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  1. Was listening to FRL yesterday and they talked about a tweet that BJ Futrell posted saying he and burroughs were rolling together. Don't know if it was 100% or what, but glad to hear he is at least on the mat. Short turnover time from Trials to World Championships
  2. Smarter men/women than I can answer and correct me, but I believe you get to train with #1's and attend the camps....maybe there's some monetary things, I know you get a bunch of gear
  3. Doesn't top 3 placement mean you make the national team or is that the US Open?
  4. Hey, that's me with the headgear on my head haha. I was not one of the best in LAX history.
  5. Just wanted to re-post this because I spit my coffee up laughing. I made the mistake of being in the trendy part of denver yesterday morning during "brunch hours". Good grief some of these guys.
  6. More potential possibly, but we need to see him against the international field at 57. Gilman has proven he can compete and win, and I think we all are in the same boat that so can Spencer....but having some actual measurable data would help.
  7. Every once in a while I wake up in Loveland and if the wind is right.....we'll get some of that "Stinky town"..... Some interesting facts, Alirez had a recent twitter post that said #141 so that indicates he may be moving down. Great workout partner for Alanis as he transitions to college wrestling.
  8. This has been one hell of a read during my morning coffee. Cheers to everyone involved!
  9. Very simple fix...Just do a back and forth....lower the cage down for the mma maches like in the WWF. It would be amazing.
  10. I hear ya, I'm going to try to suspend anymore judgement until I see video of the other match that she lost. I hope she took that loss a little more graciously...but if it was more of the same? Yikes. Again, I can't remember ever seeing that kind of stuff out of her in the past?
  11. Earlier in the match when Adekuoroye drives her out of bounds for a contested +4 (3:47) Helen takes a swat at her head too.....not a good look across the board.
  12. Looked like Helen had some words for the Nigerian wrestler after their match....After getting beaten like that, anytime the loser talks, it never comes off as anything more than bad sportsmanship. Hope I am misinterpreting this because I have never seen her act that way.
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