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  1. whoops, didn't see this thread. Yeah, what does everyone do here? Realbuto broke Miller for sure.
  2. Hearing someone on the background on ESPNU saying that Miller should have won that match in regulation, 10-9. I thought at the time that something funny was going on but so much happened in the last 20 seconds or so, I think everyone got flummoxed.
  3. ANNNND (yawn) EVANS PUUULLLS (yawn...) it...out.
  4. Kokesh diving in the whole match, let an inferior guy beat him.
  5. I agree, and missing weight once this year says it all for me. He is pretty big for the weight. BUT, he looked 'business as usual' at the beginning of the year, horsing dudes, exploding, so there could be an injury as well. Could just be the grind of the season. If he bulks up and goes up to 133 next year, he will be a force. As good as he was at 125, when Travis Lee went to 133 he added some big-time explosion with the added 8 lbs, I see the same thing happening for Garrett.
  6. I hear back injury. But, Iowa looking very un-Iowa like in general, and I'm not sure why.
  7. I hope you are kidding with this. If he is who his sig line says he is (and I'm pretty sure that it is him), he has lifted a weight or two in his life, along with a few hundred opponents as well.
  8. "Your women, I want to buy your women. Sell them to me, sell me your children."
  9. Can't really think of the last truly great leg wrestler. Mitch Clark? Do we really have to go that far back?
  10. My favorite slam is Denny's grand slam breakfast. And that one is a legal slam.
  11. If you want him 100% for conference and the big tournament, then why not just have him do the bare minimum all year? A guy like Ness who uses 'trick moves' (not being derogatory, just saying he above everyone else has that element in his wrestling) has a lot to gain from staying out of tough matchups until the conference and NCAA tourney, when it matters most.
  12. He didn't do it for Schlatter when the time finally came to wrestle Metcalf again.
  13. I agree with everything here. Maybe this year is just an anomaly but it seems like there have been a ton of elite match ups that haven't happened this year due to 'injuries'. I hope this season isn't a precursor of things to come in subsequent seasons but I have a feeling it is. It's not fair to the guys that grind through the entire season and don't miss matches to have to come up against someone who may be dinged up a little or has not wrestled all year, and all of a sudden show up to conference fresh as a daisy and ready to go. Not to mention the duals suck because the top matches aren't happening. All this from a sport that is trying to gain popularity because it is 'dying'. There needs to be some sort of penalty for individuals that miss duals within their conference - injured or not, and I think the answer is, make every single one of the guys who didn't wrestle in every single one of their team's conference duals go through the initial rounds against each other, and give all of the aforementioned grinders byes. That way there could truly be no way of protecting a seed - the elite guys who are trying to protect their seed would have to meet up with the other elite guys who are doing the same thing. It provides incentive to go out and wrestle all of your opponents, win or lose, like little Tomasello there.
  14. I agree, I'm not sure where Dean ever established control there.
  15. Give the kid some time. I'm sure we all recall David Taylor taking some pretty big lumps in the room his first year. All he did was win two titles and make the finals four times. One difference between the two may be attitude but before any of us jump to that conclusion we should let the year play out.
  16. Could be that he is not ready to go all out on the foot in freestyle yet, dipping, driving, etc so he is trying greco. Not that greco doesn't require drive, just a different kind of drive. I dunno. I'm as big a fan of his as anyone, but am I the only one who thinks he is in over his head here, taking on the defending greco world champ, multi time world level medalist? Beyond fargo, how much greco has Dake really even done recently? I could see him getting his ass handed to him in this one pretty quickly in embarrassing fashion.
  17. Gotta go with the returning 4th place AA by decision in this one but not super confident either.
  18. Nobody, not even close. I just found it interesting that nobody on the team cracked even the top twenty and the team is preseason #1. I would think that they would have in the top 50ish: Gilman, Clark, Evans, Telford, maybe Moore. Thinking about this, it seems crazy that a team could have 4 or 5 guys only in the top 50, have some big question marks in their lineup at 141 through 157, and still be preseason #1. Is this a down year for all teams in general?
  19. Nary a member in the top twenty for the preseason team number one ranked hawks, interesting.
  20. Slight NY bias on these: 125-Delgado vs Garrett again. See if Garrett figures out how to finish his shots against this guy 133-Clark vs Schopp. Will the bump up help or hurt Clark? 141-Port vs Stieber. Easy choice. 149-Stieber vs Tshirt vs Carter vs Houdashelt. Preety intruiging top guys 157-If he is going 157 like I hear, Palacio vs Green 165-If he is going 165 like I hear, Realbuto vs Dieringer vs Either Jordan. Anybody else see Realbuto as JP OConnor V2? 174-Any of the top guys once again this year. 184-Dean vs Dechow. Barring weight class changes these two will be a premier matchup for a while 197-Snyder vs Cox, easy choice and like the guys at 184, this matchup could be good for a few years. 285-Meh heavyweights...
  21. So is Storley definitely going 165? First I heard yes, then no, and now yes again.
  22. I have this exact dream, and yes it is indeed terrifying, one of the worst feelings you can have - sheer panic. In my wreslting dreams I am always my current age (40 and 185-190) but there are two forms: 1) I have to make my high school weight (112 or 119) In the dream nobody seems to notice or care that I am obviously not 119 lbs but am a chubby, balding 40 year old. Horrible anxiety. 2) I enter one of my high school tourneys at my old weight, and make the finals. I dominate in the final but as the match nears its end, I suddenly realize that I am a 185 lb 40 year old. Again, nobody but me seems to notice anything unusual throughout the match. I then have the same horrible anxiety through the medal ceremony waiting for someone to catch on to the charade.
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