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  1. Hard to believe Mike Caruso, 3 time champ from Lehigh, doesn't appear on list. Albeit low due to three year eligibility.
  2. Not yet 4 timers, but I'll jump the gun and ask who Yianni and Lee lost to.
  3. MIke Caruso (Lehigh) beat the same guy in finals three years in a row. Fehrs, from Michigan(?) During mid-60s, so frosh ineligible. Even if others met 4 times. 3 of 3 in finals is noteworthy.
  4. Closson-Gleasman wrestled 14 times. EIWA history cut and pasted from a 2013 post from Jay "the Historian": 1994 Closson 4th Gleasman 5th in EIWA They probably wrestled in consi semi's 1995 Closson pins Gleasman in Semis. They finish 2-3 Hicks the champ Both reshirt in 1996 1997 Gleasman pins Closson in Semis. They finish 1-3 1998 Gleasman beats Closson in finals. Closson gets him in their last match ever in NCAA consi semi's in sudden death o.t. I remember watching that match and thinking how fitting they went to sudden death. Closson finished 4th and Gleasman 6th. A great rivalry comes to an end.
  5. HWTs Bill Closson (Lehigh) and Jason Gleasman (Syracuse) wrestled each other about a dozen times in late 90s. I recall their last match was in consies at NCAAs. Obviously, they were same graduating class (1998?)
  6. First, TY NJDan for the effort. But still some questions. One in particular, Cornell has had wrestling since 1907. But only 48 years entered at NCAAs? That can't be right. Frankly, many of the other years totals also look low.
  7. What was he arguing about? Watched the video. Couldn't understand Zeke.
  8. Klehner is an expert on Lehigh, but doesn't know eligibility of half his Cornell homeboys. Too funny!!!
  9. Bethlehem Catholic. 79-3 career record. Three district championships. Three regional championships. 2020-1 state title. Class Of 2023 Star Tyler Kasak Commits To Penn State Wrestling | Onward State
  10. I was going to take a stab at line-up, but lu_alum beat me by 3 hours. Mine would look similar. Rumors of guys moving up, guys moving down. Biggest question mark is possible return of Paetzell. With med waiver would be 7th year. But didn't wrestle last year so 6th year? Wrestled one bout at 141 in 2020-21, but aiming for 125? Also, Caden Rogers another top recruit (at 197) likely to redshirt. So Beard has 3 years eligibility but will he use all 3? If so, at 2025 nationals will he be Dr Michael Beard? lol And, yes, spladle88, I recall LU beating Cornell last year. But maybe we suffer from covid haze. lmao
  11. You do realize Lehigh won EIWAs 4 years in a row prior to this year, which was admittedly a down year. So what is YOUR definition of slipping?
  12. At Cornell and rest of Ivy, "9.9 is for suckers"
  13. Yes, if anyone withdraws will need to reprint brackets
  14. And Hendricks can thank true frosh Perry for knocking off Letters. Not a good semis for LU. LU's after finals party was in tent outside Hard Rock. Okie State's was inside the Hard Rock. Awkward walk inside to use restrooms...
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