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  1. dmm53

    What about Robles

    Interesting and illuminating article on Robles if you haven't read it before. Addresses a few of the points or claims made above: https://deadspin.com/the-one-legged-wrestler-who-conquered-his-sport-then-l-452888181
  2. Give it up, man. They weren't correcting me because nothing I said was wrong, technically or otherwise. They were commenting on the match or reasonable ways to view it. You are 100% wrong, so just admit it. You keeping digging your hole deeper and deeper like a hound in search of an invisible bone. Your problem seems to be an inability to understand and interpret the English language. You would be tech-ed in 30 seconds in a court of law, an academic or scientific setting, or any other community of reasonable humans who converse in English. That apparently is YOUR problem and belongs to no one else. Good luck. I recommend a course in linguistics, journalism, hermeneutics, or good-old-fashioned grammar.
  3. Great job. Love Robles indomitable spirit and willingness to take on and rise to challenges. A great person and representative of all sports. He's thoughtful, humble and willing to take risks. Apparently, there is a film of some sort coming out about his life and memoir. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/311619/unstoppable-by-anthony-robles/9781592408047/ https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2018/09/14/movie-works-life-asu-ncaa-wrestling-champ-anthony-robles/1307432002/
  4. Man, you are intransigent and unsubtle and apparently upset. I did NOT CLAIM it was over-hyped. I asked if it was. There is a crucial difference. Furthermore, the thread (which I in fact started and so have a good clear sense about) is for upsets AND SURPRISES. It can reasonably count as a surprise since Steveson beat Hall soundly in freestyle and barely squeaked by in OT (SV). You are not only wrong, but YOU are misleading or worse. Seriously, what is your problem? Is it because Rutgers got soundly thrashed? (Note: the penultimate sentence is a question-- i.e., it is interrogative. The last sentence is also a question). Pay attention to details; they matter.
  5. Either you are angling for a Troll Award or you can't read. I didn't claim he lost. I claimed he won. Read please. It's a lost skill in the Internet Age. I said it was a close one. There is nothing fake except your claim of falsehood.
  6. dmm53

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Comparison with Iowa, who was without Kemmerer (174), Warner (197) and Stoll (285). Weight Summary KEST IOWA 125 Spencer Lee (Iowa) over Tomas Guitierrez (Kent State) (TF 16-0 1:18) 0 5 133 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) over Tim Rooney (Kent State) (Dec 8-7) 0 3 141 Max Murin (Iowa) over Cory Simpson (Kent State) (Fall 4:30) 0 6 149 Pat Lugo (Iowa) over Kody Komara (Kent State) (Fall 2:18) 0 6 157 Kaleb Young (Iowa) over richard Jackson (Kent State) (Fall 4:06) 0 6 165 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) over Isaac Bast (Kent State) (Fall 2:17) 0 6 174 Myles Wilson (Iowa) over Dylan Barreiro (Kent State) (Dec 12-9) 0 3 184 Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Andrew McNally (Kent State) (MD 18-7) 0 4 197 Connor Corbin (Iowa) over Shane Mast (Kent State) (Dec 8-3) 0 3 285 Aaron Costello (Iowa) over William Bolia (Kent State) (Dec 4-1) 0 3 Team Score: 0 45
  7. dmm53

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Weight Summary PEST KEST 125 Jake Ferri (Kent State) over Devin Schnupp (Penn State) (Dec 12-8) 0 3 133 Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) over Tim Rooney (Kent State) (Fall 5:31) 6 0 141 Nick Lee (Penn State) over Cory Simpson (Kent State) (TF 18-2 3:44) 5 0 149 Jarod Verkleeren (Penn State) over Kody Komara (Kent State) (Fall 1:20) 6 0 157 Jason Nolf (Penn State) over Joe Andrassy (Kent State) (Fall 2:29) 6 0 165 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) over Isaac Bast (Kent State) (Fall 3:40) 6 0 174 Mark Hall (Penn State) over Dylan Barreiro (Kent State) (Fall 3:34) 6 0 184 Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) over Andrew McNally (Kent State) (Fall 1:13) 6 0 197 Bo Nickal (Penn State) over Shane Mast (Kent State) (Fall 2:06) 6 0 285 Anthony Cassar (Penn State) over William Bolia (Kent State) (TF 17-2 5:15) 5 0 Team Score: 52 3
  8. 63. https://twitter.com/arobles125?lang=en
  9. How many did he do? Is there video? Couldn't find the game on TV or results on social media.
  10. Nick Reenan tops Ryan Preisch of Lehigh
  11. Aaron Brooks! He might not technically be a redshirt since he is spending the year at the OTC in Colorado, but he has already easily won two college tournaments this season. He is going to be the kind of transformative and elite guy for Penn State in the way that Nolf, Nickal, Retherford, Taylor, and Ruth have been.
  12. dmm53

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    FLO's writeup https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6265905-notable-results-from-the-2018-journeymen-myhouse-northeast-duals
  13. Gable Steveson in a close one in OT. 3-1 win over Tanner Hall. TD in SV. Was some of the hype a bit pre-mature? Stoll, Nevills, and some of the other top guys might have just been given a confidence boost.
  14. #13 Rutgers goes down to unranked Utah Valley. One match to go and Utah is up 21-14.
  15. 157 | No. 9 John Van Brill drops a 9-6 decision to Grant Lamont.