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  1. I agree, Ruth squeaks by with too many 1-pt wins
  2. Wrestling needs more wrestlers who are willing to take risks. Risk-taking is exciting. IMO, one of the reasons HWT matches are almost un-watchable is because each guy is scared to take a shot and have the other guy just sprawl his weight on the guy and spin around. The result? a couple of bears dancing around for 7 min. I'm not interested in watching a match where both guys are so scared of losing a match that they limit their offense (i.e. stalling). Take a risk; you may lose or you may win but at least you're worth watching.
  3. I agree, marketing is only one part. The other part is putting on an event that people want to watch. If the national duals has mediocre attendance, those programs involved need to look at themselves and find a way to make their program more exciting to watch. Blaming other teams for not coming to national duals is just deflecting responsibility to make your own program entertaining and exciting to watch. Hoping and wishing that the "top teams" will come to bail you out of a poorly attended event is not a solution.
  4. So a wrestling event that does not include Iowa or Penn State and is held in a venue outside of Pennsylvania and Iowa can't sell out? Can you be absolutely certain that this is true?
  5. That's a limiting belief, IMO. Who would've thought that the Boston U. vs Penn State dual would sell out? Boston U. a program that is about to get cut. I don't think those were all Penn State fans. you shouldn't "need" any one team to be there for xyz to happen... make your program more exciting to watch, make the event more exciting to watch and do a better job of marketing.
  6. The best way for J. Rob, et. al to get the top teams to come to national duals is to do a better job of making it exciting for the fans and sell tickets. Whining and complaining about who shows up or not isn't gonna do anything. If you sell it out every year i'm sure the top teams will begin to pay closer attention to national duals and be more open to the idea of it. Forcing teams to do it won't work; what's next, you're gonna force people to watch and attend it?
  7. How does national duals help grow the sport? It is my understanding that not every team gets invited to the national duals, only top 25 or something. How does this help small schools gain notoriety? A school like Boston U. probably wouldn't get invited; how does this help them recruit for next year? (if there is one) A wrestler like Nestor Taffur can go on a run and maybe high AA, that gives the coach at BU something to talk to recruits about. References of success at his program.
  8. I don't think so; before diversity i think you want a quality coaching staff. Once you have a quality coaching staff then you start to think about how much diversity in philosophy/skill sets you have. Personally, i think the Brands brothers have different personalities, not completely different but different enough for some diversity. You could say that about the Sanderson brothers, although they're not the same weight i don't think their personalities are too different. They are both humble, soft-spoken, low-energy type guys (at least in the media). I think the Brands' have to figure out how to get their wrestlers to improve their offense. This is something they can do without firing anyone.
  9. IMO McIntosh is a small 197; i thought he would do good against a smaller guy in Brooks. I think he could be a serious 184 pounder and give Ruth a run for his money but the team needs him at 197. He does seem to be slowed down by the strength and size of the 197 pounders. When wrestling Brooks, we saw some of what he looked like in high school
  10. Agreed. It wasn't pretty last time they met: Taylor TF Moore 15-0; 2:37 If Moore comes out to legitimately wrestle then I think Taylor either techs or pins him. If Moore can creatively stall for long periods of time then maybe he only gets majored. although this year you may be DQ'd for too many stall calls so i don't know if stalling the entire match is a great strategy; you risk giving up 6
  11. Agreed. It wasn't pretty last time they met: Taylor TF Moore 15-0; 2:37
  12. I'll give it a try, off the top of my head: Taylor quality wins: Fittery DSJ Caldwell Evans Welch? Kokesh Abdurakhmanov Dake quality wins: (not as familiar with Dake) Reece Humphrey? Montell Marion Taylor Molinaro Don Vinson? Caldwell DSJ that's all i can think of and prob missed a lot. Dake has the more impressive list.
  13. Taylor is a great wrestler; that's all i'll say. I'm not that interested in where he ranks all-time, although there's nothing wrong with trying to figure out where he stands. I think Taylor is prob the most popular wrestler right now and for good reason. I'd rather see someone pin or tech instead of winning 3-2 and dancing around for 6 1/2 min. i took a friend of mine that grew up in Spain and had little to no idea of college wrestling to the B1G tourney last year and hands down he was the most excited to watch Taylor wrestle. In fact he still brings it up and still asks about Taylor. I was surprised that Taylor was the most exciting wrestler to him, even though i pointed out other studs like Ruth and the Stieber brothers at the tourney. He even watched the NCAAs on ESPN for the first time to watch Taylor wrestle. Taylor may not be the best of all time but he sure is entertaining and that's what matters to most viewers.
  14. I'd like to see this match-up: 125 Mega v. Gilman 133 Gulibon v. Clark 141 Retherford v. Ramos me too. I'd love to see Iowa try that line up. This lineup is best for the fans IMO. 3 potential barn burners instead of 1 (mega v clark)
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