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  1. I heard from a pretty good source that he did apply....
  2. By things Ben has been saying, I think he would like the job, and I would love to have him, however, by knowing the Badgers a bit, I am going to guess they will surprise us all and hire someone that we all go????????????
  3. Any news today on any drops?
  4. UW prides themselves in the fact that they hold very high standards. Pushing to be one of the best academically in the nation/world. They very rarely take a chance on a coach that may make them look bad. That will eliminate some of the choices.
  5. 197 is a pretty open weight for an AA from an unranked guy, maybe Ritter from WI 285 is also a possibility after the top 4 there are a lot of toss ups and after the top 2 maybe even, I say someone like Heino, or Ryan, I always think Solomon could put one together too?
  6. Wow, there are a lot of scary things about this statement???
  7. I don't think AJ will beat Casper but Boykin could beat Nevills in the second round.
  8. teach


    Is David Taylor a possibility?
  9. If you look at the number of qualifiers, you might have to say the Big 10 is the second best?
  10. He also sent a very nice, thoughtful, letter to parents and wrestlers. Barry sounds like a very great person, but it was time.
  11. Barry Davis announces he will be done this year.
  12. So, Snyder wrestle normal and loses the first match. He counters by wrestling smart, keeping it close, tiring him out a bit, getting the escape was crucial to allow for overtime if needed, and then taking him down late, great plan I feel. How does Coon's game plan now change to win this back? Or does it? If he rides him for riding time, he wins? What will the next match bring???
  13. Did anyone else get the feeling that PSU didn't put a lot of fire into this tournament? I kind of felt like it would be too hard to be completely fired up for two tournaments in such a short time, and they know they will get the guys to nationals that they need, so go out, wrestle, give it your all, qualify, learn something, but don't get too over excited yet. Now for the NCAA's the coaches will turn up the excitement and have them going on all cylinders? I of course could be completely wrong but I just had the feeling that they were not real concerned about the outcomes of this tournament as a team anyway.
  14. Beazley is his elbow and I would guess it will be tough for him, and he was wrestling really well too.
  15. I got a call from Cael last night, Nolf is going, and he is fine.
  16. They had their best year ever in 2010, or tied at least. is 4th "on the podium"? They also only had two seniors that year and were expected big in 2011 but... I just feel like Rutgers and Purdue are teams on their way up, Wisconsin I didn't feel that way.
  17. Wow, I really didn't think WI could be this bad? Next year is what they have said for 15 years.
  18. Doesn't every team do this?
  19. If NS is out, they can't beat WI. I don't think @ WI
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