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  1. JBluegill133

    What we learned at Dogu

    I understand the pessimism about Green...Especially after this weekend, but this is still 2017 world silver medalist and 2015 world bronze medalist James Green. I want him on the team over a green (no pun intended but thats a decent joke for a Sunday afternoon am I right?) Nolf or even Deakin...are they the future of this weight class? Maybe. But it's still JG being a cut above the rest.
  2. JBluegill133

    What we learned at Dogu

    Nolf where? Over JB? over Green? If over Green what results would put him ahead of a multi time world medalist?
  3. Could Yianni be this generations Dave Schultz? Now bear with me, I completely understand that his senior level results are nowhere near Dave's, and I am not predicting them to be. What I loved learning about Dave (too young to ever see him compete and fully grasp what I was seeing) is how much he was loved by other countries and how respectful he was when interacting with international wrestlers and coaches. Each documentary I have watched talks about how much of a figure he was and an ambassador for USAWrestling. I will fully admit I am not sure if this is how he really is, but each interview/flo video I see of yianni he seems to be so upbeat, genuine, and kind. I see no sense of arrogance or showmanship, just a great wrestler who is thankful for every chance he gets to be on the mat. In this day and age of the "Look at me" tough guy routine, its a breath of fresh air to see someone humble representing our country. Out of everything...all the success that usa is having right now, this is what makes me most proud. Just my two cents as I'm waiting for Dogu finals. Thoughts?
  4. JBluegill133

    Yasar Dogu

    Green match go to Mat B 15:42 https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6381110-2019-yasar-dogu/videos?playing=6528363
  5. JBluegill133

    Japan playoff matches

    In case anyone was interested and hasnt been able to find these matches Icho vs Kawai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B93LfVzktRQ Otoguro vs Higuchi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emnFCdn2c1U&t=15s
  6. JBluegill133

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    FRL alluded to trouble outside the wrestling room for Teasdale. Not trying to stir the pot, but what happened to make him leave PSU? Was it the cut to 125 or something more?
  7. JBluegill133

    Downey Making Weight...

    This is my thought as well. It happens at all levels. Make weight, singlet straps up, hand raised...and you officially accept the forfeit and the W. This isn't an odd thing.
  8. JBluegill133

    What makes Mark Hall so good?

    Could it be that we have been treated to offensive juggarnauts like Nolf and Zahid that it makes a more sedentary wrestling approach like Hall's seem....for lack of a better word, lesser? I mean its cool either way. I love the differences in style and I can only think younger wrestlers who look up to these guys can see that there isnt one clear path to success...
  9. JBluegill133

    What makes Mark Hall so good?

    This is not meant as a slight towards Mark in the least bit. He is an incredible athlete and one of the most dominant wrestlers in freestyle and folkstyle I have ever seen. I am a huge fan. But sometimes I watch his matches (currently watching his semifinals against becker at WTT) and I can't see how he is able to win so much....Is it his defense? His ability to stay in good position and frustrate his opponents into making mistakes? His match tactics and ability to turn it on when he needs to? What?
  10. JBluegill133

    College conference tiered system

    This is a really cool idea. Nice pamela!
  11. JBluegill133

    College conference tiered system

    I see what youre saying in your first paragraph about the down year....what do you think a solution could be? What if we brough back national duals at the end of the year (cael will really get behind this idea)...right before or affter individual nationals....but the teams that are invited are the conference champions and runner up from each conference. That result, plus # of AA's and national champions from each conference could set our tiers up for the next year? ex on how to get the tiers: Penn state gets 1st place in the conference dual championships + 6AA's and 2NC's = a certain amount of points for the B10 conference Ohio state gets 2nd place in the conference dual championships + 3AA's and 3NC's = a certain amount of points for the b10 conference Okstate gets 3rd place in the conference dual championships +5 AA's and no NC's = a certain amount of points for the big12 conference so on and so forth.
  12. JBluegill133

    College conference tiered system

    That was obviously a joke about asu ...i just picked the first top pac-12 team i could think of....again no prior research went into this. Just to have a fun hypothetical conversation.... for criteria of conferences for tiers my initial thought was to look at the amount of all-americans and national champions from the year before....maybe look at the top 10-15 teams placing wise from the national tournament and whichever conference has the most receives tier 1 ranking? What do you think?
  13. JBluegill133

    College conference tiered system

    Oh yea not a chance this could ever fly...this is from a fans point of view for sure....in regards to rich getting richer point....Could you argue that if the conferences really were that upset about it they then should put more money/emphasis into their wrestling programs in the smaller conferences?
  14. I have been playing with this idea for a tiered performance system for the college conferences and wanted to throw the idea out to you guys so we can discuss. This is purely fun and just for discussion since we are out of ncaa season. I haven't even thought it through fully and would love to hear some ideas to go along with this premise. Begin rambling... What if there was some kind of performance system for conferences where if your team won their respective conference lets say, 3 years in a row, you would be eligible to move to the next tiered conference and replace the last ranked team. Something like this, OkSt has won conference (again completely making this stat up, this is just a hypothetical) 3 consecutive years, they are now eligible to move to the big10 conference and replace Maryland, Michstate, indiana or whoever has underperformed the most in a that given time in the tier ahead. By moving up, okstate now would receive some kind of incentive, maybe in the big10 they receive more scholarship allowancs and would receive more NCAA tournament allotments (is that a word?) and the team who moved down to the lower tiered conference would lose their ncaa allotment/scholarships. EX: Tier 1: BIG10 conference -Each weight in the BIG10 conference gets to have 10 wrestlers qualify for the NCAA championship Tier 2: BIG12 conference - Each weight in the Big12 conference gets to have 8 wrestlers qualify for the NCAA championship Tier 3: EIWA conference - Each weight in the EIWA conference gets to have 6 wrestlers qualify for the NCAA championship Tier 4: All other conferences - Each weight only gets to qualify 3 wrestlers per weight for the NCAA championship Every year (or 3) there would be an unveiling of the new conference tiers and the fans would be able to see even more of the top wrestlers/teams going against eachother. No more dodging the competition an No more ASU cruising their way to a pac 12 title for 600 years in a row, or Cornell strolling through their conference etc. etc. Could be fun to play with this idea and see what we come up with. Or I could just shutup....whatever you guys want.
  15. JBluegill133

    Any word on Kyle Conel, Cassar or Rasheed?

    Haha I never put that together. Funny stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk