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  1. Who will it be both team and individuals? I would like to see Iowa State come back and be in the mix just not sure if they have enough fire power. Earl HAll surprised a lot of people this year in OKC I think he could be in the mix to AA next season. Can Missouri make a run at a top 4 finish?
  2. For an Iowa fan not a lot of bright spots this weekend. But Burak wrestled tough had some good wins and placed 8th. With two years left hopefully he can get a couple of top 5 finishes. If he can finish his shot attempts at a higher percentage he could really be a problem for some top guys the next few years.
  3. Id like to see them start at 184
  4. Honestly I dont think it mattered if he went up or not I think he is flat out done with wrestling.
  5. 125 Delgado over Garrett 133 Ramos over Morrison 141 Stieber over Port 149 Maple over Dardanes 157 Dieringer over Green 165 Taylor over Sulzer 174 Howe over Brown 184 Ruth over Sheptock 197 Gadson over McIntosh 285 Chalfant over Nelson
  6. Brands probably gave them the crazy eyes and they got scared ha
  7. 125 Delgado Dec Mega 133 Ramos SV Dec Graff 141 Steiber Dec Retherford 149 Dardanes Dec Sueflohn 157 St. John Dec Ness 165 Taylor Tech Moore 174 Brown Dec Kokesh 184 Ruth Dec Steinhaus 197 Schiller Dec McIntosh 285 Nelson SV Dec McMullan
  8. Who's going to perform higher then expectations or lower at the Big Tens? Team wise I think Michigan could surprise some people and finish higher then expected possibly be in the race for third. I have a feeling Ohio State will disappoint other then Stieber JMO. Individually I could see Lambert getting an upset at 125 and Murphy at 157 could do some damage although they are ranked respectably still could pull out some wins against elite guys. Jeva could go either way as well as Grothus for the Hawks. Does Beitz make a run if he gets the go for Penn State? Dont even know what to say about Grajales one mintue everyone says hes done for, the next hes going to be an AA possible finalist.
  9. It doesn't matter who is at the top someone is always going to take a shot at them or try to get people riled up. Its just the way humans act in my experience. Its the equivalent to little kids, when one kid has something another kid wants, the other kid acts ridiculous because they don't have it haha
  10. Thanks MSU! I wish they would start televising the semis.
  11. Will the Big Ten tournament have just the Finals televised or will they show the semis as well?
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