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  1. The fact that it would be difficult is exactly why a JO type athlete wouldnt get the invite (even if he could be the best option) but if a former medalist had that situation, they would likely see the incentive for jumping hoops to get them in. Thats the only part I'm really arguing. I would prefer JO to get an invite, but I would fully expect a KS/JB/or even a one time medalist to get an invite, where some seem to think that would definitely not happen.
  2. Elite athletes tend to get a little bit more leniency, it might not be fair, but thats how it goes. Just feel JOs winning the open last year would be enough to give him the benefit of the doubt in this situation and posibly help our team try to repeat.
  3. If returning medalists get the benefit of the doubt in close matches, get automatic bids to the finals, why would you think a returning medalist wouldnt get invited in this situation? No longer suspended, was suspended for a paperwork issue basically, you are naive if you feel a multiple time champ like Burroughs or snyder would not get an invite, let alone a returning medalist.
  4. We have seen returning medalists get favorible calls in close matches for the spot, have had a system designed to give those wrestlers an advantage, what makes you think that a returning medalist wouldn't get the benifit of the doubt if they are no longer suspended. If JO was a world medalist, especially considering his situation where he wasnt cheating,it is unlikely that they would not grant him an invite.
  5. Upholding a suspension is a different situation. If a world champ was done with his suspension but missed the qualifier, Id have a hard time believing they wouldn't get the invite. Favoritism happens, hell our whole qualifying process is set up to give returning medalists an advantage. Why would you think theyd hold out a previous medalist if it were to happen. The goal for the WTT is to put out the best team. With that in mind, especially considering his suspension was not steriods or anything, and is something he can compete while on with the right paperwork, there is no reason for them not to give him an invite.
  6. I don't know the details of that situation but you specifically said warrens suspention was upheld. Sounds like he was still suspended at the time, where as JO is done with his 1 year suspension.
  7. Yeah I know, didnt need to go so far into detail about it. Hes in a better training situation is all that matters.
  8. I think we find Desanto having less issues with this move. Desanto doesnt go into matches trying to hurt people. Hes going to improve every day wrestling Lee, so things will go right for him on the mat, and he wont get frustrated. Well, unless you feel Drexler kept him at a higher level of wrestling then he will be at training with lee. If what people say about him is true, to deal with those issues he will need someone professional to help him, coaches wont be able to do it. So why not go to a school more likely to help you just win and not put yourself in the position to have a breakdown
  9. Fun fact, a lot more people have watched him wrestle then you seem to thing LJB. Some people have had their doubts because hes "only" wrestled juniors and weak college opens (i was not one of those people) but a lot of people felt he was the future of this weight.
  10. This is getting ridiculous. HM is not strictly training with females most likely, and also has world class coaches. From a technical standpoint she very much can and likely is superior to high school/college wrestlers. Does not mean she can beat a college wrestler, due to athleticism and strength differences, but still. From a purely technical standpoint, womens wrestling isnt the same as a mediocre hs tourny. The less athleticism on the other hand makes it understandable why one would choose not to watch.
  11. Never said he would, dont think he will(but he has the talents) but Snyder, before his lose to coon looked like he was gonna be a 3 time undefeated champ, and people argued cael>snyder despite snyder not redshirting, so, because lee has a loss, Cael>lee
  12. Spencer lee could be undefeated the next 3 years, winning world gold, and an olympic gold, and people will still say hes worse then cael, despite wrestling as a true freshmen, and it looking like he has the talent to go undefeated the next 3 years for sure, unless injury.
  13. With gwiz taking bronze at the worlds, and Coons size and past world level stuff, Snyder has proven enough because that is two pretty damn big wins, giving up size.
  14. No but Nato has a better resume, and Cruz was a returning national champ. Suriano beat a national champ to make the finals, far from a nobody.
  15. I'm not an Iowa fan, but Lee was much more impressive throughout the tournament. Joe called Suriano a nobody, he wouldn't have said that if Suriano stated at penn state, that was a butthurt comment.
  16. A college no body who beat a returning national champion in the semis. You gotta let your bias and butthurt go, i get it your upset Suriano left your team, but dude is impressive and he got beat down by Lee, just like everyone else in the tournament. Bo was impressive in his finals match, but Lee was far mor impressive in every other match.
  17. Lee wrestled at mater dei in Indiana, I felt he was a threat to AA should he have started, at the beginning of the year. Glad i was right, just wish i could have seen a Red Lee rematch.
  18. It is far from a guarentee that Cassar would beat Moore again. Cassar has one win over Moore, one win doesnt mean much in the grand scheme of college wrestling.
  19. Like most years, Penn state is wrestling about as perfect as can be, and the competition is falling apart.
  20. And Penn states gonna win it all again.
  21. Psu peaks at the NCAAS. Doesn't mean that they are going to be perfect. If anyone suggests that Zain could be beat, it is ridiculous to you guys. Nolf cant be beat outside of injury. "I really enjoyed the martin beating Nickal era". Even after Imar adjusted and beat Nolf twice after his loss, Cenzo beating Imar once, lead to him being the favorite by most of you, where as Martin doing the same to Nickal, Martin was never the favorite. I have Psu winning, but i see them with 3 champs. Im sure a lot of you still have them with 5, wouldnt be suprised if some think rasheed will win it too.
  22. 1 of those champs is hurt, one lost at big 10s, and has lost atleast 3 times to the favorite, beating him only once, and 1 lost at the beginning of the the season (if the all star meet didnt really matter, they wouldnt have wrestled them). Im rooting for ohio state, because psu winning every year keeps swelling some of these fans heads, and frankly, some other team winning at this point is parity, but all that being said I have psu winning, even without hall or cenzo winning it this year. Thats just what PSU does. Last year, I felt cenzo, hall, and Nickal built off zain and Nolf, and eachothers momentum, to get their wins. A hurt Nolf, and Imars redemption, stop that momentum. Nickal still gets his win though.
  23. Penn state normally wrestles basically perfect anyway when it comes to ncaas, so its easy to say if they wrestle like they normally do they will win. This ones gonna be about which team is closer to perfect hopefully. If Ohio state has some bumps in the road, it makes the ncaas a lot less interesting because psu would run away with it.
  24. Same should be said about imar and cenzo at this point then.
  25. Its good his redshirt got pulled. If hes healthy, he should save his redshirt just in case he gets hurt in the future!
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