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    John Jensen got a reaction from irani in Observations on World Cup   
    Went to the first session and watched all session so far on line:
    1.) The Forum is way too big for this event. The turn out for the morning session was maybe 3,000 people.
    2.) I hope they got there act together for the later sessions because it was painfully un-organized and they were saving lots of money on not turning the air conditioning system on.
    3.) I sat in the middle of an Iranian contingent. They were very knowable and fun to hang out with.
    4.) $25.00 bucks for parking.
    The Wrestling though American eyes:
    1.) The U.S. team came ready to go and so did the Iranian team.
    2.) The Guys from Mongolia are fun to watch. They are very aggressive and are looking to throw all the time.
    3.) The Russians seem to be just going through the motions.
    4.) Angel Escobedo looked really solid until he wrestled the Iranian then it was like a man vs. boy.
    5.) Reese Humphrey is so fun to watch but really needs to work on his defense.
    6.) Brent Metcalf like in college is a cardio freak and it is serving him well. His offence Hi-C or bust.
    7.) 70 KG Marabel is sucking too much weight. Moza fey looked really solid. I really wanted to see Jason Welch compete.
    8.) Jordan Burroughs makes it look easy.
    9.) Clayton Foster is just sneaky slick and I think could be a real factor internationally over the next few years.
    10.) Jake Varner please come back dedicated. Even saying that Reza Yazdani is just a frigging beast.
    11.) Tervel Dlagnev please stay out of the front head lock. I really wanted to see Tyrell Fortune wrestle.
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