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  1. Fosters no joke, he’s tough as nails to get down
  2. We know Bo will win. But in th interest to keep the thread going, Ruth vs. Nickal who ya got?
  3. Lewis really left no doubt who is the best 165, that was a very telling performance
  4. He needed to loosen to get those shoulders down.
  5. Psu fans panicking.......... after team title is already locked up....... I’ve heard it all now.
  6. It almost seems that Nolf was annoyed by his fellow teammates commenting on Berger’s twitter comments. Like he was somewhat embarrassed in their actions. Nolf is just a polar opposite to Nickal, in my opinion anyways.
  7. How can you not like a Nolf. Just a humble young man.
  8. Is it necessary to show twitter exchanges to lead into matches........ ffs.
  9. Okay Yianni, McKenna wasn’t conditioned to go the whole match........ despite getting in deep on a number of shots. Congrats to yianni the though, he has great hips. That transition to get that 2 disputed or not was impressive.
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