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  1. whoops, didn't see this thread. Yeah, what does everyone do here? Realbuto broke Miller for sure.
  2. Hearing someone on the background on ESPNU saying that Miller should have won that match in regulation, 10-9. I thought at the time that something funny was going on but so much happened in the last 20 seconds or so, I think everyone got flummoxed.
  3. ANNNND (yawn) EVANS PUUULLLS (yawn...) it...out.
  4. Kokesh diving in the whole match, let an inferior guy beat him.
  5. I agree, and missing weight once this year says it all for me. He is pretty big for the weight. BUT, he looked 'business as usual' at the beginning of the year, horsing dudes, exploding, so there could be an injury as well. Could just be the grind of the season. If he bulks up and goes up to 133 next year, he will be a force. As good as he was at 125, when Travis Lee went to 133 he added some big-time explosion with the added 8 lbs, I see the same thing happening for Garrett.
  6. I hear back injury. But, Iowa looking very un-Iowa like in general, and I'm not sure why.
  7. I hope you are kidding with this. If he is who his sig line says he is (and I'm pretty sure that it is him), he has lifted a weight or two in his life, along with a few hundred opponents as well.
  8. "Your women, I want to buy your women. Sell them to me, sell me your children."
  9. Can't really think of the last truly great leg wrestler. Mitch Clark? Do we really have to go that far back?
  10. My favorite slam is Denny's grand slam breakfast. And that one is a legal slam.
  11. If you want him 100% for conference and the big tournament, then why not just have him do the bare minimum all year? A guy like Ness who uses 'trick moves' (not being derogatory, just saying he above everyone else has that element in his wrestling) has a lot to gain from staying out of tough matchups until the conference and NCAA tourney, when it matters most.
  12. He didn't do it for Schlatter when the time finally came to wrestle Metcalf again.
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