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  1. All the studies show that right wing terrorism in the US is the main problem. (not the left). Wake up people. The right wing denies facts and science (Covid, climate change, gun violence) and believes in nonsense like "God" and conspiracies like QANON. It's pathetic. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/27/us-far-right-violence-terrorist-threat-analysis
  2. I'm guessing (hoping) that you are pointing out correctly that the Orange Agent will use anything or anyone as a means to his pathological and narcissistic ends. It would great if Gable accepts the award but refuses to meet with the liar, racist, corrupt, and incompetent Fool and Con Man.
  3. Do those of you who criticize DT for his tweets also criticize guys like Gilman, PD III, Dake, Askren, and, yes, Borroughs among many others for their trash talking as well when they engage in it? Or do you only turn a blind eye and deaf ear if you root for the guy doing it?
  4. Nolf is going to wreck him if they weigh the same.
  5. How will 86 KG get seeded? Here are some of the key guys in possible contention. It looked for a while like a stroll to the Olympics for Taylor. Now the path might get more complex. 1. DT 2. Nickal 3. Zahid 4. Deiringer 5. Myles Martin 6. Heflin 7. Sammy Brooks 8. Aaron Brooks 9. Nate Jackson 10. Brett Pfarr 11. Drew Foster 12. PD III (or is he old news?) 13. Max Dean and/or Gabe Dean?
  6. No one of consequence is yet registered for the event. Luke Pletcher is the biggest name thus far: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6778596-whos-registered-so-far-for-2020-senior-nationals
  7. dmm53


    I think he is training at Cornell.
  8. Who are the commentary guys for the NLWC event? Anyone know?
  9. dmm53


    Based on appearances, Yanni's days at 141 are done. He's a 149 pounder who will drop to 65 KG internationally. Basically follows the weight moves of Zain, Molinaro, Oliver, and others. It makes sense.
  10. https://twitter.com/caelsanderson/status/1306387755828682752/photo/1
  11. One. Chuck Norris. Champions are his breakfast. And he makes onions cry.
  12. Anyone know if there is a place to see who has registered for Sr. Nationals, which is schedule to take place in a little over a month? Thanks!
  13. Write up and results of the matches: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/August/30/Wrestling-Underground-recap
  14. The Georgian may have wrestled for one period, but he did NOTHING but hang onto ankles in the second period. Yes, it is in part (or largely due) to Taylor's pace and skill and determination, but the point still holds.
  15. The Georgian did a whole lot of nothing. Hung onto ankles for dear life. Did he even take a single shot?
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