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  1. Went to the first session and watched all session so far on line:


    1.) The Forum is way too big for this event. The turn out for the morning session was maybe 3,000 people.

    2.) I hope they got there act together for the later sessions because it was painfully un-organized and they were saving lots of money on not turning the air conditioning system on.

    3.) I sat in the middle of an Iranian contingent. They were very knowable and fun to hang out with.

    4.) $25.00 bucks for parking.


    The Wrestling though American eyes:


    1.) The U.S. team came ready to go and so did the Iranian team.

    2.) The Guys from Mongolia are fun to watch. They are very aggressive and are looking to throw all the time.

    3.) The Russians seem to be just going through the motions.

    4.) Angel Escobedo looked really solid until he wrestled the Iranian then it was like a man vs. boy.

    5.) Reese Humphrey is so fun to watch but really needs to work on his defense.

    6.) Brent Metcalf like in college is a cardio freak and it is serving him well. His offence Hi-C or bust.

    7.) 70 KG Marabel is sucking too much weight. Moza fey looked really solid. I really wanted to see Jason Welch compete.

    8.) Jordan Burroughs makes it look easy.

    9.) Clayton Foster is just sneaky slick and I think could be a real factor internationally over the next few years.

    10.) Jake Varner please come back dedicated. Even saying that Reza Yazdani is just a frigging beast.

    11.) Tervel Dlagnev please stay out of the front head lock. I really wanted to see Tyrell Fortune wrestle.

  2. Just watched the OU/ Missouri match.


    It is not smart to get physical with Andrew Howe. He went up a weight, the guy he wrestled looks to be a pretty good size 184 lb guy. The guy comes out real aggressive. Then Howe proceeds to just physically destroy him.

  3. Mike Poeta in MMA soon? I think he would be amazing in MMA. There is only one wrestler I have ever seen that has more athletic ability than Poeta and he just happens to be arguably the best P4P wrestler in the world right now JB. I think with very little training Poeta he would crush people at 155.

  4. Same reason Dake won't wrestle in Agon... CF is focused on MMA and only wants to pull wrestlers out of wrestling and get them into MMA... Agon is a recruiting platform for MMA and they have put their efforts into Askren while throwing Burroughs and Dake to the side... Not to mention the disputes over how much they should have been paid from the CF gear... Dake will leave CF as soon as his contract ends too... Burroughs is a class act but he has been itching to leave CF and was just waiting for the contract to expire

    If true will we be seeing Mike Poeta in MMA soon? I think he would be amazing in MMA. There is only one wrestler I have ever seen that has more athletic ability than Poeta and he just happens to be arguably the best P4P wrestler in the world right now JB. I think with very little training Poeta he would crush people at 155.

  5. Although I think Howe would beat Taylor. I also think that Taylor would beat everyone else with the exception of maybe Perry at 174. I also think that he would wreck everybody other than Howe or Perry at 174. Taylor’s style is so overwhelming that unless you’re a Dake, Howe, or Perry you are likely to get a majored or a teched by him.

  6. That article is not good...


    Pico's father sounds like a typical overzealous father and it sounds like Andy Barth has dipped deep into his pockets...




    I just find this whole thing to be extremely arrogant and a pipe dream. He has barely wrestled a match nor has he fought a fight and he is being crowned, King. Give me a break!



  7. Good article on Pico especially for those so concerned on the college education issue.




    So according to this article, Pico has:


    - Restructured his studies with the collaboration of his high school to complete his diploma requirements and graduate HS

    - Negotiated a free ride to a top university (UCLA or USC), which he plans to attend as he trains for freestyle

    - Signed contracts to earn some income from sponsorships already, which he plans to save and invest

    - Negotiated all travel expenses to and from training and competition venues for both himself and his coach

    - Restructured his training regimen to advance in the sport he cares most about, freestyle, and forgo the brutal wear and tear of D1 folkstyle, which he does not care much about

    - Set an ambitious but realistic goal (for someone of his precocious talents) of making an impact by the 2020 Olympics, which he has communicated to his sponsors to set expectations, giving himself six years

    - Is living his dream and having the time of his life


    In summary, he gets a free college education, a chance to maximize his enormous potential in the sport he loves most, and has his college degree to fall back on after wrestling if MMA, for which he already has a contract and relationship with one of the best agenst in the business, does not pan out.


    And people criticize this????


    If my kid could follow suit, I would be the happiest dad in the world.


    I, for one, will be rooting for Pico to achieve his goals.


    If you can read this article and still think he and his family’s decisions are stupid and not in his best interest you have a very myopic view on life.

  8. This is one exciting aspect of the new weight classes. More people will be able to wrestle and not have to worry about Burroughs, Dake, and Taylor a the weight.


    If he can transfer some of his scrambling abilities to freestyle scrambling, he could be pretty good here.

    I couldn’t agree more there are so many guys that are tweeners that would not have the chance to compete on a world level and maybe by the time the Olympics roll around the weights may be permanent. I think that one of the best wrestlers in the US is Mike Poeta but he is way too small for 74K and just a bit too big for 65K 70K is perfect for him. Welch is in the same boat as Poeta.

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