14. teach


    It is a system issue, not just a coaching issue.
  15. Why is the question? Why do they need to be the same day? If there is 10 kids that would do both than that is enough unless there is a reason why.
  16. 95% or more. It is easier to just follow on twitter and then watch replays later. Oh and some fans didn't even know it was going on.......
  17. That is what I thought too. It might be time for him to look inward? Not even at this level, in college he did the same thing.
  18. It would be nice if USA preseason nationals and super 32 were different weekends....
  19. Think about how upset Yazdani must be. What a bad draw for him!
  20. If no law was broken and no school violation took place, why a suspension?
  21. loved it, fun to show others who don't watch as much.
  22. Should have shot him/shouldn't have...should have a gun/shouldn't have..... I really don't see how any of this matters as far as a punishment. Did they break the law? If so there could be a punishment from the school. If not, a team punishment maybe, but let's not get crazy.
  23. Some wrestlers are actually students first with difficult majors and careers ahead. Some wrestlers are there to wrestle and school is second. I am not saying that either is correct. It is very hard to do both school and wrestling well. They both take a large amount of time and effort so usually one gives a little. Yes, there are some times guys who are extremely talented and can pull off both.
  24. Can someone explain why they have 33 instead of 32?
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