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  1. Lee 6 Desanto 2* (-1 team pt during this match) Lee 4 Lugo 3 Young 4 Joseph 3 Hall 3 Brooks 3 Warner 3 Nevills 3 Iowa 18 Psu 16
  2. I should have said nobody in Maryland saw that coming lol I was thinking 30-15 in just over 1 min but yea guess my bias is showing Gadson did dominate though that’s for sure.
  3. Zain only needs to win once and he will. First one? I don’t know but he will win one
  4. Kyle Snyder, Lloyd Keaser, Kelly Ward, Helen Maroulis
  5. Maryland is or should be an easy sell to PA and NJ wrestlers. The only two hot beds you will ever need. Sad.
  6. 125 Picc 133 Micic 141 Lee 149 Jordan 157 Nolf 165 Joseph 174 Hall 184 Martin 197 Bo 285 Steveson
  7. Well, I was thinking everyone has a price. That being said, it surely is wishful thinking on my part. cant argue any of the facts there so I guess it will be quite some time before I will be going to any of their matches.
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