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  1. His height and the injuries are a big concern for me personally. The talent is obviously there, but he will be wrestling guys with a bit of a leverage advantage. The physical gap will be closed also. I'm not saying he can't come out and dominate, but I'm going to be skeptical until I see it. The most I can give him at this point is multiple time AA. I would not be surprised if he wins it all multiple times, but I also wouldn't be if he doesn't live up to expectations.
  2. Boston wrestled in IN for two years before going to KY. Won state as a freshmen, while Micic took third. His sophomore year he suffered his only hs loss in the finals, to Micic. Then he moved to KY where he pretty much dominated.
  3. Yeah, a returning national champ is garbage. Seriously, yes, he stalled but to say he is garbage. I mean really.
  4. Howe's style isn't the most exciting, but he wins. If he didn't have his injury (he still took third) he would likely end up a 4 time finalist like taylor. He is probably going to be a two time champ, just like Taylor. If Taylor wanted to go after the best he would have bumped up, but he wants to guarantee his 2nd title, cant blame him. Unless Taylor puts on a ton of size, he and Howe have the same chance at the Olympics.
  5. That's a bold statement. I would not be surprised to see him beat either of them, minus one bad match he's always wrestled them tough. He beat Taylor and dake, and has given Burroughs all he's wanted and some. Heck, if he never got hurt he might not have lost to Dake and would have been the one giving Burroughs a match.
  6. Most people that complain usually state it's about how he wrestles the top guys, not overall. They completely overlook the rest of the season and only care about the good wrestlers. Either way, howe is just plain dominant in his own way.
  7. I'm not a penn st fan, and I'm probably going to be wrong but I do like Bo's ceiling a little more then Chance's. I think the height could be a big issue but who knows until he competes. Hopefully I'm wrong because it will be exciting to watch.
  8. Yeah, I just didn't word it properly. Also I would agree that overall iowa has had the better recruiting class. It's quality vs quantity, you can argue both sides. Neither side is wrong.
  9. If penn state has 7 guys in the top 10 in their lineup , vs iowa 1, it shouldn't matter how many guys 11-20 iowa has. If the rankings are done right, then Penn State would be favorites from the rankings stand point in 7 matches. Then you throw in Ruth and that's another one. Penn State still develops their kids! No one said they didn't, because if they just did recruiting they obviously would not be winning titles. They just don't have to work as hard to train those guys, they have to make sure they aren't getting passed by other wrestlers. For those saying "recruiting 3 or so top 10 guys would be risky and wouldn't work" it's working for penn state, you just are refusing to open your eyes! Penn State probably gets some of the best walk ons in the country because of their location so even with an injury here and there, they have enough power to win! Rankings are subjective but seeing as penn state has more top 10 guys coming out of hs then anyone, it is reasonable to suggest that it's a big key in their success.
  10. 125: Delgado 133: Colon 141: Stieber 149: Tsirtsis 157: St. John 165: Cald...Taylor 174: Howe 184: Ruth 197: Rutt 285: Chalfant
  11. How long are you going to use the "he was sick" excuse? He's young and adjusting, he is taking his lumps, not sick. He was sick during the midlands. That was stated in an interview with the coach before the grajales match. I don't know if he still is, but he was.
  12. He lost to Dake in ot that lasted 10 min or something crazy, off of his shot. That match could have gone either way. As for the Taylor match, the flaw in using that match has already been stated.
  13. He lost to Dake in ot that lasted 10 min or something crazy, off of his shot. That match could have gone either way. As for the Taylor match, the flaw in using that match has already been stated.
  14. Tsirtsis did have a win over caldwell. Granted it was freestyle, but I understand that.
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