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  1. People put way to much weight on the Suriano loss. The Cruz that won the Ncaas imo was a different animal then the one Suriano disposed of. That being said there is a lot of talent here, Suriano, Nato, Lee, and Cruz all have the talent, then you add guys like Bresser who has successfully knocked off Lee, and kept in striking distance between Fix and Suriano. Its an interesting weight.
  2. Dmm53, you said that Snyder is far far from being the best "Folkstyle" wrestler this year or any year did you not? That is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read on here. No Snyder is not the most well rounded folkstyler, but because of how good he is, well his accolades in both folkstyle and freestyle speak for themselves. You can argue that he isnt in the same tier as the 4 timers, in folkstyle, but he is as close as it gets.
  3. In Folkstyle, he is a 3 time finalist, 2 time champ. He will most likely add his 3rd title this year. His folkstyle accolades put him in the top tier. Just because he isn't a pinning machine, doesnt mean he is not in the top tier of folkstyle greats.
  4. I did not read completely thru this thread, but I think its obvious why Lees shirt was pulled. His knee held up, he dominated a returning AA, and the Brands probably saw plently to feel confident in Lee in a rematch against bresser. Suriano doesnt look untouchable, Nato coming off an injury, Cruz started the season with a loss. Why not go in now.
  5. If that is the case, then every single wrestler needs to practice just locking their arms around the head as they are getting reversed, and just not get pinned. If that isnt a reversal, they either need to change the danger count to include reversals, or go back to how it used to be and let the Heils of the world do their thing.
  6. Im guessing if it happened to a psu wrestler, Tbar would have said it was a reversal right away. If it happened to Suriano NJWC would also say it was a reversal. Not that my opinion matters, but it looks like it should have been a reversal to me.
  7. Its been about 2 years since I've done the research, but back when I did, all the information seemed to point to them not working like elevation training does.
  8. Give me Heil, but I would not be suprised if Yianni wins. And Im not gonna get into an arguement about your second point because most Penn state fans consider both Nolf and Retherford unbeatable, in a sport where we have seen "unbeatable" get beat. Again Nolf would be the favorite, Yianni has the skill set to pull off the win.
  9. Heil is underrated for a 2 time champ who is going for his 3rd. That being said, Nolf would probably be better then Heil at high altitude taking into consideration his conditioning. Nolf is likely gonna end up 2,1,1,1. Heil could just as likely end up what, 4,1,1,1? With 141 being deeper, thats not bad. And a high altitude match, that he isnt used to, isnt enough imo to make heil not the favorite.
  10. Ill take heil over anyone at 141 at a normal altitude. If you dont think the altitude and back to back matches had something to do with the loss, you probably dont like heil. Yanni could win, but honestly take yanni, and fill him out at any weight (besides heavy) and Yanni could win, imo. Not that he would be the favorite, but he has the skill set to upset anyone.
  11. I used the psu example, soley because I was responding to tbar. My point was that you are consistent about it.
  12. Or the fact that Lee was a junior vs a senior Red, and it was still a barn burner anyway. That was the match that made me think Lee would have the better career. That is yet to be determined though.
  13. 125 Nato or Lee if wrestling, Suriano if not 133 Micic 141 McKenna 149 Sorenson (I dont want to be in the majority) 157 kemdawg (see 149) 165 imar 174 Hall (give me bojo at ncaas) 184 Nickal 197 Moore (unless pd3 wrestles 97, cause i can then pick against the norm) HWT Snyder (even wanting to avoid the majority, I just cant pick against the boy king)
  14. Tsirtsis won the jv semi-final. Then beat a nationally ranked guy in the final. Does that mean that whole tournament was a jv tournament?
  15. One thing is for sure, He's looking a lot better down at 149.
  16. Haha I literally just said that to the person im watching the matches with.
  17. I dont understand his style at all. His senior year (albiet in hs) he literally dominated everyone. Im pretty sure he nearly teched the number 2 guy in the nation that year, but then hit college and his offense disappeared. Its frustrating to watch, because he did look like he was going to be an offensive monster coming out of hs.
  18. Scores of 5-0 and 4-0. 2 matches without going into overtime, and no 2-1 matches yet, he has stepped his game up. Yeah, Tsirtsis has never beaten anyone decent wrestling like that at all. I really hope him being back at 149 gets him back to his freshmen/sophmore level. He was atleast somewhat attempting takedowns in the third period in these first 2 matches.
  19. Gilman is a 0 time NCAA champ. World silver medalist. Some people are better suited for a style that doesnt allow riding. I dont think Fix will have that issue, but if Tomesello can make 125 without being a shell of his formerself, Fix would have all he can handle trying to win.
  20. But then he said psu was number 1. I took it as his attempt to put iowa, and the Brands ahead of the other 2. Cael is definetly number 1, and the others are battling it out for 2, recency bias gives Ryan the nod, but these next 4 years will be telling. If Iowa doesnt climb back, then brands, imo will be in the back of the pack.
  21. You seem to be getting what he is saying confused. He is not arguing Iowa over penn state, just that he feels iowa will be better then tosu and osu, and he feels Iowa is more likely to win then those other schools. The fact that someone is saying that a school "could" win it in the next four years, and your taking a it as a shot at psu, is really quite sad.
  22. You have to give MSU credit though. He is staying consistent. Its pretty much the same narrative he had with the psu freshmen.
  23. Recency matters, Id still probably pick Nickal, but hey, if Taylor were to beat Dake 2 out of 3 times next year, I'm sure people would start picking Tay... oh they pick him to win with 0 wins, nevermind. Mymar has shown he can win and thats all that matters. If you want to look at it as Nickal wining 4 out of 6 thats fine, but they are batting 500 at the ncaas, so Mymar has a chance.
  24. maolsen


    Pletcher was a 141 lber last year bumping up to fill a spot, so your first arguement doesnt hold weight.As for your second arguement... Taylor > Dake? Parker should be ranked ahead soley because he was ranked higher then Pletcher, and Micic got destroyed by Desanto, so the Micic win doesnt push Pletcher ahead. My issue is soley with those two arguements that you used. It is yet to be determined who is better, but Parker should stay ahead in rankings
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