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  1. Such a small % of human beings ever get to be an olympian. I understand your hesitation and definitely don't knock you for it, but man I would give anything to walk in the grandest of all grand marches and step on that mat. I don't think I would make the same choice.
  2. I pray that this is a letterkenny reference.
  3. I for one absolutely hate when people say, March....Matness. That's the worst.
  4. I for one expect him to mention every single individual wrestler that lost their chances to compete at NCAA's last year, their accolades, their favorite color, and a brief synopsis of their wrestling career from youth through college in order to be satisfied that he is respecting our sport!
  5. Shoot I must be missing the joke on this one. All these posts are going over my head? Is this not real?
  6. Dang iPhone autocorrect.... askren** Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Not sure if this is real but it has wrestling Twitter all up and at em’ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Illinois seems to pick up a lot of studs from California...although this may have been during the Perry era...but they did sign Maximo Renteria and I know Tirapelle and Flores who coach for Buchanan are alum so the heavy recruiting may still be intact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This has actually been a really respectful and interesting conversation, so kudos to you all. I agree that we are only getting half of the story if we are only talking about black athletes that TNT did not land. What would make this a more balanced study is if we could define what, "heavy recruiting" was (maybe contacts athlete atleast once per week for 50 consecutive weeks or something) moderate recruiting and light recruiting etc. etc. then go back and conduct a survey with the names listed above (or the top 5 black wrestlers coming out of high school each year) and see if there was a trend of TNT not actively going after them....then we might see something...although I do not think this would be the case. I am doing this off the top of my head during my lunch break so naturally this is not a perfect scenario, but hopefully you get what I am going for.
  10. Not to derail this riveting thread but I saw that RBY and Mueller are now on the ticket....this may be a stupid question but I know i've heard FLO is shelling out some pretty big checks for the competitors....since these two are still in NCAA or at least RBY is (cant remember if muelle graduated already) they couldn't accept these checks correct?
  11. ANNND DT posts this..... Might be a little fireworks on twitter tonight.
  12. Downey already on twitter making excuses for his performance against Rau....I can only imagine what he is going to say after his Taylor match.
  13. he is a new assistant coach at PITT
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