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  1. Whitman is a good dude. Was the AD at UW-La Crosse and a big wrestling supporter from what I remember. Hope he has continued that way at UofI
  2. How important is "notoriety" when it comes to getting instate talent to stay put? "I watched him compete in Illinois when I was growing up and always was a fan, that's what made me first look at UofI as a choice" Poeta makes sense, but even he might not have the same influence on Illinois highschoolers as he mightve had a few years closer to his competition career....I don't think he's the correct choice for HC, but getting Izzy involved somehow and starting a pipeline from Izzy Style and/or Montini would be pretty beneficial.
  3. See I was thinking the opposite. Go either 74 or 79 (dependent on where dake is) for the world championships in 22', get one more medal, and then hang them up. Would be really cool if Dake moved up to 79, JB stayed down and avenged his losses to Sidakov, then retired.
  4. Even if he wins the appeal, then what? Does he wrestle off against his oppnent in the challenge final and then against Snyder best of 3? I just don't see that being allowed.
  5. Now the real question. What other teams/individuals stand in our way to qualify the weight?
  6. Do you have to win that tournament in order to qualify the weight? Can we send multiple entrants?
  7. What opportunities do we have left to qualify this weight for the Olympics?
  8. Probably true but selfishly I would really like to see this one go to 3.
  9. I am really hoping that the cut to 65kg got figured out and he ends up being our rep so when I saw this this morning I slammed my computer shut.......glad I opened it up immediately afterwards. My wife says I overreact when it comes to wrestling...I don't think I'm sharing this little mishap with her...
  10. Carr over Nolf? Or am i just a crazy person?
  11. I have my fingers crossed that JG has found a miraculous way to get down to weight and still be effective. He could take 2 of the top 3 if he is firing on all cylinders
  12. Totally agree with 57kg. My money is on Nicky Travolta but would not be surprised to anyone else you just listed plus Gross (if he qualified). McKenna is an excellent example. Has all the tools in the world to take out the top three guys there.
  13. Who will be the olympic teams most surprising addition? Someone lower on the ladder who gets hot during the tournament ala frank molinaro last cycle.
  14. Eierman not being at the OTT is a pretty big shocker.
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