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  1. Random other EIWAs, for those too lazy to click on link... #32 Cornell #33 Drexel #34 American #38 Bucknell #45 Penn #46 Princeton Army & Navy not listed
  2. So if the basketball team is predominantly black and listens to rap and hip hop, and the wrestling team is predominantly rural white and listens to country music. Is the wrestling team exposing blacks to systemic racism?
  3. Thanks, MSU158 & fadzaev2! (for the 2004 Davison response) "1988??? Cuvo, Jimmy Martin, Scott Turner, Santoro, Koll and Haselrig. " If correct, 3 of the 6 are PA district 11! Go Lehigh Valley!
  4. Klehner: buck is LU's version of scribe, just ignore him. PS always welcome by me on lehigh sports forum. Love the moniker.
  5. "Not sure why I apparently have to do this now a 3rd time. HE FORGOT!" I thought the cartoon Sun at 1:39 was Gimp being Gimp (playful). Missed the 2nd post, so SORRY!?
  6. No idea why Yozzo not in picture. For the young'uns, Yozzo pinned Pitt's Pat Santoro in finals. Pat is current Lehigh coach, whose father and older brother wrestled for Lehigh. Also, if you watch the video above, Lehigh's Mark Lieberman does color commentary. A 2-time NCA champ in late 70's. He did some work for ABC. Did respectable job.
  7. Yianni & Dave Auble have two championships each and don't make top 5? How about buh-bye to Nashon and we'll wait until Yianni's career is over to put him in? Ironic this came out on heels of Mr Dake's foot-in-mouth podcast interview.
  8. "I could see him beating Darmstadt and taking the spot this year " No, transferring to ASU. Well, not really transferring as he never got into Cornell.
  9. "Cornell May win the team title two years from now" But will Jacob Cardenas be there to see?
  10. Are we naming the 4 in the middle? All of them? Or naming states that top this? (I'm sure PA has some good years). OP has too many questions. :( But I'll go with Zach Rey in Hopatcong shirt, Noah Wylie in Cranford shirt and maybe Grey the younger in front row.
  11. Chris Weiler (Lehigh, 184 lbs) to Wisconsin as grad transfer. They had degree program not offered by LU. Good pickup by UW.
  12. Port Jervis: not NJ but you can see from your front porch. lol
  13. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner! If douche = biggest character
  14. McGee is a 125 pounder. Was surprised that roster still available online. Note: ODU had 32 on roster. That was mild surprise, seemed high for program "in jeopardy". Note: They have a BIlly Baldwin on roster. His father is William Baldwin, but not of SUNY Binghamton & overly enthusiastic ESPN announcing fame.
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