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  1. How about a reasonable rule solution: first offense is a warning. Second offense is a point for one's opponent. Same with third offense. Not entirely sure what the rule (interpretation) was previously, but the change would likely prevent most bouts ending on (being decided by) a hands-to-face call and give guys time to adjust. I suspect most (or, minimally, many) hands-to-face are in some sense unintentional or at least a consequence of habit. Hope refs and wrestlers figure this out by the time of NCAAs. No one wants to see a match at NCAAs decided by this kind of call. Same with very quick locked hands call from a standing position. Recall the 174 pound finals a few years back where Matt Brown won on a locked hands call. That's going out with a whimper rather than a bang.
  2. The match was a new form of collective torture: for the two wrestlers, the fans in the hall, the fans online, the coaches, the replay reviewers, the rankers, the parents of the wrestlers, the teammates, the dogs of fans waiting to go for a walk at the break between matches, and even the referees. The metaphysical (or theological if you buy that kind of nonsense) plan may have been to break the record for the length of time these two guys wrestled at "Whose #1" several years ago. How long did the match actually last from start to finish (including all the stoppages)? Any guesses? The prize for winner of the guessing game is that they don't have to watch it again.
  3. List updated. Reenan, Gravina, and Joe Smith now have losses are off.
  4. Gfeller off the list # of undefeated left at each weight 125 3 133 5 141 4 149 2 157 1
  5. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    It's all just a counterfactual discussion. We'll never know. It's more interesting to me how guys will fare in the future rather than matchup in the past anyway.
  6. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    Apparently, JB had three decisions his senior year. One was a 10-7 win over Howe.
  7. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    I don't think that Howe was better than IMar even if Nolf won't face him this year. He faced him his freshman year though and pinned him first time out (barely losing the next two matches).
  8. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    I know Borroughs was 128-20 overall.
  9. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    How dominant was Borroughs at 165 in college in terms of bonus-ing opponents? Do you have the stats? I'm curious (not making accusations). It would be interesting to compare Dake, Taylor, Nolf, and perhaps others who are at or near this weight.
  10. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    Why does it have to be at 165? Both wrestled 157. In any event, I bet a lot of folks didn't think DT's style and body were especially suited for freestyle either.
  11. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    Nolf just turned 23 the other day so he is presumably not even yet in his prime. He is a rare three time PA state champ and four time finalist (only one close loss in high school that was avenged). He will very likely be a rare three time NCAA champ and four time finalist (with only two true close losses to a two time NCAA champ and four time finalist; and one victor over him). He has DT's creativity, motor, and technical ability. He has Dake's ferocity and confidence. (He is perhaps only lacking Dake's world level defensive skills) I would reasonably speculate his ceiling is still pretty high.
  12. dmm53

    Ryan Deakin

    Deakin isn't in the same wrestling universe as Nolf right now. I would take Nolf over the best version of JB in college and perhaps even DT or Dake (although those matchups would be amazing). The real question to me is how Nolf will possibly do against James Green and all other comes at 70 KG if and when he turns to freestyle full time. One has to certainly appreciate his chances against anyone in the US at that weight, right?
  13. dmm53

    New Flo Rankings

    One among many of FLO's false or misleading claims (to put it lightly) that Spey defends. I could easily share many more. Erin Phillips <erin@flosports.tv> Dec 26, 2017 at 8:15 PM I passed along the information you shared with the wrestling team. As far as your second question regarding comments, those will be coming back to the site soon (including all old comments. Thanks and have a great new year, On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 2:46 PM, FloSports <no-reply@wufoo.com> wrote:
  14. dmm53

    New Flo Rankings

    Lose some weight and get in shape while you are at it Spey! And acquire some actual journalistic experience and skills. No one trusts an out-of-shape arm-chair bloviator like yourself in a sport as demanding of discipline and technical ability as wrestling.