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  1. I respectfully disagree. But maybe we will get the match and find out sometime soon. JB has a lost a step or two himself and Nolf will only get better.
  2. Bring on Nolf vs. JB. Nolf just made 74 KG in Poland and will likely challenge JB for the spot at 79KG at the 2021 trials for Worlds. Zahid might be in the mix, too, though he wrestled 86 KG in Poland and also has already competed against JB.
  3. Yes, small tournament but some half decent entries at some weights. 74 KG has 16 guys. Here's a link to FLO's breakdown of the men's freestyle action if you can access it it: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7075264-2021-poland-open-preview-30-olympians-competing-in-mens-freestyle I'm interested in particular how Nolf will perform.
  4. Apparently, the brackets, results, and live stream connection will be posted here for the Poland Open: https://arena.uww.org/sport-event/show/467d1942-c79f-11eb-803a-06b1e9be04dc/live
  5. The Poland Open starts at 5 AM Eastern time in the US on Tuesday morning. As of 1:30 PM Monday, I haven't seen any brackets. Please post a link to them when they are released. Thanks. It looks like the event will be shown on FLO. Here is a list of entrants: https://uww.org/article/poland-open-entries-june-8-13
  6. Robles set the pull up record several times. https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2021/02/18/anthony-robles-sets-his-third-pull-up-world-record-mesa-high-school/6789383002/
  7. I didn't see the "fight" but the US victory over Mexico in the finals of the CONCACAF Nations League championship was great. It had everything: extra time, back and forth leads; penalty kicks (including one saved by the US); rowdy fans who thew things and ran onto the field, and, yes, fights. Hell of a game. US beats #10 ranked in the world Mexico 3-2 in extra time. (Yea, I know, most wrestling fans prefer "football" to foot-ball.) :) https://sports.yahoo.com/usmnt-mexico-nations-league-final-christian-pulisic-ethan-horvath-042438151.html
  8. He gets a new tattoo at each new RTC. Kind of like putting a sticker on your suitcase or a patch on your backpack when you visit another country. He's hoping to land at all 20 RTCs (or however many there are) and win a free weekend in Easton.
  9. Winners get seeding points for 2021 World Championships. Guys get some (additional) international experience. There were several (not many) potentially interesting matches at 61 KG and 65 KG (Seabass). It can help to build confidence for some wrestlers. It's a short flight from the US. Cuba might have shown up and provided some worthwhile matchups. It can encourage team cohesion for the Olympics and Worlds. Not much else is going on for both wrestlers and fans until the Olympics (except maybe a tournament in Poland in June), and Yarygan in Russia was probably too far and too risky given Covid.
  10. You just made the point. The wrestling community ignores or likes to turn a blind eye to the deep connections between wrestling cultures around the world and repressive regimes and beliefs.. Folks will talk about everything else that has a tenuous connection with wrestling (religion, films, tattoos, food, etc.) but ignore the elephant in the room. Someone mentioned Belarus as having the next possible dibs on a spot if a wrestler tests positive and Belarus was literally in the news that day for an international hijacking.
  11. Belarus is run by a dictator who just hijacked an international plane to get at a journalist he didn't like. It's amazing how many wrestling powers are run by anti-democratic regimes (authoritarians, tyrants, or dictators): Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkey, Armenia, Cuba, and others. It's something the wrestling community tends to ignore. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/23/world/europe/ryanair-belarus.html
  12. Have any of the guys (or women) on the Olympic team(or the team itself) announced or indicated that they are (or plan to be) fully vaccinated for the games in Tokyo? It seems incredibly risky (and I would add arguably very irresponsible to the team itself as well as other wrestlers on the ladder who attempted to qualify) to one's chances of actually performing (and by extension possibly winning a medal) without being fully vaccinated. Imagine a very conceivable scenario where someone tests positive for Covid-19 either just prior to the Olympic games or at the games and is disqualified. Dreams ruined; team success compromised; recriminations follow; and reputations questioned.
  13. The NY Times article about the decision also features a photo of Shane Griffith winning his title: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/18/sports/stanford-sports-reinstated.html?action=click&module=In Other News&pgtype=Homepage
  14. Cox seems like a total stand-up, honest guy. You may or may not enjoy his wrestling style, but I find it hard to doubt his integrity. (For example: I didn't like the way his last match with Taylor went down, but I don't think the sweat on the mat or the way the ref governed the bout was his fault or responsibility.) He's an asset to the wrestling community and is able to keep the larger picture in mind even as he is a fierce, tough, and smart competitor. My two 1/2 cents.
  15. The interviewer is so annoying. Macho MMA-style nonsense; so full of himself. So embarrassing. Like an obnoxious drunk guy at the bar.
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