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  1. JBluegill133

    Missouri - '18/'19

    IMO you cant put a ceiling on Eierman. His style and abilities on the mat make him able to take anyone out. He is one of those wrestlers that would lose to mckenna by a major and then next match beat him...ya just never know. If he is on the other side of yianni come march...I'm liable to pick him to get to the finals.
  2. JBluegill133

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    Are they eligible to compete immediately...i would think not right?
  3. JBluegill133


    yikes warner then cass....tough round for the uppers from iowa
  4. JBluegill133

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    Has Wilson wrestled anyone of note lately? Besides his amazing run at last years NCAA's what results put him up with the rest of this group?
  5. JBluegill133


    A lot of wrestling from this past weekend so I am hoping they are just playing catch up. I hope they aren't trying to blackout any coverage, that would seem petty and childish. I'll reserve judgement until after this week. Loved AWL can't wait for the next one.
  6. JBluegill133

    Ohio State 22 vs Arizona State 17

    They have heinselman but are shirting him this year I believe. "Normal" starter is brakan mead. Probably would've had a better showing with him.
  7. JBluegill133

    Keystone Classic

    where are you guys finding the stream?
  8. JBluegill133

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Starter : Louie Hayes UVA Back up: RBY PSU
  9. JBluegill133

    Weight Cutting Horror Stories

    Real horror story for me is that I never gave myself a fair shake. I know for a fact I had the skill to really make some noise down state in high school and then in college, but my biggest opponent was always the scale and by the end of the year just making weight was enough for me. I never went to practice to get better as a wrestler. It was always, "well i need to lose 4 this practice, then lose two more wearing plastics at the rec center afterwards and then hopefully float another lb etc. etc. and that was all on me. Beer, pizza, binge eating on the weekends....plastics, starvation, diuretics, you name it, during the week. Finally when I was in my mid 20's I wrestled in an open division at a national tournament and decided to lose the 10 necessary lbs the right way. Started a few months before and ate clean, stayed hydrated, and worked the weight off slowly and I felt amazing, wrestled great, didn't gas out in the first 2 minutes of wrestling and actually truly enjoyed the process. To this day it is my biggest regret in life that i didn't listen to my coaches and I will always wonder "what if". Now that I am a coach I do my best to advocate for nutrition and doing it the right way in hopes none of my guys have the same regrets I do.
  10. Where the "outrage" (notice the quotes) and the difference in judgements or maybe even the bad blood comes from, is the maliciousness in which these two incidents happened. He was actively trying to injure his opponents and not just with hard crossfaces or a little extra shove out of bounds but with blantantly brutal and illegal moves. Sorry until we can see him lose with dignity he will be under a microscope. How does that saying go? "You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it."
  11. JBluegill133


    I liked seeing a few d-2 guys get some recognition. Every time there is a good d3 or d2 wrestles we get a few who bring up how the d2/3 champs should be allowed in the d1 championships. This could be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the other divisions talents. Thoughts?
  12. paetzell over #8 bridges. B. Thornton from purdue over paetzell. (keepin eyes on Thornton this year)
  13. JBluegill133

    leg sleeve? tights?

    I really didn't want to start a new thread but I couldnt find an appropriate ongoing thread to ask this question. What is the point of the leg sleeve? Meredith and bridges wear/wore them, and I'm seeing more guys this year have one. Is it a style thing? Does it help with your shot? Does it give compression to certain points on the leg to help with recovery or circulation? Someone help.
  14. JBluegill133

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    Desanto will be under the microscope this year because of the shenanigans he pulled against Cornell (name escapes me) and Micic last year. Any slight indiscretion will be blown out of proportion. In both of his matches he kept his cool.
  15. He will AA this year, but he is the poor mans iowa style wrestler. Rooney had the right idea until he wilted. Desanto comes in very high for the ties. You time it right, and he is a sucker for a blast double. Fix and his throw by will have a field day with the desanto pressure.