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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=muybridge+wrestlers&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwipy7jR9rXjAhW5Ap0JHfAJCwYQ_AUIECgB&biw=1438&bih=703
  2. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    Mat C in any event: 120 | Mat C John Michael DIAKOMIHALIS (USA) vs. Zain Allen RETHERFORD (USA) 69 | Mat A Kaireddine BEN TELILI (TUN) vs. Ali RAHIMZADE (AZE)
  3. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    When you go to the UWW website, there is a video link for the event (see below) but when you click on it, it says you (I) can't watch it in my local area. If you click on that, it takes you to FLO's website. They are broadcasting the event starting at 4 AM, but as I'm pretty sure you know, they are a subscription service. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/yasar-dogu-5?tab=results
  4. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    I think I found the answer: Freestyle National Coach – Bill Zadick, Colorado Springs, Colo. Manager of Freestyle Programs – Joe Russell, Colorado Springs, Colo. Club Coach – Mark Perry, Iowa City, Iowa Club Coach- Mark Manning, Lincoln, Neb. Club Coach- Jeff Buxton, Easton, Pa. Club Coach- Reece Humphrey, Dayton, N.J. Club Coach- Zack Esposito, Stillwater, Okla. Club Coach- Cody Sanderson, State College, Pa. Club Coach- Mike Grey, Ithaca, N.Y. Medical - Brandon Stone, Colorado Springs, Colo. Medical - Robert Skinner, Colorado Springs, Colo. Medical - Randy Aldret, Lafayette, La. Referee - Danny Blackshear, Oklahoma City, Okla. Delegate - Hooman Tavakolian, Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Delegate - Paul Kieblesz, Middle Village, N.Y.
  5. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    Who will be in Zain's and Yianni's respective corners when they wrestle late tonight/early tomorrow (4 AM EST)? Are there any Cornell or PSU coaches in Istanbul?
  6. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    Are the draws really blind? Most of the major wrestling countries in the UWW are known for corruption. In fact, it is hard to think of any that aren't thoroughly corrupt.
  7. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    Green goes down first match.
  8. dmm53

    Yasar Dogu

    Graff is out at Dogu (not competing). Not sure why.
  9. dmm53


    Askren might just be shopping for a rocking chair next week, when he wakes up. Borroughs humbled him pretty badly in wrestling And well . . . lights out in MMA. (I hear he is . . . supposedly pretty good in frisbee golf . . . though it is not an Olympic sport and pays nothing
  10. dmm53

    PSU Coaching Tree

    I believe Andrew Alton is (or was) with) F& M. https://www.godiplomats.com/sports/m-wrestl/2015-16/releases/20151008q646a2 Dylan Alton (his twin brother) is (or was) with Rider: https://gobroncs.com/coaches.aspx?rc=653&path=wrestling
  11. If you view this development procedurally or in terms of principle, I suppose you can make the claim and case that Dake is gaming the system and helping himself out to be more prepared coming off an injury. If you view it it more pragmatically, you might likely see it as increasing the odds that the US will get the best wrestler (at least in Dake's case) at the weight or the best version of that wrestler (again at least in Dake's case and maybe even also Deiringer's ) for the wrestle-off. Personally, I hope we see both guys at their relative best on August 17th. I also think we will learn something about their current conditions very shortly—at Yasar Dogu (Deiringer) and the Spanish Grand Prix (Dake). The former is obviously a much tougher tournament.
  12. dmm53

    Final X - Lincoln

    Who you got? World War (match) III Fix /Gilman IMar / JB
  13. dmm53

    Final X - Lincoln

    Endless laces and turns stink. Makes the sport less interesting rather than more.
  14. dmm53

    Final X - Lincoln

  15. dmm53

    Final X - Lincoln

    Houdini wins again. Thought IMar had him.