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  1. My wife is from Russia and I had her read the article. She thinks, in her opinion, that the tone is less depreciating then the direct English translation leads it to seem. You lose a lot of the emotion he is truly conveying when it is read in English. Seems like he doesn't like burroughs at all and is anything but depreciating. IMO but I could be wrong
  2. What a stupid thing to get suspended for I think. What did obe blanc test positive for last year? I don't think it was ever stated exactly what the substance was.
  3. How come it says Saddoris is wrestling on the latest world team article? Did Perkins get hurt or what?
  4. Speiller had every chance to win still and Bisek still won. BUT from where I was sitting, Bisek was touch falled at the end of the first. Regardless of time. Isn't a touch fall an instant pin? So if the points were called before time so should've the fall.
  5. It's the first tournament, I bet by the US open we will see a larger field and athletes settling into weights
  6. Will the non Olympic weights be implemented as well?
  7. According to the site, they won't be competing these classes at the US open. Anyone care to elaborate?
  8. Can someone remind me, what happens to the majority of child prodigies? If this is his decision then fine but if he is being pushed a certain way then this is crap and I feel really sorry for him.
  9. They will be ok, I promise. They were born to fight/wrestle. School just isnt for everyone. Doesnt make them bad people and his tweets made you dumber? They are lyrics and dont take it too seriously and try to psychologically diagnose them off a couple tweets and rumors. These are YOUNG guys remember. Stop trying to make them grow up so fast. I think them jumping around and things not working out will only make them better. As long as they fight for what they want and dont let the doubt of others influence them. They have gained a lot of life experience from all these occasions. Call them screw ups but who are you to say that is the path for everyone. It either makes or breaks you when you dont succeed in a situation, I have a feeling the more they fail in one place it will only lead them to find where and how to be great. They just have to learn, maybe there lives previously wasnt what they needed and they are learning now. So be it. GO GET EM GUYS!
  10. We aren't evolving. As the 21st century rolls around we have to have wrestlers mentally prepared and specialize everything. These wrestling coaches might be good at coaching wrestling but they also try to cover strength and conditioning. When most of the time it consists of go until you die. Dumb and outdated. This goes out to our international coaching too. Freestyle is more competitive because of all the different places to train. Greco has 2. All the guys just want the top spot so they can get on the Army team. Now just stay top 3 and you will get that paycheck. Not trying to be Champs anymore and it doesnt help they get babied once they make the team by the coach. We have to keep innovating and not think that someone who was successful before has all the answers. CRAP. Look at the nfl/NBA/college football/basketball why is there so many coaches that weren't successful themselves but great coaches? The sport is so ego filled and instead of all working to become better as a whole,we would rather try to be selfish and better only our camp. Or the favorites. If you dont better your competition then you arent getting better either. I dont know. Just some random thoughts and I could be very wrong. Just my opinion and would love to hear peoples opinions as well.
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