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  1. I think the logic was marinelli won the match, but if you took the best wrestlers across every weight and made weight even, they felt cenzo would perform better or something. I think they explained that for other p4p ranking before but i could be wrong.
  2. Then using that example, for college ncaa rankings the p4p top 10 in your opinion should go undefeated number 1s for their weightclass, then non undefeated number 1s, then the next 10 2s, not taking into consideration depth of weight or anything?
  3. Its a pound for pound ranking. Dake was doing everything possible to put on size at the time and was still way small for the weight, where as Cox was cutting, Dake was 1-2 against Cox, but if size was equal (again p4p) you could argue Dake would have won. Which is the point of p4p rankings, debating who is better, not who would actually win. Dake actually won giving up a good amount of weight though, so how is it so crazy to think Dake could be better.
  4. I could see Dake ahead of Cox from a pound for pound stand point because Dake did win one match, and was way outsized. But Cox should be ahead of Taylor, and has the medals.
  5. Suriano likely would have won it last year when gilman got upset. Most years a Suriano talent could and would win. But Lee is a different breed.
  6. See the NJ state finals. The tank > Burroughs
  7. And you just hate Dake because he has constantly beat Taylor, so that was pretty hypocritical.
  8. Dake and Gilman might complain alot, but atleast we know if Taylor loses the spot he'll take to twitter to question peoples heart.
  9. I'm definetly rooting for Dake to win the spot. He has a win over Burroughs, a win, while way undersized against Cox, a million wins over Taylor. He is our best shot at a medal at that weight, that being said, should Zahid beat dieringer and then dake, Taylor better hope Zahid doesn't fill out to 86
  10. Its obvious that Lee has started regressing in the iowa room. He would have no chance at gilman, and if he went juniors it would be to obvious that he got worse! Totally kidding, sucks he wont go juniors but I'm sure they have a plan
  11. But I was just messing with you. We are lucky AD and KD can push eachother and hopefully by worlds whichever represents us wins gold. And that Burroughs shuts chamizo down
  12. David Taylor had some extremely close matches and never got over the hump. Could AD do it? Sure, but history has shown that one should lean toward Dake. Being right there is a lot different then actually beating him. AD has the talent but until he gets it done, well history might be repeating itself.
  13. Spladle has been predicting dake will lose... so Burroughs got this.
  14. You don't have evidence they wouldn't. Wildcards have been a thing up until 2015, and if it meant getting a former medalist back to help us gain medals they would likely do it again, there is no proof JO could help us get medals, so they arent going to entertain the idea. Elite athletes amongst a lot of sports tend to get special treatment, it might not be fair but lifes not fair. If they were suspended for actually cheating or taking steroids then no they wouldnt get an invite, but if it was in fact a prescription and an application not being filled out in time or whatever, they are gonna atleast give serious thought about inviting a former medalist, especially a multiple time champ.
  15. Except he quoted me after I changed my wording to former medalist for that exact reason.
  16. maolsen


    I'm just saying if you look at it from someone living in poverties prospective, taking on the student loans might not make sense because all they have known is living day by day, and taking on those loans "could" make it worse, so unless they know they will have help, or even a spot on the team, its not worth the risk. Also if a family is struggling to even pay their bills and eat, then travel to large tournaments (especially if they arent in a top wrestling state) might not be an option.
  17. maolsen


    For familys that dont know of they can pay their bills, im guessing hotels and tournaments fees would be out of the question. As for walking on, id guess if they lived their life in proverty, the potential debt they could take on if they dont get the scholarship, would turn them off of that route.
  18. No it isnt our business and i would assume we wouldnt hear about it, but im sure the powers that have control over letting him in would be aware of the situation and thats all that matters.
  19. If he were suspended over steroids or something that he would not be able to compete with while taking then absolutely he shouldn't get an invite. But if he got approved to compete while taking his prescription, i think they can justify allowing him to compete in this WTT. He missed his opportunity last year, he has paid for his mistake.
  20. Assuming he has since filled out the correct paperwork and is able to compete while taking the the same drug that he was suspended for, matters. It doesn't have to be black and white. If he is now allowed to compete while still taking those drugs, then why not invite him.
  21. Banned for a substance hed be allowed to take if he filled out the paperwork correctly*
  22. I've seen 0 evidence that a former medalist wouldnt get an invite. Close calls lean their way, the system is designed to give a returning medalist the benefit of the doubt. Why would you thing a former medalist would be left home over a paperwork issue? Especially if we want to repeat as world champs. Assuming JO doesnt get his opportunity, flo should set something up between him and our rep, because why not. Give jo a chance to show USAW they made a mistake.
  23. maolsen


    If a family is living paycheck to paycheck though, they might not even be able to afford the extra driving/tournament fees to wrestle that competition. You'd hope that a state champ/college quality kid could fundraise his way but it can depend on the area they live I'm sure.
  24. To bad JO wasnt caught cheating, and would have been allowed to wrestle if proper paperwork had been filled... but you know, why not exaggerate the issue. If actual cheating happened, a returning medalist would likely not get an invite, but a situation like JOs, its doubtful that they would be sitting at home.
  25. And you can claim "100%" that they would not get the benefit of the doubt, despite them getting it in every other situation. Luckily it hasnt happened so there is no precedent. But seeing as how our world medalists are treated, one can reasonaly expect them to get the benefit of the doubt and get invited.
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