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  1. Some wrestlers are actually students first with difficult majors and careers ahead. Some wrestlers are there to wrestle and school is second. I am not saying that either is correct. It is very hard to do both school and wrestling well. They both take a large amount of time and effort so usually one gives a little. Yes, there are some times guys who are extremely talented and can pull off both.
  2. Can someone explain why they have 33 instead of 32?
  3. I see this was just sent out. Good idea? on.ncaa.com/2ccirXk
  4. Because the older you get the more you struggle with change?
  5. The question of what is performance enhancing will constantly change. New drugs, methods will be produced all the time. This is not just a Soviet issue.
  6. wow, I'm glad you know so much about me? I really know little compared to all of you on here but it's not a lie or an argument.
  7. I don't know much but I do know this; Before these texts and this forum thread I really wouldn't care all that much about this match up. Now I am kind of wanting to see it sooner.........
  8. I match like this would be awesome if it somehow generates money for the two guys doing it. I don't think that happens? so then why do it?
  9. Actually it is a good conversation and it makes me wonder, if you did not and maybe can not (at this point) make the world team, what do you do if you aren't ready to give it up? I mean if I really want to keep trying and will do whatever it takes, what is that? Work harder, longer, better, none of those seem like enough, so what is the next step?
  10. the year Minny won with out a champ and 10 AA
  11. Did I read somewhere that there was a physical altercation? Maybe not and I can't find it now but even this; “As I now understand, the expression of my beliefs is the genesis of the alleged conflict that led to my premature departure.” amkes me feel like maybe something happened that was hard to ignore?
  12. Does all of this mean we should be happy or sad? I'm confused.....
  13. Although I understand what you are saying and agree that it is more than just winning, I have to disagree that the guys who work hard are the real All Americans, they are not. The guys who are in the top 8 are All Americans whether we like it or not. That is what life is all about. It is the same argument I have with hire coaches at the D1 level. If you weren't a national champ or at least AA you will probably not be a head coach D1. Why? If what you say is true there probably are better coaches that never AA?
  14. Wait I thought that was ok for presidents now??
  15. Good thing is Wisconsin will beat them either way and very soon in wrestling as well.
  16. Stalling is part of the sport, maybe it is time to stop thinking of rules and instead look for ways to beat it? If a kid who is not necessarily as good as another can keep it close by stalling and the ref thinks he is working hard enough, then it sounds like a good strategy to me.
  17. I don't know if I agree. There are a lot of people out there who care about sports in general. Yes if I saw that the US had the youngest badminton champion ever, I would find that interesting. It seems like when they pick up on a sport people talk. Heck every winter Olympics there is an increase in people talking and playing curling. (If that is how you say it?), just because it's on a lot. I know several people who would be interested in Final X if they heard about it, but they will not go looking for it. I am interested and I have to make an effort to see when and where they will take place and then what the results are.
  18. Dixon should be a really good hire, I am very happy for him. He can bring a lot and will have a chance to do things he wants to do. It will be interesting to see how some of these other Big 10 teams progress now that they are getting serious about new coaches.
  19. This will not be received well but.... I do think there are some things you require your kids to do. I expect them to study. I expect them to be polite. I expect them not to use drugs. I also expected them to wrestle. I told them they could do any sport they wanted but they had to wrestle. If I left it up to them, they may of said no to wrestling because it is really tough physically and mentally. They lost a lot when they were little and may have quit if I would have let them. Now, I will say, they need to truly understand that you care more about them, dare I say love them, more than you love wrestling, but they are still required to do it. If you are wondering, they wrestled all the way through college (that was their choice), and still don't love it as much as me but doing well.
  20. teach


    For many years my own children went through the whole wrestling process and a lot of time and money was put into it. I expected it, and could afford it so didn’t think much of it. Now I am helping a student and it has shocked me how insensitive this whole wrestling in college process is towards kids from poverty. The young man I am talking about was a high school state champion but never went to a camp or wrestled out of season, he could not afford to and did not know anything about it. I was asked if he could wrestle in college so I decided to help. From past experience I knew I needed to get him to big tournaments. He cannot afford nor have access to join a club, so I am his club. I took him to USA Folkstyle nationals and he had to get a USA card and pay registration. A hotel for a couple nights, food and transportation also cost a lot. He did well so I am working at getting him to Fargo which is a qualifying tournament, with all costs, and Fargo will be a much bigger amount. I believe this young man has a very high ceiling but I can’t help but wonder how many really good kids are out there but will never be seen past high school because they can’t afford to do all of this? Is there another way? Or will kids from poverty always be out of college wrestling?
  21. My experience with D1 was that off season was harder than in season as far as work out commitment. My experience with D3 was the off season was more off. Things were available but not "required". Probably varies greatly with school. I also feel that to be truly great at the D1 level, your commitment needs to be to wrestling, school second. Yes there are outliers, but wrestling D1 (well) and the hard sciences is a tough task.
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