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  1. I think this is ideal for our lineup. Can Snyder put on enough weight to not only take out Gwiz but compete with petrishivili (awful spelling attempt I know) and Taha? I don’t know... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Either way...the last 30 seconds in these matches give me heart palpitations....every time.
  3. Yea I here what you're saying, but in this situation I think 3-0 (especially for Cox) is a comfortable lead....think for us mere mortals its comparable to a 8-0 lead haha. At that point there is no need for the added risks...which sometimes can be tough to do because of the old school mentality of always be scoring.
  4. Cox is a beast amoung boys What I loved about his match was his wrestling maturity. There were multiple times where he could've gone for a re-attack when he was up 3-0 instead he stayed safe. Such a high wrestling IQ. Sometimes I think our USA persona of constantly pushing the pace and pressure can get us into trouble at this level, I love seeing him somewhat holding back. Good stuff.
  5. Tough one for Burroughs. How about that shot/lace defense by Cox?! I read a stat that he hasn't been taken down in over a year.
  6. I appreciate you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Is first round for MFS going to be airing tonight at midnight?...I’m having trouble finding the schedule on my phone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. im looking for that out of nowhere guy. The guy who just turns it on and throws a wrench into the entire bracket. Downey comes to mind and could be a guy like that, but it doesn't have to be just a US wrestler (although I really hope it is)...one of those memorable wins that everyone is talking about.
  9. I can get behind him being our guy at 57. Two hour weigh-ins will be tough. But who knows. He has had the time to shrink his body.
  10. Any sources behind this? I really hope you're right. I want us to have our 100% best olympic team possible. Spencer challenging at 57kg aids to that outcome.
  11. I am a monstrous fan of FLO happily pay the money each year because the amount of coverage they have is and continues to be unmatched. Specifically, FRL has had taken me from being just a D1 college fan, to knowing more about high school wrestling/wrestlers and international wrestlers as well. My only gripe is it just seems like lately they are feeding in to more silliness and inside jokes, especially with these last two episodes. Their questions from fans segment used to be my absolute favorite because they would get really interesting questions, dissect them, and have meaningful conversations. Now it has just evolved into who can make the goofiest twitter handle to get noticed and then ask a ridiculous question....and then the hosts entertain these questions which then just continues the cycle. It may be because its a little bit of a down period and when worlds comes it will pick back up, but sometimes I feel like i am listening to a podcast that TMZ or Buzzfeed would put out as opposed to wrestling journalism. That's why I am happy to have found the Rudis podcast. Seems a little more fact driven and straight forward.
  12. Which one are you?...btw I just wandered over to the college board and I will now retract my previous statements...I will take fake outrage and the poking and prodding of eachother over the frequent nonsense posts from a certain poster any day of the week...please proceed.
  13. I guess I'm just cynical to these boards (and society in general) now a days....I don't truly believe people really care this much (7 pages worth) and rather are just trying to rock the boat , get attention or validate themselves, or just get under the skin of others...which makes reading this board difficult for the rest of us who come here for meaningful conversation about our favorite sport. ps its a slow day at work...i can feigned some outrage if we need some more?
  14. So just to be clear how many here on this thread are actually trying to have a meaningful conversation about the scoring/match/flo and how many are feigning outrage and making comments just trying to say things to get Willie and the rest of the flo guys to notice them?
  15. yup transferred to Syracuse to play football https://cuse.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=18624
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