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  1. Yianni & Dave Auble have two championships each and don't make top 5? How about buh-bye to Nashon and we'll wait until Yianni's career is over to put him in? Ironic this came out on heels of Mr Dake's foot-in-mouth podcast interview.
  2. "I could see him beating Darmstadt and taking the spot this year " No, transferring to ASU. Well, not really transferring as he never got into Cornell.
  3. "Cornell May win the team title two years from now" But will Jacob Cardenas be there to see?
  4. Are we naming the 4 in the middle? All of them? Or naming states that top this? (I'm sure PA has some good years). OP has too many questions. :( But I'll go with Zach Rey in Hopatcong shirt, Noah Wylie in Cranford shirt and maybe Grey the younger in front row.
  5. Chris Weiler (Lehigh, 184 lbs) to Wisconsin as grad transfer. They had degree program not offered by LU. Good pickup by UW.
  6. Port Jervis: not NJ but you can see from your front porch. lol
  7. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner! If douche = biggest character
  8. McGee is a 125 pounder. Was surprised that roster still available online. Note: ODU had 32 on roster. That was mild surprise, seemed high for program "in jeopardy". Note: They have a BIlly Baldwin on roster. His father is William Baldwin, but not of SUNY Binghamton & overly enthusiastic ESPN announcing fame.
  9. "Think about the cash it is going to cost the club." NLWC has more $ than they know what to do with.
  10. Watching frosh Dake (at 141) and Senior Dake (at 165) on ESPN has got me thinking. Why were folks so excited that he won 4 titles at 4 different weight classes? Other than its never been done before. Its not like a boxer who holds crowns at multiple weights. He had to go up, he grew. Does Dake as a Junior win at 141? No, way too sucked down. Does Dake as a Senior win at 149? No, way too sucked down. I'll say moving up to 165 to face Taylor was ballsy; and from memory, scuttlebutt at the time was it wasn't an absolute requirement from growth/weight standpoint. Not a hater, he'd be on my Mt Rushmore, with Cael, Gable and tbd. To me, the fact he won 4 without a redshirt is bigger accomplishment; hence my title. But someone make a case that 4 at 4 weight classes is bigger/better.
  11. 2016!: we get to see Dean Heil? GRRRRREAT
  12. Max Wessel of Lehigh. Not sure if best or worst. But just a challenge to think of wrestler with one AA, at 8th.
  13. "I'm banking my hall passes for next year." ok, just bring scribe. :roll: "I was sitting in the Lehigh section (closer to the center of the arena)." Wearing your best red shirt? :P
  14. Belated congrats to Baughman . As someone observed earlier, had to have been frustrating when he was at 125 and the only AQ spot was the defending NC. btw, why do you guys have a 41 page topic? You can start a new thread "Cornell at NCAAs" anytime. ;) Not very good turnout at EIWAs in the Cornell section. Fair weather fans? Hope to see more next year. lol
  15. My bad, need to put my reading glasses on...
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