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  1. No one has givin any facts to why Zains top game would negate Snyders offense. Is Snyder notorious for getting turned? Does he generallly get rode out? The facts at hand are that there are examples of worse wrestlers being better at pinning and turning (ala taylor) and Snyder on his feet is world champion level. Retherford is not, he has just learned how to turn outclassed opponents.
  2. The problem you and others seem to ignore, is that the guys Snyder take down at worlds are better both offensively and defensively then the guys in college. If Retherford was close on his feet to Snyder, he would have made it farther in the worlds, writing off competition against the best in the world is naive
  3. I would say Junior Dake was better then Sophomore Taylor, both undefeated, but Taylor scored more. Putting up points does not always tell the full story.
  4. Again, not arguing that via criteria (that is not always followed), zain wins, just arguing the two people that seem to think the best wrestler in the world is 2nd, 3rd, heck maybe even the 5th best wrestler in college.
  5. Zain beat Stieber his freshmen year, in close proximity to that match, he then lost to Stieber. Things happen.
  6. Look at the first page where dmm listed people probably better then Snyder at folkstyle, you know, the post that you admitted getting drilled for making the same point.
  7. Why doesnt he just turn everyone in freestyle? Different styles yes, but he is so good on his feet that even somewhat one dimensional (compared to the elite) that he is considered the p4p best in the world, and it translates perfectly to folkstyle.
  8. Apparently. I could see in argument for ignoring Snyders freestyle, if he wasnt doing the same things in folkstyle as freestyle, but he is. As far as Hodge goes, yes Zain is more "dominant". Also using the arguments presented earlier in this thread, then why is Snyder considered the best p4p in the world by many? His par-terre is no where near the level of some. His takedowns are enough to make him the best in the world, but not the best in college? Got it.
  9. If there was a 225 weight you would take away any advantage wrestlers have on Snyder, so matches like yesterday likely would not happen. It might be more competitive as a whole, but Snyder would run thru that weight even easier.
  10. But that being said, DF was doing his normal trolling, i saw part of your post which discribes most verbal psu fans, so I responded, I should have kept my response to myself, have a good night.
  11. With Nolf out, predicting PSU to win would look ridiculous. My issue with most PSU fans is purely that they live in definets. Zain will win, Nolf will win, Nickal will win, Hall will win, Cenzo will win. Fact is, Martin has been beating bad by Nickal before, this loss doesn nothing to change the fact that Martin can win. Cenzo has looked beatable at points, same with Nickal, and Hall. But Fans of Penn state have made penn state will be in top form at NCAAs. No one else will. Penn state fans still felt they would win this meet, until Lee lost to a past NCAA All American. You could tell by the loss of hope after that loss that they atleast partially felt they would win. (And im all for the hype of lee, if you check a recent revived topic, I defended him a bit)
  12. The guys you listed are more all around gifted in folkstyle. Does not mean they are better. In wrestling, you can be so much better in one position, that you are better then someone more all around better. See Gilman last year, awful on bottom (compared to most top guys), great on his feet, was considered upset at ncaas. Snyder beats guys all around the world (who arent going into football, since that is an american sport) so your second half is kind of irrelevant.
  13. My point was based off your second half of your post, about not wrestling matches. If you read these boards, the only way penn state could lose is some freak of nature fluke so why wrestle matches. (Btw DF isnt being serious, his posts are purely satire)
  14. Have you actually read these boards? Outside of injury, Nolf and Zain cant lose. At this point, Cenzo and Nickal have probably entered that status too. The vocal Penn state fans say penn state will come to wrestle at NCAAs, and expecting anything less then the best is ridiculous. That is all based on rankings, and reputation. Even when a penn state wrestler has a close match, there is no way the penn state wrestler could lose a rematch. But I do agree, those fans that think that are idiots.
  15. Well that is what penn state fans think basically every year so...
  16. He is definetly up there. There was a ton of hate and wishing he would lose, others that recieved a ton of hate, would include tsirtsis and howe. This board really hated their style and made it known. Gilman was seemingly hated on the same level maybe slightly more for a different reason, but he had more people that liked him also.
  17. Suriano would maul whoever they sent out, so, why not hold back
  18. You really need to let it go. You seem to take it personal that people have pointed out halls age, to the point where you are bringing it up in topics that have nothing to do with his age. Seriously, let it go.
  19. Ill take the returning 2 time ncaa champ, Despite his loses, Heil is still money.
  20. That is exactly why people think he did it on purpose, well besides Tbar and crew. I think it was a poor lapse of judgment, Nolf has shown he will do whatever it takes to get the pin. Avoiding takedowns, choosing top to cut the guy, this just happened to be a dirty way to try to get that fall.
  21. Im guessing he means sticking to the basics, avoiding going for the big move, wrestling safe, very vanilla.
  22. I heard a rumor that Nato hadnt been wearing a backpack for the week leading up to the match, to prepare for Lizak. No wonder he disposed of the backpack so easy.
  23. Bowman didnt deserve that first takedown, but deserved that win. Iowa is wrestling tough
  24. Man Sorenson sure is boring to watch... haha that was huge for iowa.
  25. What happens if he goes 2-0 in those outings? Win or lose, it doesnt matter, The Brands and Lee just need to keep building toward the NCAAs.
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