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  1. It could be overrated, but it could also easly been as good as people think. They were unproven, but this was the start of it. A returning runner up didnt AA. Yeah he moved up in weight, but whose to say he wasnt still on that level, but the young guns made that jump.
  2. I fully expect Hall to have a better career, as long as Valencia goes up after this year.
  3. Hall by pin because psu psu psu bp bp bp.
  4. I would probably say that Micic is more likely to beat Gross then Sorenson beating Retherford (Besides one match Retherford showed way more seperation) kem shows a ton of improvement. Id go Massa, Kem, Micic,Sorenson, Coon, but i get where youre coming from.
  5. I can respect that. Sorenson had that close match with Retherford, and now has Perry at the club, and Kem is looking good. Massa is very good, I dont think Imar will let himself lose, but he has lost the last two years, one time at the wrong time. Coon has size. I like Micic, but part of that might be Indiana bias, but I'm not sure Gross has separated himself as much as some think, So I would put Micic at 3 on that list, but I understand that order.
  6. I'd say Sorenson/kemdawg have a better chance then 2% to win a title this year, and say Micic/Coon/Massa have a better chance then that, but I'll take it. Absolutes in predicting dont work, so I'll take it as a win changing 0% to 2% should be a fun year though.
  7. i feel like Coon/Micic should have atleast 1% chance to win because injuries happen, and Micic isnt that far behind Gross. Then you add Massa. Your math doesnt add up.
  8. We can use your exact argument against Gilman, against Retherford. Dakes been behind world/olympic medalists. Atleast Gilman has a medal to show for his worlds trip.
  9. Coming from Indiana it's been awesome seeing him tear it up, great get for Minnesota.
  10. Tsirtsis also did better in the wrestle off, then he did against the other back up and the other guy. Tsirtsis has always had head scratcher losses and i hope to find out that is what that was, but it doesnt look good.
  11. From descriptions of the match, it sounds like Valencia kept working to score, not try to wrestle tactical and win by one takedown, Hall just isn't that easy to takedown.
  12. Wait did Pico fight him a second time? The match was a submission, not a knockout.
  13. If the weight cut is as bad as it seems, then winning at 165 might be easier then trying to win as a sucked down 57lber.
  14. It was funny reading some of the comments at the bottom of the article from facebook. People seem to forget that Ohio State beat Penn State at the big tens last year, and should be better this year. It's not a stretch by any means. That being said, PSU will likely win. But hey, Ohio states seniors have been on a team to win it, so you never know.
  15. Then how are guys coming out of college wrestling better internationally, then when they entered? With your logic that would not be possible. That being said, Fix is a great wrestler, hopefully wrestling these long folkstyle seasons he will get better at stopping guys getting to his legs. He will be fine even if you think college wrestling will make him worse. Okay I'm done.
  16. Yes, training freestyle will likely help more, but you seem to think that training folkstyle makes guys regress, when we have a lot of guys do better in freestyle, coming out of college then they were doing going in, unless you think guys like Gilman were ready to get a silver medal before starting college lol. For Greco, yes folkstyle would hurt, but if they were to say, cross train by doing judo, that could help. Burnout is definitely a thing amongst a lot of sports, so I'm not even gonna bother arguing that. One last thing, our elite basketball players in the US didnt only ever play basketball, some played other sports like football, which is a lot different of a sport, then folkstyle to freestyle, how can they reach those levels, doing other sports, but you dont think our athletes can. I know you will never admit folkstyle can help, so I'm done.
  17. You keep saying the folkstyle is learning how not to wrestle. I maybe mistaken but the US has done really well on all age levels in freestyle this year, how many of those guys didn't waste their time with folkstyle? I feel the cross training and doing folkstyle, which is different enough from freestyle, could possibly stop burn out, by keeping things fresh and changing things up. Also folkstylers do work on takedowns, learning to turn people could help with learning leverage, and how to apply pressure, which could help with freestyle.
  18. two 10 pro fight fighters with winning records equal borderline amateur level? What? In all honesty his first two fights should have been against guys with losing records or maybe barely a winning record. You guys are being way to critical of a fighter with only 2 fights under his belt, and he won, by ko. Also I would hope that former UFC champ Frankie Edgar could handle a 1 and 1 fighter. if not, it would not bode well for Edgars career.
  19. Lee has the exact same knock that Hall had, and some. Size, is a big reason why people felt Hall would not win. A lot of people seem to think Lee is too small, isn't really the talent that he appears to be since he's only been "elite" at 50k, and other nonsense. Hall was pretty Hyped up on coming in to college, he just looked a weight class too small.
  20. Has AA ever won a junior world medal? If not, then why are all of bigmic's hypothetical results using junior world medalists that are likely more highly rated recruits then AA. AA has not underperformed. If anyone of bigmic's hypotheticals were to dnp one year, it sounds like they underperformed, even if they were to make the finals, because if your a top 10 recruit, being a 4x all american is underperforming. You need to be a 4x all American, multiple finalist or you fail. As for the Dieringer thing it was when you were talking about his offense not being great, when that is likely the reason he was so successful.
  21. maolsen


    Most pro fighters, no matter how good of a prospect, get eased into the game. They fight other newer pros, or fighters with losing records. Aaron's career thus far, in wrestling and in mma, has been rushed. His hype, for his talent, is where it should be, but his coaches/manager should not have set him up with that fight, but Pico insisted. hopefully it was a wake up call and they go back to the normal gameplan for new pros.
  22. Didn't Deakin win us open juniors, with yianni taking third, and dominated Lugo at the world team trials who won probably the most stacked weight for us in the challenge tournament. I think people didn't give Deakin the respect he deserved, and he proved it today.
  23. Yes, and that is awesome, but 17 year old Steveson just dominated junior worlds. He's going to have a hell of a career.
  24. I actually think both Dakes find a way to lose it.
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