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  1. J Robison wins Coach of the year based on this pic recently posted on his twitter. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BkP-GbbCIAAPaxs.jpg
  2. A tidbit about 2 of Flynns 3 champs.... King won it as the 12 seed and Gillespie as the 5 seed...
  3. Yeah Im not sure why he did that. After his rideout i thought he had it won!
  4. This just in: Zain wrestled Logan Stieber. I repeat Zain wrestled logan stieber. I do agree Zain was the better wrestler but placed lower. Take nothing away from Cox... he was the best 197. But IMO the skill level of 41s is much deeper and better than 97s. Cox didnt have to wrestle a Logan Stieber like wrestler. Thats life.
  5. I follow Iowa HS wrestling exclusively and follow national freestyle scene pretty close; but not other states as much. I find it pretty interesting when you all post about PA states. Pretty incredible depth and fun to follow back some of the PA state brackets.Incredible depth
  6. lol so who claimed ruth? i hope not NJ
  7. Delgado is a stud. people dont like his funk roll leg pass defense and it often appears he gets out wrestled. Well thats folkstyle wrestling for ya. I also think it is pretty funny that people on the Iowa board call his leg pass defense stalling. Lol Delgado scores more from that position than more wrestlers do from there own shots.
  8. end of wrestling season = time to fish!!! and hunt turkeys. but i keep up with baseball and football pretty closely.
  9. If Cox goes up to heavyweight he will walk through with 4 titles, and easily
  10. I think St. Louis is the best. I like OKC however. Honestly i havent really had a host site i didnt like other than Albany. Loved having it in Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa City and Des Moines last year. Just not a place that comes close to loving wrestling as much as Iowa. Only place in the US where wrestling is legitmately a culture. I thought Des Moines was the best as well. Lots of nice people. I am biased because the midwest is closer; but i like the tourney in the midwest better than the east coast.the smaller cities, and the nice people and the cost being less( not just because of travel) is what i like.
  11. Well after further reading and thought im an idiot. BigRed OBjoe are more knowledgable than me on steroids. I wrestled d1 for 3 years and knew about 10 years of wrestlers, and i can only think of 1 in that time that i had heard was on roids (he was jumped 8 weight classes his sr year)
  12. And are peds a problem in our sport? Lol half our weight classes are under 170 lbs I think that answers itself
  13. NCAA drug testing is random; You find out 24 hours before. There are 3 kinds of drug tests; NCAA sanctioned, Big 12, and from the actually university. When you go to a school you sign up to that school and conferences drug testing policy and have forms with it. Big 12 is also random within a team, you know 24 hours before.you are subject to whatever terms or agreement the university you attend has for its drug testing policy. I've heard that different tests test for different things; but they don't tell you when you go for the test; it is just listed as a drug test. Example some times they test only for performance enhancing drugs; universities will test for Street drugs....etc. This is my understanding of it. And this is coming from current D1 athletes.
  14. Well they wrestled at the US open without headgear.... My guess is they either get lucky or drain it quickly afterwards
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