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  1. D3 doesn't let anyone compete at regional? Or am I on a different planet?
  2. Synder the next two, The world champ will figure it out.
  3. I have been a loyal fan for 45 years of whom ever is wrestling a higher ranked team. Love upsets I guess.
  4. Some of you may want to pay a little closer attention to the modern day 285. Many of these guys are big, strong, and fast. If you weigh 197 and wrestle 285, it wears you down. Some of the guys may look fat but they have a lot of muscle under that, otherwise I don't think they would be wrestling DI. The thing with T. Nelson that I liked, and others like him, I respect guys that find ways to win that works for them. It may not be pretty, may not be what "we" like, it may not be exciting, but they find a way to win. I find it interesting and people have to actually think of ways to beat them.
  5. That 40-50 extra pounds of muscle makes a huge difference though.
  6. I know I am coming late to this party but I didn't think it was so bad? First off they made it very clear that they love the team and the guys, no matter what. I don't know if you know this but not all coaches say that or feel that way. In fact some treat kids like crap and there is absolutely no feeling of team or support, to say nothing about love!. Speeches, some good, some bad, Ive heard a lot worse.
  7. What are the odds that either team will have a full, regular line up?
  8. I think we are a little too sensitive?
  9. Seems like if you are a graduate transfer that is different than an undergrad transfer? It is compelling because it's Iowa and he is a story.
  10. I know nothing, but did watch Thielke for many years. I feel if he would have went to many other colleges he would have been successful at the NCAA level. WI, he loved, and was loyal to, but it wasn't the place for him. Some coaches are not willing to work with the different styles and types of kids that come to them. (or don't know how.)
  11. BA will never get rid of BD, Wisconsin fans think he is doing well........ I mean top 20 almost every year, a top 10 once in a while, what else do you want!
  12. And really it should be so easy. Have a criteria and put it into track, flo whatever, and no exceptions. If the criteria is decent it will all work out.
  13. I thought the Big Ten had a rule against it? On campus.
  14. Maybe OSU is not concerned about being at peak condition right now? NCAA is a better time?
  15. Gable, Sanderson, but I think if you look close, Lee Kemp needs to be in the discussion, Askren?? Ask nonwrestling people who they think the best ever is? Many say Gable, some say that guy who coaches at PSU.
  16. Wisconsin does very little to promote the sport. Barry is terrible at talking to people and the AD will always be fine with the program as long as they don't cause any trouble.
  17. Some people are just super competitive and it comes out bad. Like I said he makes the sport interesting. As far as the brick, cheating, come on, that is fun gamesmanship, if it is against the rules, he should be called, otherwise, good for him.
  18. Seriously, I am not a Iowa fan but so what. If the ref should have called something great. Did he, no. I think it adds something to talk about. For years I have watched Steve Martin at ODU out on the mat. Heck sometimes he seems to be standing next to the official having a conversation while wrestling is going on. Some refs call him, some don't. Fans from apposing teams hate it, I find it funny, and would expect the ref to take a point. I don't think he cares though. I think this thread is a little "I hate Iowa, so it really bugs me." There isn't a lot that makes college matches fun for the average spectator, so if these bad boys helps, we need more of these guys.
  19. Isn't Arizona's Hall a bit old also? Maybe it's the name that ages you?
  20. I hate to quote myself but I think I predicted this......just saying. Seems to be the norm?
  21. Someone needs to give Askren a shot, and it doesn't look like WI is going to????
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