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  1. My bad, need to put my reading glasses on...
  2. Gimp: forgot about Matt Ruppel? shame on you! Matt Ruppel Bio: One of Lehigh's all-time greats, Matt placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st in the EIWA which featured a rivalry with future NCAA champ Mark Kerr, Syracuse. In his junior year, he fashioned a perfect season: 13-0-1 in duals, East-West All-Star win, EIWA title and an NCAA finals win, 6-5, over Iowa's Brook Simpson. During the stretch run to his 38-0-1 season (LU's only unbeaten season since 1983), he earned a perfect 4.0 GPA in the school of business. A congenital back problem forced an unfortunate early end to his wrestling career, after just 3 bouts his senior year.
  3. Maybe Koll was kinda smirking because he knows that "9.9 is for suckers". lmao
  4. From a Lehigh fan, I'll say Yianni is this year's must-see wrestler. Pause. Jimmy the C didn't specify any parameters to "must see". lmfao
  5. "Cornell's advantage is not "greyshirting." Their advantage is that state AG school. I am curious as to what % of their wrestlers get in through this loophole not available to other Ivies." Oh, boy, mention SUNY Ithaca and the sparks will fly. "Point out how many athletes are enrolled in the Ag College, grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks."
  6. Ivy title is based on duals. So can Princeton beat Cornell on Feb 9 (PU hosts)? And not slip up versus the other 4 Ivys?
  7. "Did Bethlehem have a higher altitude than usual?" No, but it was about 90 degrees F in Stabler. That will sweat some chocolate milk out of the Big Red come March. :)
  8. "What's Cooperman up to now? " Open first link in first post. "Can you elaborate? " I'm going to have to issue a trigger warning to the Cornellians, but long story short. Coop left LU directly for CU, top recruit Grey followed. Only 3 folks (Coop, Grey & Koll) will ever know what really happened, but Strobel canceled LU-CU series for 2 years in protest (disgust?). Again, I'm a Coop fan. His two 3rd place finishes were rock solid. He could never get past Teyon Ware. Coop was solid in all 3 positions, but Ware was lightning quick. If I recall one of the years he lost in first round and wrestled back for AA. But don't trust my memory.
  9. Congrats! But should be interesting reaction. Had great career at Lehigh after auspicious start (didn't make weight at nationals freshman year). Then his role if l'affaire de Grey...
  10. Can one of you predict your starting line-up? Who is red/grey/Ivy-shirting?
  11. I think the criteria is better stated as first time AA, whether frosh or returning upperclassman. I'll go with homer picks of Lehigh's Humphreys at 157 and Weiler at 184.
  12. I think the scouting excuse is lame, but on the other hand, if only OSU streams, why should we bother? The season is plenty long (some might say too long). Distant alum (and I am one) can come to Princeton open or Journeyman (Journeymen?) if their early season appetite needs quenching. My 2 cents; good to hear most moved here from wr.com.
  13. "It would definitely help to have someone at the helm who has a grasp this nuances of this environment." a friend of mine who was a vendor to USMA says the (unofficial) mantra was "200 years of tradition unheeded by progress". So Simpson might be best to understand inner workings. :)
  14. Great story; thanks for sharing. (I too was there) I also recall Pete Schuyler gave Land a battle at 126 in an early dual. Pete was also a true frosh and had beaten Burley in NJ HS championships a few months earlier. Back then, NJ was not as strong so they weren't high expectations for the NJ duo.
  15. "You take out his numbers...and Cornell wins it..." Not so fast, scribester. You can't take Long's points away and declare CU the winner. Who was his backup? How many points might he have earned?
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