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  1. I have to say, I was listening to last mornings episode and I love the way Nomad went to toe to toe with Ben (referring to the Nomad's 11th seed take for seabass at the B10). He is really knowledgable and I'm glad he doesn't crumble like CP does when Ben screams his points or doesn't agree.
  2. No, that exchange was completely made up and just meant as an example. (Hence the PSA right before it) It is exchanges like that though that are a pet peeve of mine. Here is another example...again this is not verbatim from a specific episode...just supposed to be used as a general example of the idea. Pyles: "so then Venz hits a high crotch and gets the takedown" Ben: "Actually he hit a double leg to get the takedown sooo that's what he did" Pyles: ok you're right a double but either way he got the takedo---" Ben: NO YOU SAID HIGH CROTCH AND THAT DIDNT HAPPEN. SO YOU'RE WRONG, HAHAHA ANY WAY TO THE POINT I NOW WANT TO TALK ABOUT..." Pyles: (silence) KB: (silence) I am just not a fan of a person who has to point out small mistakes others make when they are speaking, especially when it really doesn't effect the point trying to be communicated to try and seem like the bigger, cooler guy. It's very disrespectful in my eyes. Again, I am probably in the minority here, it just irks me and makes me want to only listen to the weekend shows with Nomad and/or Brey (or any show Ben isn't a part of)
  3. Probably in the minority here but man I am not a fan at all of the new set up with askren. I understand Ben has way more experience with wrestling but he constantly monopolizes the conversations, he talks over everyone else (so much so that he actually on occassion apologizes multiple times per broadcast about it) and its almost as if he looks for reasons to make others look bad. It just makes for a bad broadcast. Also, It is a huge pet peeve of mine when you are debating with someone and they call you out if you use an exaggerated term or make a small mistake that really doesn't effect the overall point you are trying to make or something like that and askren looks for that with every exchange. For example: PSA (This is an example of the point im trying to make, not an actual conversation) Pyles:"In that last match, wrestler A got like 100 takedowns." Ben: "Well actually he only got 10 so you're wrong, you said 100 and that's not right." Pyles: "Ben i know it wasn't actually 100---" Ben: "NO YOU WERE WRONG IT WASN'T THAT MUCH." HAHAH OMG THAT REMINDS ME OF THIS ONE TIME...." To me its the podcast version of calling someone out for a grammatical mistake during a online debate. It does nothing to contribute to the conversation and just seems childish. Ok, end rant.
  4. Don't forget 165. Cenzo has always come out on top but him and white have historically had some reaaaaaally close bouts. Realistic dual outcome: 125 - thomsen major meredith 4-0 NE 133 - RBY over Lovett - 4-3 NE 141 - Lee over Red - 4-6 PSU 149 - Purinton over Verk 7-6 NE (possible swing) 157 - Robb over Pipher 10-6 NE (swing) 165 - White over Cenzon 13-6 NE (OT match) 174 - Hall major over Lab 13-10 NE 184 - Venz over Brooks 16-10 NE 197 Shak over Schultz - 16-13 NE 285 Nevills over lance - 16-16 Comes down to criteria......
  5. This will be my second time at the championships (went to St. Louis a couple years ago to). Going to be meeting up with a bunch of college teammates and we are hoping to make this our yearly reuinion. It is absolutely incredible. Walking and seeing those mats before the first session gave me shivers.
  6. I don't understand how this is fair? Is it a money thing (seems like it) just not enough funding for the program so admin says you can only have these many kids? How can smaller programs ever hope to compete with this and the million other handcuffs?
  7. I understand. In an ideal world with 30 you would have 3 guys at each weight....I think we all know that isn't always the case. Would you bump guys around?...If you had five at 33 would you bump then bigger 33's to 41 to make depth?
  8. Is there anywhere to find out roster limits for each team. Its always interesting to me to see the teams that are only allowed around 25-30 on the roster who do well. I want to say Northwestern is one of these teams. Do Ivy's have roster limits as well? How does this effect recruiting (obviously then there is the academics demands too). Who are some of the best teams competing right now that are working with "limited" rosters?
  9. I thought someone mightve separated themselves by this time, but a lot of the top guys are neck in neck...this weight might just come down to who is clicking those three days in March. Total crap shoot.
  10. High level wrestling and a Stanford degree? Come on, if they continue to improve like this, that should be a no brainer for recruits! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It was surprising how one sided this match was....he had absolutely nothing for him on his feet and then to get ridden out for 2+ minutes in the first and then choose bottom? Bad match tactics. I am not too well versed on gfeller but it seems like he has a "kitchen sink" type approach to matches and with those tendencies, well, you live by the sword and die by the sword.
  12. I tend to agree with most posters on here that this loss doesn't change much I think about alirez..he seemed to be the "aggressor" (I put quotes around that because it was a pretty low action match) and that last exchange couldve went either way. With someone who can funk and slip as well as abas can, that plays right into his game. If Alirez fires off more quality attacks and stays in good position, next time, I see him taking the win. I will always be hesitant to give a true freshman the "title contender" label until they prove himself, but come march an AA is not out of the question. Here is the thing that will mark him as a true top tier wrestler, will he go back, watch film, and make the necessary changes to beat abas or anyone else that might beat him early in the season?
  13. Well aint that the truth.
  14. You're a good dude Hoke. Hope the money goes to a good place....can't believe they took $7,000 in taxes. Seems criminal.
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