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  1. It is free. Not for money or a prize. Only bragging rights! Also, you must follow rules that I will put in place. I would do all the work myself so it is my personal time I am giving up for your entertainment. Gantry, SetonHall, BigFan can all attest to my competition that used to be held on TheWrestlingTalk.com
  2. Curious if anyone is interested in a Pickem contest for the Placers in each weight class. I would keep track of results. I will not post early results as it is the weekend of my Wedding Anniversary. I will also keep track of how Seeds do.
  3. That is what everyone was saying about Kyle Snyder against Adam Coon. But it happened. It is a possibility. Nickal is not unbeatable.
  4. Is anybody forming Fantasy Leagues for upcoming NCAA D1 Season?
  5. Not only White coming, but word has it that Logan is joining the coaching staff!
  6. Congrats to Kingsland!! Those with only 2 points did not follow the rules and only put last names on their entry form. TEAMDEKAMP had a corrupt file in his entry form. Kingsland 316 tigerfan9311 308 Doc_Hfuhruhurr 285 mvattivo 277 ban basketball 265 yakrider 258 twade70 251 aro3eb 242 SEEDS 238 Street 233 pickled 214 tec87 209 TFBJR 209 OBJoeB 202 Roadkill 200 doubleleg121 197 snapspinscore 161 Chrissn2001 130 arc40 119 cangemi 2 GoNotQuietly 2 cem5202 2 redwhiteblue 2 WalterWhite 2 Spladlevise 2 huntandfishISU 0 TeamDeMamp 0 squeek 0 wrestlinggods 0 cem5202 0 Matburn155 0 gopher_fan_90 0 djwerd 0 AZCO 0 powerhalf 0 blametheref 0
  7. Weight Class winners 125 SEEDS 48 133 pickled 57 141 tigerfan9311 55 149 Doc_Hfuhruhurr 24 157 Kingsland 41 165 tigerfan9311 57 174 SEEDS 53 184 mvattivo 57 197 ban basketball 40 HWY Kingsland 50 Totals Kingsland 316
  8. Sorry this took so long!! I was running 2 contests. Here and on TheWrestlingTalk. Below are those who entered and also who returned their entry form. Contestant Email Sent Entry Rec'd Email Sent Entry Rec'd twade70 X X 35 26 snapspinscore X X pickled X X huntandfishISU X TeamDeMamp X o squeek X ban basketball X X yakrider X X tigerfan9311 X X tec87 X X cangemi X X GoNotQuietly X X aro3eb X X cem5202 X X Roadkill X X TFBJR X X wrestlinggods X Kingsland X X mvattivo X X Street X X cem5202 X X Matburn155 X gopher_fan_90 X djwerd X OBJoeB X X redwhiteblue X X arc40 X X AZCO X Doc_Hfuhruhurr X X powerhalf X blametheref X doubleleg121 X X Chrissn2001 X X WalterWhite X X Spladlevise X X
  9. Since tomorrow is my Anniversary. I will be out of town. I will try to post results as soon as I can on Sunday.
  10. Rules tab on the Entry form states..... All names must be proper names as listed on Brackets. If you spell it wrong, too bad!! I am not spell checking. Must be first and last name. No nicknames. You MUST capitalize first and last names. I HAVE ALREADY PUT ABOUT 50 PLUS HOURS INTO THIS SPREADSHEET. I WILL NOT SPEND MORE
  11. already sent you one, but I just resent it.
  12. Reminder that all Entry forms are due back by 10:00am EST tomorrow.
  13. Yes, PM me your email so I can get the entry form to you.
  14. Emails were sent out. I made an error in the email. It should have said to submit it by Thursday @10:00am EST. Sorry for any confusion. If you submit your entry form back to me by Thursday @ 10:00am EST, you are in.
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