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    Asa Packer got a reaction from bracketbuster in EIWA Interactive Tournament Seed Projections   
    "Dylan Ammerman looks to have won the wrestle-off for Lehigh and will be 184 over Logan."
    No, Ammerman at 184 over JT Davis (& Caden Wright). Logan will be at 174.
    But, yes, Navy looks to be the favorite. "Where be Paetzel?" is a question that will eventually be answered for us LU fans.  
  2. Haha
    Asa Packer got a reaction from pamela in 1987 NCAA Champions   
    "Not sure why I apparently have to do this now a 3rd time. HE FORGOT!"
    I thought the cartoon Sun at 1:39 was Gimp being Gimp (playful). Missed the 2nd post, so SORRY!?
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    Asa Packer got a reaction from Peso in New Jerseys Top NCAA Team   
    Port Jervis: not NJ but you can see from your front porch. lol
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    Asa Packer got a reaction from DocBZ in Gilman going to Penn St   
    "Think about the cash it is going to cost the club."
    NLWC has more $ than they know what to do with.
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    Asa Packer got a reaction from JHRoseWrestling in Kyle Dake, 4-timer without a redshirt!   
    Watching frosh Dake (at 141) and Senior Dake (at 165) on ESPN has got me thinking. Why were folks so excited that he won 4 titles at 4 different weight classes?
    Other than its never been done before. Its not like a boxer who holds crowns at multiple weights. He had to go up, he grew.
    Does Dake as a Junior win at 141? No, way too sucked down. Does Dake as a Senior win at 149? No, way too sucked down. 
    I'll say moving up to 165 to face Taylor was ballsy; and from memory, scuttlebutt at the time was it wasn't an absolute requirement from growth/weight standpoint.
    Not a hater, he'd be on my Mt Rushmore, with Cael, Gable and tbd.
    To me, the fact he won 4 without a redshirt is bigger accomplishment; hence my title.
    But someone make a case that 4 at 4 weight classes is bigger/better.
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    Asa Packer reacted to jross in Kyle Dake, 4-timer without a redshirt!   
    My assumption is that changing weight classes exposes you to more unique opponents and styles.  When you are the best at one weight class, you have seen much of what your competition has to offer.  When you repeat at a weight class, some quality opponents move out of the class to try their odds with different opponents.  When staying at the same weight class, while it is difficult to beat quality opponents many times over, you are more confident and familiar with your challenge.  With a weight class change, you may face more accomplished wrestlers that provide a better sense of achievement.  Lastly, there may be some truth to how difficult it is to retain your power ratio while moving up weights.
  7. Haha
    Asa Packer got a reaction from HokieHWT in A peek inside grey-shirting   
    "Cornell's advantage is not "greyshirting." Their advantage is that state AG school. I am curious as to what % of their wrestlers get in through this loophole not available to other Ivies."
    Oh, boy, mention SUNY Ithaca and the sparks will fly.
    "Point out how many athletes are enrolled in the Ag College, grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks."
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    Asa Packer got a reaction from D3 for LU in OSU v Lehigh   
    "Did Bethlehem have a higher altitude than usual?"
    No, but it was about 90 degrees F in Stabler.
    That will sweat some chocolate milk out of the Big Red come March. :)
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    Asa Packer got a reaction from scribe in LEHIGH ENGINEERS   
    I think the scouting excuse is lame, but on the other hand, if only OSU streams, why should we bother?
    The season is plenty long (some might say too long). Distant alum (and I am one) can come to Princeton open or Journeyman (Journeymen?) if their early season appetite needs quenching.
    My 2 cents; good to hear most moved here from wr.com.
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