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  1. I'll say this as a Florida guy who has no vested interest in the Brandon program, Cozart is an excellent coach. Yes many of his wrestlers have been held back as much as possible but so have many of the other top wrestlers in the country. He has one of the best feeder programs, Brandon Wrestling Club, in the country. All of his studs are not recruited and have spent many years wrestling in the room under his instruction. He knows how to use the system for the betterment of his wrestling program and the kids in it. Do I agree with everything he does? No, but do I think he's a fantastic coach who will do anything for his kids? Yes.
  2. Can someone please remove Cael's Johnson from Superolds mouth? My god, there is no coach who possibly compare to the great one. Maybe winning a team national title isn't the only goal of coaches (graduating athletes, getting graduates top jobs, getting a high team gpa, being involved on campus, etc) are all major goals of college coaches. Cael is a fantastic coach albeit with shady methods, probably why Superold likes him so much, while Flynn and Koll are fantastic coaches as well who work with universities that don't have a win at all costs mentality. Now please tell me the same BS you told everyone else about how winning national titles is the only thing that matters for coaches. Go ahead, I'm waiting.
  3. I think the American with the best chance of upsetting Metcalf is Kellen Russell if he can ever get on his offense (which is saying a lot). Metcalf is my favorite to make the spot in 2015 and 16 and after that I believe he retires.
  4. Kyle Ott in high school before his serious knee issues (30+ surgeries) was undoubtably the fastest I've ever seen. Joe Slaton was the Iowa wrestler I believe previously mentioned who was extremely quick as well
  5. Haze-0% Kennedy-25% Metcalf-40/50% Marable-25% Burroughs-Champ Gavin-0% (Ruth-50% or Foster-25%) Varner-50% Tervel-50%
  6. Excuse me but I believe your boy Lewboo has that gold medal. I do completely agree with you though
  7. DF, my personal favorite from this year (and one you need to check out) was the Illinois kid in the state semifinals at 113 from Marist getting booed by fans and responding by throwing his headgear in the stands and giving them the bird. Maybe not the most mature thing to do but I couldn't disagree with his actions...actually find it quite hilarious
  8. Kid has incredible hips but he will get murdered by Varner if they wrestle.
  9. For me, johnny manziel and Dake were my two favorite college athletes ever. They just have that extra sense or skill about them that makes them do things we haven't seen before and will never see again. I'm hoping he's at 70kg for the other trial
  10. I would say Dake does has that "elite" mindset. Do I think he consistently beats Burroughs right now? No but that doesn't mean it couldn't be a 50/50 battle or something close every time with them trading victories. I think Taylor is right there but I don't see him having the elite athleticism/explosion of the other two and I don't see his mindset being on the same level as theirs. It's a great battle between the 3 and I can't wait for it to continue for years to come
  11. What about Kellen Russell? He seems to be the real deal, he is a freak athlete (just as athletic as Oliver and more so than Metcalf and Stieber) with fantastic positioning and a great training situation.
  12. Mudflap was the best by far, sure do miss him. I used to come on the forums strictly to read him and Marty (miss him as well but he was no Mudflap)
  13. Varner is a name certainly but he is nowhere near the name that Dake or Burroughs are. I just think Dake or Burroughs would certainly draw kids in more so than Varner and they would be great workout partners for a wider range of wrestlers (especially if it was Hahn and Dake, they would just need a lightweight coach to be a workout partner). But really I'm just looking for a big hire here because I'd love to see a competitive ASU program.
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