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    teach got a reaction from GockeS in Did ODU drop wrestling?   
    Be warned that he won't give a darn.  When they were switching to conference USA a few years back I was afraid they were going to drop wrestling.  So, I sent him an email asking about it and if we would be notified.  He did respond.  He was a jerk about it and told me it was none of my concern.  (I was a parent of a wrestler).  It was worse than you would expect and I can say here.  I responded to him that if I treated people the way he responded to me, I would lose my job.  He basically responded that he didn't care.  Just a warning.
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    teach got a reaction from Chrissn2001 in Will other teams be dropped now?   
    Keep in mind the ODU program was not even "on the ropes".
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    teach got a reaction from Underhook in Will other teams be dropped now?   
    Keep in mind the ODU program was not even "on the ropes".
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    teach got a reaction from Tofurky in Did ODU drop wrestling?   
    I do not know details but I do know at least assistant coaches had no idea.  They need to pay for the new FB stadium some how?
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    teach got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in Extra year solution   
    Thank you,      How about strange times call for strange solutions?
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    teach got a reaction from jon in Extra year solution   
    Thank you,      How about strange times call for strange solutions?
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    teach got a reaction from jon in Extra year solution   
    I am probably missing something as usual, but, why can't they at least allow last season to be a redshirt season if you have one available?  For example, I wrestled all year, I was a national qualifier, (so still wrestling), and the season was forced to stop.  Now I am allowed to say I will take this year as a redshirt year.  If you don't have one, well..... 
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    teach got a reaction from pamela in Thread for wrestling technique questions   
    Im no expert but love both positions.  All depends on leverage, as mentioned, hips position, and control.  Both guys could be in control but the person who really is controlling the tie is in the better position, and that can be done many ways.
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    teach reacted to HokieHWT in Mark Hall - best 1x Champ ever?   
    If not for a headgear pull, he’d only be a 2x finalist.
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    teach got a reaction from stp in PSA: College is not about wrestling   
    Wow, is this really causing people to be nice!
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    teach got a reaction from Columbia_Lou in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    It's always easy to second guess a decision unless you are forced to make the decision.
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    teach got a reaction from madcat11 in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    It's always easy to second guess a decision unless you are forced to make the decision.
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    teach reacted to Crotalus in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    As I biologist I can tell you not everything can adapt quick enough. We are already in the midst of the anthropocene extinction, and it's only going to get worse. Unfortunately, most people don't care.

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    teach reacted to ionel in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    why did you have to mess up a good story with facts?  ;_;
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    teach reacted to Yellow_Medal in PSA: College is not about wrestling   
    While this is absolutely true, I think it's worth noting that many of my college teammates would not have even thought about getting their college educations without wrestling being involved. 
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    teach reacted to jchapman in Top 2 seeds are being released as we speak   
    I agree.  He should be #1.  Has wins over RBY, Desanto, Rivera, Piatrowski
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    teach reacted to TheOhioState in Now that the WHO has officially declared a Pandemic, Should NCAA Cancel Championships?   
    From an MD immunologist:
    I don't post a lot on facebook but I would like to give my perspective and context on the coronavirus outbreak. I hope I can be a more reputable source of perspective as a physician who specializes and is board certified in immunology (as well as pediatrics, allergy and dermatology).
    1. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. "coronavirus" is not unique to this particular strain. Everyone reading this has likely had another different coronavirus infection. This particular strain has been named COVID-19.
    2. Every upper respiratory virus has the potential to be lethal. Patients unfortunately die from many upper respiratory viral infections every year - most prominently the influenza virus. 30,000 people died from the influenza virus in 2019. The media didn't report each one. They have reported all 11 coronavirus deaths. Not telling us about the people lost but rather keeping a death "toll".
    Let me repeat that:
    -Coronavirus: 11 deaths (US in 2020), 3300 deaths (China in 2020).
    -Influenza: 30,000 deaths (US in 2019).
    *Influenza pandemic of 1918: 675,000! (US), 20-50 MILLION!! (worldwide) <---These people I think would have been in favor of receiving their annual flu vaccine.
    This is not meant to minimize any of these deaths but rather to give context and put some facts to the hysteria.
    3. If you're healthy, there is no need to walk around wearing a mask. In addition to looking silly and most of the time wearing/taking them off wrong - which would actually make you more prone to acquiring an infection, they don't prevent you from getting sick. If you're actually sick stay away from people and then, sure, wear a mask so you aren't spreading respiratory droplets every time you cough/sneeze. In medicine we don't wear the masks you're buying and we wear other protective equipment - not just a silly looking mask you found on Amazon. When you see doctor's walking around the world wearing a mask then you should too. Until then, stop.
    4. The symptoms are that of the flu. As doctors we don't test or know about most people with mild or moderate flu symptoms. That means most people will probably get it and just think they had the flu. That means you're only going to hear about the cases that get serious - not all the minor ones which will be the vast majority of cases.
    5. When it is said that people who are older or have other medical conditions are most likely to die - that is equally true for EVERY upper respiratory virus. There is nothing unique about that to this particular virus. It does mean that the only cases we tend to know about are the severe ones. Once a case is severe it then makes sense to test the patient to find out what virus in particular they have. That means you can easily overestimate how severe or lethal the virus is because the only cases you end up knowing about are the serious ones.
    In summary 30,000 people died from the flu last year. Another 30,000 died in car accidents.
    I remember: H1N1 (2009), MERS (2012), Ebola (2014), Coronavirus (2020).
    Take it from me: The poor resident who stood at the door of the ER to triage people in 2009's swine flu (H1N1) hysteria. The over reaction is exponentially worse than the actual problem and in 2020 the over reactions I'm seeing are remarkable. In cold and flu season you'll probably get sick once or twice for about a week each. You might even get this particular coronavirus and most of you won't even know it. I've seen people raiding supermarkets, major meetings and sporting events getting cancelled and fear/racism towards Asian people. These reactions are totally unnecessary and panic based. Just do what you've always done during cold/flu season. Stay away from other people when you're sick, wash your hands and keep them away from your face, and only go to the ER if you feel your symptoms are more severe than a bad cold/flu (shortness of breath, high fever, etc.). And also realize you can't live on earth and not get viral illnesses from time to time. It's a part of nature.
    Please don't ask for antibiotics (those treat bacteria - not viruses). Thats like asking for a fire extinguisher when you're drowning. It can be a life saving device - but the wrong one for the problem at hand. Some doctor's don't want to fight about it when patients insist on antibiotics so they just prescribe them - but it doesn't mean its actually helping you and in some cases they can be harmful (resistance, infections, allergic reactions just to name a few). If you're one who asks for antibiotics every time you're sick, again, take it from me: ask for a flu shot each year and a doctor's note to stay home from work when you're sick instead. You will be much better off.
    The government is very proud that testing will be available to every American. Remember, we don't test for any respiratory virus other than the influenza virus routinely. The reason is thats the only virus that has a treatment (pill) you can take to shorten the duration of severity of the illness. I suspect if we start testing everyone with cold symptoms for coronavirus we're going to find lots of it. It's not going to change the recommendations to stay home and rest. And its not going to predict the small percentage of people who may develop more severe symptoms. Essentially whether someone has coronavirus 19 or some other cold/flu virus isn't going to matter to your doctor. What it will do is slam urgent cares, ER's and hospitals with every patient who has a cold so they can be tested. It is much more sensible to reserve testing for patients requiring hospitalization or more advanced treatments. Even that wouldn't change their management but would be more to confirm the diagnosis and to not waste time looking for other causes of the patients symptoms.
    In conclusion, yes there is a novel virus that our immune systems haven't seen yet so to get immune to it you will have to get infected - at least until a vaccine is developed to bypass the getting sick part and just jumping straight to immune. Most people's immune systems will do that effectively and be fine. A small percentage of unfortunate patients (primarily elderly, immune compromised etc.) will not be able to do that effectively and will need more advanced care. This is true of the cold/flu viruses we deal with every year. Follow normal cold/flu precautions and seek medical care if you feel your symptoms are severe. No need to get hysterical.
    These outbreaks can be instructive for overall knowledge of public health. In particular showing your immune system the uniform of a potential invader (virus) so that if it ever sees a soldier wearing that uniform it will immediately attack and neutralize it without you ever getting sick. That is a wonderful thing and probably the single biggest achievement in medicine throughout human history. That is what vaccines are. The benefit to risk ratio of them are off the charts in favor of vaccines. If viruses like coronavirus scare you, then stay up to date on your vaccines and your immune system will be running the latest software.
    If you still think you should be scared consider this: Doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are going to hospitals every day. Crowded buildings with tons of sick people. They aren't walking around the halls of the hospitals wearing masks and they haven't stopped going to work. And they are all rolling their eyes at everyone else right now.
    Marc Serota, MD
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    teach reacted to cem5202 in Average poster age   
    I'm 31 and while I don't post often, I do come to this site 4-6 days a week. During the off season, I make it to international board 1-2 days a week. I feel like I know a lot of you pretty well, even though most of you probably don't remember me ever posting. I have been coming here for about 12-13 years. I started when I was in college and a kid i went to HS with was wrestling for PSU. That all being said, I think the handle Lurker might apply to me better than it does Lurker.
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    teach reacted to Wrestleknownothing in How Important Is It To Have Mom and Dad in the Audience?   
    I will answer generally. My kids are all grown up and done with sports. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them compete, but those days are over.
    I have nephews who wrestle and a niece who is a professional dancer. Through them I have come to the realization that I enjoying watching people who are better at something than I will every be at anything. So I have spent time and money following them, sometimes literally.
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    teach got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Coach that could make Cael-like splash   
    If I am a parent of a very good wrestler, I am not sure I would want my son going to an MMA coach for wrestling?
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    teach got a reaction from Jim L in Coach that could make Cael-like splash   
    If I am a parent of a very good wrestler, I am not sure I would want my son going to an MMA coach for wrestling?
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    teach got a reaction from jackwebster in “Amateur” moves: headlocks/sags and mixers   
    That's because they don't know how to do it correctly!
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    teach got a reaction from fadzaev2 in “Amateur” moves: headlocks/sags and mixers   
    After a while people get good at defending a move and it starts to go away.  If it has been gone long enough, people forget how to defend it well.  Then the move may work again. Moves like a single leg have so many variations that it can never be completely defended.
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    teach reacted to treep2000 in Parris vs Gable S., who ya' got?   
    Here's really all you need to know:
    * Gable is a witch (warlock to be specific)
    * When weighed, Gable weighs similar to that of tiny pebbles or small churches 
    * Witches also float in water, like tiny pebbles or small churches.
    * Ducks also float in water
    Therefore... Gable is a DUCK.
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    teach reacted to russelscout in “Amateur” moves: headlocks/sags and mixers   
    Do you think that's a good thing? I think the problem with doubles is how they are taught. Stopping and pivoting gives the other guy time to throw his hips into you. Burroughs just drives through and I think that's the best way to teach it. The thing about a hi-c to a double is that you already have that angle and can avoid the hips.
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