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  1. I see this as being a Todd Marinovich situation. Remember how great Adam Mariano was going to be? Laurence Jackson?...There are plenty more....


    I knew Todd Marinovich and his dad and you are barking up the wrong tree. Marv, Todd’s dad was one of the dumbest people I have ever met and Todd was only marginally smarter. I have met Pico a couple of times and the impression I got was a very intelligent focused kid.

  2. I also thought the calls, primarily in the second period, were very suspect. Emeev had every right to be frustrated, but not to the minor cheap shot against Russell. Enough said about them. I am more interested at this point in how quickly Pico establishes himself as our guy at this weight (whatever the new weight is). Pico is about the same age as Asgarov when he burst onto the scene a couple years ago. He's ready.

    He is still a kid and growing. I find it hard to believe that he will still be at this weight in three years. We could end up with the biggest bottleneck at 163 in the history of US wrestling. We are starting to look like Russia at this weight class with our depth.

  3. The Kellen Russell v. Emeev match was crazy.


    Russell trailed, and tied the score at 11-11 with about 10 seconds left. Got an exposure with a few seconds to go and the russian just gave up.


    Dude didn't get a point on Pico and scored eleven on Kellen? Wow.


    Plus a little cheap shot by Emeev at the end after he got frustrated.

    Here is the video. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... dzhi-Emeev

    If I was the Russian I would have been pissed too. He got some bad calls against him in that match.

  4. Do you think the Russian is better than the Puerto Rican olympian that Marstellar faced? :?:


    If he is, Aaron Pico is pulling another Dave Schultz, wrestling on the senior level while still in H.S.


    There was a story that Dave Schultz wrestled in the Tblisi Tournament where he did very well, only to return and have to petition into his H.S. state tournament because the post season tourneys had already been completed. Anybody have first hand knowledge of this?



    Dave wrestled in the Tblisi and took second his last year of high school. He missed the qualifying tournaments and petitioned to be placed in the tournament. They allowed him to compete two weight classes above his normal weight and he pinned everyone except the guy in the finals who he beat 12-1.

  5. I believe Pico plans to sit out of high school wrestling until the post season. Some outlet (flo?) reported that with a quote that Pico "still wants to win state," but that he seriously wants to focus on freestyle.


    The story holds water because of Pico's involvement in the dual meet and the fact that he hasn't gone/wont go to things like Freakshow or Ironman.


    Thanks for the information

  6. Askren is great for wrestling. Askren is one of the main reasons I started following wrestling again. If you can’t appreciate his mastery of the scramble positions and his confidence/showmanship then you probably have a very boring view on most things in life. This is a slow, not very imposing physically guy that in the AGON, folkstyle, MMA and even in freestyle makes absolute studs look foolish. That in my opinion is fun to watch and is great for the sport.

  7. USAW would have found some way to mess it up. They treat Mark like a leper now so it's kind of hard to think they'd treat Dave much better.
    Why do you say that? I believe that the secret to Mark and Dave success was their superior strength they found from gymnastics. They do have some great technique but so do many others. I think it was 12 years of Gymnastics plus competing.


    To my knowledge Dave never competed in gymnastics. Dave was strong, but not so much that he was way above other elite competition. Dave was a great technician who could really put the hurt on you by using proper technical leverage. As for Mark he did compete in gymnastics and it probably helped with his positional awareness. His explosiveness was a product of natural talent. Mark also did not waste his energy bouncing around looking for openings. He would lock up find an opening and then bam no hesitation and all the way through to completion.


    As for the way Mark is treated by USAW it is pretty clear from him that they treat him like a pariah

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