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  1. Be physical. If someone is better then you, and zain is, get physical, it can break the technical wrestlers. it has work in the past on him, to atleast make it close.
  2. Ill admit I do like to debate, and argue, but since I started posting here the one thing that bugged me the most were people considering certain wrestlers unbeatable. There are more then a few that basically wrote in Zain and Nolf as 3 timers. It could happen, but you cant just write off everyone. You atleast understand that in this sport anything can happen. So im done messing with you. I do believe it would have been a treat to watch those two go at it, and it could have been back and forth.
  3. I dont refuse to acknowledge it. Results can change, but in hypotheticals, i like to hear reasoning. Most psu fans feel Zain would win, because his top games too solid. Thats a solid arguement. Pico fans can argue that he would likely score some takedowns in the first, and worse wrestlers then pico have been able to take zain the distance (not many times but still). I think the real reason the Pico fans are so adamant about it is for one, they are tired of hearing about how great psu is compared to everyone, but more importantly, they wish that they could see Pico and Zain battle it out in college. It could have trully been amazing.
  4. Just stating over and over that results can change really doesnt add anything to the discussion. Obviously you feel that Pico would not improve enough to hold zain off, why is that?
  5. So you agree that Zain could lose to Sorenson, since results can change. So good thats a step in the right direction. Honestly, Pico is likely just a bad match up for Zain. Molinaro was physically strong enough to not get overwhelmed by Pico. Sometimes matchups cause problems.
  6. The Coon snyder thing is still happening and has a huge weight difference, that effects the outcome. Dake finally got one win, Did not get the spot, and also is younger then burroughs. He was eventually going to catch him or give up. Bringing up someone who in high school was no Pico is also irrelevant. Pico was battling for a senior world spot, guilabon was not. Yes results can change, but its more likely for the younger pico to keep improving, where as you for some reason think he peaked at 18. You listed a bunch of random situations that are no where near similar to the zain/pico saga. Atleast argue that you feel Cael has been able to coach up Zain to pass him, its really the only arguement that has any footing. Pico was on pace to be the guy, ane jumped to mma. He doesnt go to mma, and Pico is still the guy.
  7. You do know that zain placed behind Pico in 2016. So what he did in 2017 is irrelevant, unless you are comparing zain of now against pico of 2016. Pico was a physical wrestler, now very likely stronger and faster with his pro training. But your right 22 year old zain might have a shot against 18 year old version of pico.
  8. Honestly, if Pico decided to go the college route, I think its more likely that he would be at psu, and cenzo or nolf might have been out of a spot, then him and zain battling it out. Picos whole career has been about reaching the top, its just he decided to go for mma. Why wouldnt he end up at psu.
  9. Pico was a better wrestler at a younger age. He didnt need to improve as fast as zain, to stay better then him, but that is generally how it works. Youd have a better argument going with Caels coaching would get Retherford to pass him, then Pico hitting his ceiling, because that have had to happen when he was 18 or 19 for it to matter in these hypotheticals. I mention the psu faithful, because they seem to freeze pico, from when he left the sport. Zain would beat pico of 3 years ago. Pico is likely stronger and more physical, hes still practicing wrestling im sure, and would also beat himself from 3 years ago
  10. Atleast that is what the psu faithful would hope for. Fact is we dont know what could have happened, but it is fun to speculate. Pico could have got hurt from a combo of his physical style and grind of college, been better then zain, or hit his ceiling, or zain could have improved and we would have an epic rivalry, or pico go up to 57 and beat up on Nolf. My guess is him hitting his ceiling is the least likely, he has all the physical tools, and mental tools, hed have been fine.
  11. Yes, Pico stopped wrestling. If Pico stayed with wrestling, considering he is younger then Zain, he'd have possibly even distanced himself more. Luckily for Zain, Pico decided to go a different route.
  12. Well the guy did beat the returning ncaa champ. Also fun fact, the highlight reel guys dont always win, thats what makes this sport great, guys of all builds, and skillsets, can find a way to be successful. I dont see how you think cenzo has a 45% chance of winning, when hes lost 66% of his matches with imar.
  13. Marinelli has a better chance of winning it all then Cenzo had last year. Cenzo is better then he was, and lost. Those saying that Cenzo was in control and will not lose again, did you forget about last year when imar beat cenzo twice and was in control both matches, before getting beat in the finals. You act like Marinelli got a fluck pin while getting dominated or something. The match was in stricking distance. That all being said, Imar is my pick.
  14. I got yelled at once for not taking injury time once, cramped up pretty bad and could barely walk, probably should have taken it, but didnt want anyone thinking i need a breather. Needless to say I lost.
  15. Last years results dont matter, and I maybe mistaken but Zahids strength of schedule is stronger, or atleast was. Should they both be undefeated, there is 0 reason to give Hall the 1 seed.
  16. You're only "points" were that he had losses as a freshmen. He took 2nd in the ncaas, the guy that beat him graduated, and he he improved enough on his feet. Didnt he fail to win juniors the year before? Its not like he was a senior world champion when he lost, that loss might have even helped him make these improvements. At the end of the day, how someone deals with their losses can make or break them. Snyder stepped up, just like Zain did, and the many others that have taken losses early in their career before winning a few ncaas.
  17. You do realize there are a lot of people that dont win the ncaas as freshmen. Heck even the greats, zain retherford, bo nickal, jason nolf, and david taylor all failed this feat. People improve, learn from their mistakes, especially freshmen, like Snyder was the last time he lost in folkstyle. Or do you feel Retherford did not improve also? Hes only winning because he changed weight classes?
  18. Just sucks Cael pulled Halls redshirt last year just so Hall couldnt go undefeated to tie him.
  19. If so, this is great news! I know most hate his style, but considering all the **** he has had to deal with, its a good comeback story. I hope he aas, would love for him to sneak his way into the finals as unlikely as it sounds.
  20. I understand that CT is trolling. There is literally no way that someone that seems to understand the sport would be this idiotic. Snyder bumped up because pulling to 197 made no sense for his international career yes. But if he had stayed at 197, he would have still likely had his two undefeated seasons, going for his 3rd.
  21. People generally improve when they are that young. Retherford took 5th as a freshmen, if he was able to improve and become a multiple time champ, why is Snyders winning because of a weight change? The Snyder that won worlds was better then the version that got pinned at ncaas.
  22. Wait, Snyder isnt even the best in the world at his weight, because there are probably better then him in par terre.
  23. And if Snyder would have stayed at 197, he would still likely be going for his 3rd NCAA title. He isnt winning because heavy weight is weak, hes winning because hes the best in the world. Heavyweight atleast gives people an advantage over him, 197 after his freshmen year would not.
  24. They probably just want to win the harder weight class, I wouldn't blame them. Wouldnt want people accusing them of only winning because they changed weights.
  25. 149 is childs play, the fact that a 5th place 141 lber went up to 149 and has dominated, proves it.
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