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  1. PhiferFuqua

    More deserving of being a 4-timer

    I would love for you to give us a few examples of matches when Ruth phoned it in ...
  2. PhiferFuqua

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Wow. Tom Ryan continuing to widen the gulf between his current team and his alma mater!
  3. PhiferFuqua

    Ohio State 157?

    Zain Retherford made a senior world team while he was still in college, and he's not even as good as Lance Palmer. At least that's what I read.
  4. PhiferFuqua

    Wow- Breaking News

    If you can't draw negative conclusions about a young man and his family after reading a one-sentence TBar post on the Mat forum, when can you? https://www.eveningsun.com/story/sports/college/2016/03/14/new-oxford-grad-conaway-set-ncaa-meet/81533266/ The phones in the Conaway house kept ringing the day after Liberty University announced it was dropping its varsity wrestling program in March 2011. One college coach after another called to reach Jordan Conaway, then a New Oxford senior not more than a month removed from winning the first state wrestling title in school history. As Conaway spoke on the phone with Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning, another phone rang in the other room. His dad and high school coach, Dave, answered. "Hello?" Dave said. "Is this Jordan Conaway?" a deep, commanding voice asked on the other end. "No, this is his dad," Dave responded. "This is Cael Sanderson," said the Penn State coach, whose name resonates with wrestlers the way the name Michael Jordan resonates with basketball players. Before leading the Nittany Lions to four national titles and counting as a coach, Sanderson went 159-0 during his college career and won four national championships at Iowa State from 1998-2002. Dave took the phone and sprinted into the other room to get Jordan's attention. “I’m thinking, 'This is the No. 1 guy in the country, you need to get off the phone,'” Dave Conaway remembers with a chuckle.
  5. PhiferFuqua

    Edmond Ruth

    "More credit from PSU ..." I asked for a few examples, but I'll settle for one ...
  6. PhiferFuqua

    Some guys have something "special".

    Harsh. But funny.
  7. PhiferFuqua

    Edmond Ruth

    Taylor had more pins than Ruth that year (15 to 10), more tech falls (10 to 7), a better record (34-0 to 32-0) & a higher bonus rate (94.1% to 84.4%). Taylor outscored him at B1Gs (24.5 to 22) and at NCAAs (30.5 to 27.5). You would have had to ignore every single Hodge criteria to give the award to Ruth instead of Taylor that year.
  8. PhiferFuqua

    Edmond Ruth

    More credit from whom? If your answer is Penn State, can you provide a few examples?
  9. PhiferFuqua

    Flo Announcers

    467,964 is the attendance record for the Little League World Series. 113,743 is the attendance record for the NCAA wrestling tournament. Does not appear to be a Central PA thing. lol
  10. Do not speak ill of the People's Sixth Place Finisher
  11. PhiferFuqua

    Our Men’s FS world team

    It's almost as if people are using Taylor's results against top international competition to make predictions about how he is going to do against top international competition. Insane!
  12. PhiferFuqua

    Penn State last 3 weights

    Any idea why he wasted two months by cutting to 79 kg for Pan Ams last month? Seems foolish if his summer work was to bulk up.
  13. PhiferFuqua

    DeSanto and S. Perry in Iowa City

    And the President has taken a photo with the Hawks! He's a person of color, though admittedly not a color anybody has bothered to track.
  14. PhiferFuqua

    DeSanto to...

    I'm from New Jersey, and I wait in line. Nearly everyone I know says "wait in line." I've heard "wait on line." I always thought that was generational. Or maybe ethnic.
  15. PhiferFuqua

    DeSanto to...

    This absolutely incorrect. Thanks for playing, though. I always thought people said "state" instead of "states" because they were trying to conceal a lisp.