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  1. "It would definitely help to have someone at the helm who has a grasp this nuances of this environment." a friend of mine who was a vendor to USMA says the (unofficial) mantra was "200 years of tradition unheeded by progress". So Simpson might be best to understand inner workings. :)
  2. Great story; thanks for sharing. (I too was there) I also recall Pete Schuyler gave Land a battle at 126 in an early dual. Pete was also a true frosh and had beaten Burley in NJ HS championships a few months earlier. Back then, NJ was not as strong so they weren't high expectations for the NJ duo.
  3. "You take out his numbers...and Cornell wins it..." Not so fast, scribester. You can't take Long's points away and declare CU the winner. Who was his backup? How many points might he have earned?
  4. Back to specifics, Mantles was overrated! Food was good but not great. At that price, I expect great.
  5. "It would be strange to see Riddick not in the line-up. I could see a jump to 97. Also an interesting decision for coaches to redshirt Cruz. Who are the Seniors for next season?" Nate Brown will be only Sr next year. Brill transfer is 50/50.
  6. "Lehigh could be sneaky good next season 125- Cruz (7th NCAA's) 133- Beckman (6th NCAA's) 141- Cruz (2013 EIWA Champ, NQ) or Gardner (NQ) 149- Minotti (6th NCAA's) 157-? 165-? 174- Riddick (R12 NCAA's) 184- Brown (3rd at Midlands this year, Redshirted, NQ) 197- Bollich or Diekal 285- Wessel (NQ) Could have 6 AA's and 8 NQ's" My 2 cents on the Engineers: 125: Parker (Cruz RS; yes, they appear to plan on RS a returning AA) 133: Beckman (this weight clears out at top level; so high AA expectation) 141: Cruz or Gardner 149: above plus W Switzer 157: Minotti 165: Brill or Martinez (transfer from UCF) 174: Brandon Griffin?? 184: Brown (Riddick can't hold 174 and already RS) 197: Diekel or Bolich 285: Wessel, backed up by Vollaro as you can see, quite different from NEswitch's predictions, but thats what keeps us going until Nov
  7. Wow! It was like I was in a different city. I loved (LOVED) OKC. Many hotels close to venue. Bricktown was great. Completely different than last time hosting NCAAs. All three restauarants we ate at between sessions were aware of tournament. Service was a bit slow (it always is), but only because they are slammed with 100 folks who just got out of arena at same time. I wish the NCAA would fall in love with OKC the way they have with STL. By 2018, StL will have hosted 8 of the past 18 tournamnets. StL is getting old.
  8. But at least Brands can count on his fans calling for stalling 30 seconds into every match. Or, when an opponent holds a hawkeyes' leg, its stalling. Conversely, when an opponent tries to kick out, its still stalling (on the opponent). Now, back to the fire Brands string!
  9. Agree, but if healthy/recovered in 2 weeks, he's likely to get wild card. agree?
  10. What's up at 165, bracket said Peyton Walsh (5 seed from Navy) defaulted at 0:01. How do you decide in 1 sec that you can't go any more?
  11. "with total lying posts as post #2 in this thread, it would be great if moderators actually took away the guy's posting privileges." wow, defend Koll much, Mr Stalin?
  12. RB & nom: I'll pass you the panther pee, then mopar will make more sense. :)
  13. How about limiting each weight class to 32? Pigtails are stupid and unfair when a high seed draws them.
  14. It was an open tournament and Cornell had home dual vs Harvard on Sat. So I'm guessing neither Koll or Hahn were there. Maybe Grey. Maybe Dake. But more likely one of the FLWC coaches was "riding herd" on the CU participants.
  15. Scuttlebutt it was series of transgressions (eye gauge, elbow throw and errant uppercut) that led to DQ, wasn't flagrant. again, just scuttlebutt. His previous transgression was after losing semis of 2012 EIWAs to Nate Brown of Lehigh at final whistle he kneed him in the head. It was pretty severe, or at least Brown had severe concussion.
  16. Thats troll pipes schtick. He's driven many LU fans from another forum, but now proudly sponsors it. whatever. rolls eyes. The other thing about the announcers is they incorrctly identified two LU wrestlers throughout the bout. Gardner at 141 and Brill at 165 were out, but the announcers muffed their replacements for the entirety. It was kinda funny. CU has a journalism school (Olbermann, Bill Maher, Ann Coulter), can we get a student to do next webcast cause these guys were AWFUL
  17. "wow, someone desperately craves the attention of lehigh fans. i honestly think stove pipe has a crush." not an issue. Troll pipe has been trolling LU on another forum to the point he drove most folks away, but now proudly sponsors the Lehigh page. whatever. rolls eyes. The funniest part about these announcers is they incorrectly identified LU wrestlers for the entire bout. Gardner at 141 and Brill at 165 were out, and the announcers continued to say wrong names. I've seen other announcers start with mistaken ID but usually correct after receiving text, tweet or (old school) someone whispers in their ear. these guys carried it thru. They were terrible and Cornell should be embarassed. Doesn't Cornell have a school of journalism? (Hello, Keith Olbermann! No to Bill Maher or Ann Coulter) Get a student to do next webcast!
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