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  1. He is a punk. Wresting for Puerto Rico internationally and training here. Either you are all in as an American or you aren't.
  2. There is no advantage in getting the bye into the final. You are the best, you prove it on the mat by demolishing and pulverizing any mofo that gets in one's way. Period. Those that get the bye are getting the easy way into the final, and they are not getting the baptism by fire, conditioning, or attitude developed by surviving the early rounds of WTTs. Zach Rey nearly beat Dlagnev. Zach friggin no name Rey.
  3. He's a Maryland wrestler. Maryland wrestlers are not able to beat Pennsylvania state champions and contend for national and world titles. Snyder is on a world team solely because Gadson and McIntosh didn't compete. Something is wrong with this picture.
  4. Thanks. Guess Russia must be super deep at 74 kg if Tsargush was knocked out that early
  5. Doesn't Metcalf typically own this Gomez punk?
  6. John Smith needs to get out on the mat and put these punks down in succession - Marsteller, Rogers, Blees, then Dieringer. Prove to them he is the best and show the secret sauce for the low single and high crotch. He avoids going live now - that's part of the issue.
  7. They mean alot considering Chance was owning college wrestlers while in middle school. Now he's in college and gets punked by a Minnesota high school kid who has no real good coaching up there.
  8. Answer the question. What happened to McIntosh, Isaiah Martinez, and Dieringer? Where are they now??? Martinez owned Green twice. Dieringer had an unpenetrable defense this season. Meanwhile Gadson allows Snyder to start thinking he is good by waiting to train until AFTER Snyder makes a World team. It will be a war to make the 2016 team, and Gadson needs to take it.
  9. These guys are warriors. They can peak, anyday, anytime.
  10. Someone needs to stop Snyder. What happened to McIntosh who shot in on his legs at will at Big 10s?
  11. Undoubtedly the guy is the best wrestler the US has ever had along with Baumgartner - that is undisputable. But having Marsteller and Rogers get owned by high school boys at Junior World Trials is an embarrassment. As it the performance of Tyler Caldwell against David Taylor in big matches. Is Smith a good coach that gets out there and shows them how to attack the low singles and high crotches - or an overrated one at the moment?
  12. Nothing other than a Maryland raised and trained guy shouldn't be able to beat PA champions.
  13. Gadson tripped him, he didn't shoot. Cox is also much faster than Snyder but didn't shoot either. What gives.
  14. Why don't more guys do it - McIntosh and Gogaev shot and scored at will on him. Is it a matter of them being afraid they won't be able to get good position when they do?
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