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  1. JBluegill133


    I liked seeing a few d-2 guys get some recognition. Every time there is a good d3 or d2 wrestles we get a few who bring up how the d2/3 champs should be allowed in the d1 championships. This could be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the other divisions talents. Thoughts?
  2. paetzell over #8 bridges. B. Thornton from purdue over paetzell. (keepin eyes on Thornton this year)
  3. JBluegill133

    leg sleeve? tights?

    I really didn't want to start a new thread but I couldnt find an appropriate ongoing thread to ask this question. What is the point of the leg sleeve? Meredith and bridges wear/wore them, and I'm seeing more guys this year have one. Is it a style thing? Does it help with your shot? Does it give compression to certain points on the leg to help with recovery or circulation? Someone help.
  4. JBluegill133

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Desanto will be under the microscope this year because of the shenanigans he pulled against Cornell (name escapes me) and Micic last year. Any slight indiscretion will be blown out of proportion. In both of his matches he kept his cool.
  5. He will AA this year, but he is the poor mans iowa style wrestler. Rooney had the right idea until he wilted. Desanto comes in very high for the ties. You time it right, and he is a sucker for a blast double. Fix and his throw by will have a field day with the desanto pressure.
  6. JBluegill133

    Weight Cutting Education

    I think I agree with this post but i may be misunderstanding. In college it was very typical for me to lose 3-4 lbs during practice. Are you saying that only 1/2 to 3/4 of that was actual lbs. and the rest water weight? (which I agree)
  7. JBluegill133

    NWCA All Star Classic

    If AWL is a hit this may be the end of the road for the all star classic. Have you seen the lineups/teams? Looks amazing!
  8. JBluegill133

    NWCA All Star Classic

    This is a cool idea. Maybe look at some of the coaches who aren't competing? Off the top of my head mid-timers Poeta morningstar mcdonough John Reader Coleman Scott escobedo hahn escobedo st john Howe Or even get into more old(er) timers Cael Bono Brands Shwabb bormet You think any one would go for it? Maybe make it for charity? Get people fired up for the season
  9. JBluegill133

    Last Man Standing?

  10. JBluegill133

    Wrestle-Off Results

    redshirt? can anyone confirm?
  11. JBluegill133

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    Can we break this down even more? What about Yianni's style (or Zain's or JO's) would put them ahead of the others. What position would each of them have the upper hand against the others?
  12. JBluegill133

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    No, the challenge playback clearly shows time being out and batriov not hitting a knee or elbow. One second longer and its a different story.
  13. I got it and enjoyed every match...Only regret I have is not just paying the $60 for the full year instead, but thats ok
  14. JBluegill133

    congratulate me!

    All around terrific MFS tournament. This is the first time I watched every session and man I enjoyed it!....Excited to get some legitimate sleep haha I've been getting up at 2:30am every morning for the past couple days.
  15. JBluegill133

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    With Green dropping that match and possibly (probably) not being pulled back into repechage, what does that do for our team title hunt?