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  1. Anyone hosting a fantasy grade pool? I just made an account looking to join a couple
  2. I kno bet dsi sometimes has college wrestling i dont see the ncaa tournment on there tho anyone kno of any sportsbooks that have college wrestling?
  3. no he will be the worst 3 timer oliver won that ncaa final a few years ago not sure y people are confused about that? and this is all if he even wins it next year who knows there are some more kids comming outa higschool to the d1 scene.
  4. nevermind top 5 prolly more like top 20. just watch gable vs owings they both look sloppy AF no defense what so ever. wrestling back then doesnt even compare to what it is now the sport has evolved so much.
  5. for most "vetrans" war just means hanging out in another country for a little while hoping you dont actually have to shot anyone. the fact that your even mentioning gable and cael arent veterans proves to everyone you are more of a "fan" of our sport and not actually a wrestler. the sacrifices that you have to make to win an ncaa title isnt something your brain could possibly comprehend, but it is insulting that your so ignorant to compare it to something like "war" or a "church mission". Call of duty is harder than actually being in the military. the hardest part about being in the military is struggling to not mention that your in the military all the time as a way to put yourself above everyone else. the only part of the military comparable to d1 wrestling is spec ops units, and even being a seal isnt as tough as winning a national title.
  6. realbuto would have beat diernger if he didnt get hurt
  7. Were dealing with a whole different animal if sheptocks real coach Robin Ficker is in attendance, This gives Headlock Sheptock the mental edge. JRob was actually hinting at the fact that he may have flown Ficker in to take ruth out of the equation for the team race sealing the deal for minnesota.
  8. twotimenyschamp@yahoo.com i still dont see an invite in my inbox
  9. i love how i get accused of being a troll for stating what alot of other people are thinking. the championship bracket is the only thing that matters at the end of the day everyone else lost. "6th place" is just a nice way to say you managed to lose 3 times in one tournament. Anyone that disagrees with this is obviously just a wrestle back guy. Im not saying we don't need wrestle back guys we just dont need wrestle backs. we need wrestle back guys to be the steping stones of the opening rounds, quarter finals and even the semis i understand that not everyone can be the champion we need these guys to make the winner look good. I have alot more respect for the guys that lose and default out of the tournament people that do that dont consider themselves wrestleback guys there the champions that got upset. Even wrestle back guys can win a few flukes and take the whole thing thats what keeps them in the sport and thats why we wrestle the matches.
  10. Thats an interesting way to say you disagree with my post
  11. Obviously The only people who try in wrestle backs are the people who knew they werent going to win in the first place so my question is why even waste all this time to reward that type of attitude. just because you beat the number 1 guy in the consolation bracket doesn't mean your better, it just means he already knows his seasons over and that match is just phoned in. its not like anyone cares who took 7th in 5 years from now. i know people will mention the "team race" and thats a great point. i actually think it will give a more accurate picture of which team has better champions if we do away with wrestle backs. Think about it, how is it fair that a team can win the whole tournament without a single champion.
  12. it seems that everyone is afraid of competition and my vast knowledge of wrestling. If your hosting a pool and don't want to win please send me an invite, i have messaged several users on this board and havent heard back from anyone. I will be happy to take your money
  13. everyone seems to be blaming the refs for allowing all this stalling with no call, when the real crime is having a 285lb weight class. when was the last time you saw a high scoring heavyweight match? when was the last time you even watched a full heavy weight match? there is probably only 2 heavyweights per year that actually wrestle in the whole country, i think its time to cut our losses and let these guys play football where they can use there talents to actually entertain people instead of ruining our sport.
  14. too many refs seem to call stalling incorrectly, why have riding time in college if your automatically "stalling" just because its the third period and your up by 1 and on top. regardless of how hard your trying to get back points your stalling. Yet if its the first period you can legitimately ride the period out on an ankle and have a much lower chance of being hit with a stall call.
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