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  1. "I’m a true believer that the greatest work I will ever do will not be on the wrestling mat. An athlete’s legacy extends far beyond what they’re able to accomplish on the field of play. I have the ability and the voice to empower and lead the young men and women of the next generation, and I want to do that in the same place that I began." This sounds like it could be interpreted as a statement about coaching or running an RTC or being a representative for other athletes, and so on.
  2. Yes, 2 shot clock points. One each period. He was definitely the more aggressive wrestler. No question. The ref signaled 2 for a TD at the end. Not sure if time had run out or not. The scoreboard said 4-1 Nolf.
  3. It's good to see. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/June/01/USA-Wrestling-statement-on-social-justice BY USA WRESTLING | JUNE 01, 2020, 4:04 P.M. (ET) USA Wrestling statement on social justice Social injustice is wrong and contrary to the inclusive nature of wrestling. USA Wrestling’s mission is to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full athletic and human potential. Recent tragedies in our nation compel us to do more and do it better. We stand with our African American and black communities and all of the diverse people who are part of our sport. We will focus our actions on how we can drive change against unjust treatment, police brutality, and systematic racism that is plaguing our nation and world. We need to come together now and use our voice, platform, and actions to help create the kind of society that reflects our values. By its nature, wrestling can be the most inclusive sport on earth. Anyone can wrestle and everyone is welcome. When we hit the mat, we are all part of one wrestling family.
  4. I can't recall a single shot he took in the match vs Nico. At one point, the announcers said that Nico was taking 7 times as many shots. But I don't think Delgado was called for stalling at all. He would back up, circle super widely, dive into a stalemate (or stall-mate) situation constantly, and hump the leg like a horny dog when he was riding. Glad the rules changed. It looked like Nico was shouting at him at the end of the match: probably something like "Wrestle with me, man; don't dance the tango or hump my leg"
  5. 2014 Big Ten finals on right now. Wow, was Delgado ever a staller and someone who exposed his back constantly. He would not do well under today's rules
  6. Frank Molinaro immediately comes to mind. Had a very low seed at trials, if I recall correctly (though I may be wrong); won the trials against high odds; then had to qualify the weight abroad before the Olympics began. Finally, he was very close to winning a medal (finished 5th in a tight bronze medal match).
  7. dmm53

    Ufc 249

  8. dmm53

    Ufc 249

    Dana White and UFC in hot water: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/05/09/epidemiologist-blasts-ufc-president-dana-white-mishandling-coronavirus-protocol/
  9. PD III quacks like a Clown: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/college/iowa-state/wrestling/2017/02/22/pat-downey-iowa-state-wrestling-dismissed-kevin-jackson-kevin-dresser/98271108/ https://giphy.com/explore/clown
  10. Taylor has blanked Clowny twice: 10-0, 10-0. And the only reason why Clowny wrestled at Worlds is that Taylor was injured and Nickal was up a weight. Clowney now has a new strategy, however: he thinks he can score finally score a point on Taylor by tweeting nonsense with no evidence on social media. The scoreboard just changed to reflect the new reality: it's currently DT 20 and Clowny negative 100 (disqualification for lack of sportsmanship)
  11. What happened at the 2019 US Open in Vegas? I was supposed to wrestle in the round of 16, against the guy who won the tournament, Yahya Thomas — but that guy went to the head table, or someone started complaining about me. At that point I didn’t have my legal ID in the USA, so I couldn’t keep wrestling in that tournament. The head table called me out and asked me for my legal papers to wrestle in that tournament. I beat two guys and they were like, ‘Who’s this guy?’ Everybody started complaining. They kicked me out. I wasn’t hurt. I was fine. I was ready to wrestle. What about Fargo? I had everything: my Arizona ID, legal documentation here in the USA. But some guys did the same thing, ‘We’re gonna do the same thing we did in Vegas, we’re gonna kick him out.’ But I had my Arizona ID so they couldn’t kick me out. What would you say to people who still think there’s concern about your age? I would say to those people that I hope one day they could support me, because I just want to wrestle — for the USA, to represent this country. And I hope one day they could support me if I go to the World Championships or the Olympics. I wanna see their support. I’m not gonna say something rude to anybody. My whole family’s in Cuba — so wrestling followers are my biggest supporters.
  12. His answer on FLO: "I know how old I am: I’m 20 years old. My birthday is September 10, 1999."
  13. Why can't (or shouldn't) rules allow the bottom wrestler to fight back more instead of "opening up"? It makes the bottom wrestler so passive and it looks downright submissive. My bigger problem is with allowing unlimited leg lace and gut wrench turns. That often ruins a competitive match. Put them back on their feet after 2 turns.
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