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  1. No and it won't be for a long time and this year's duel will prove that point. It won't be close. Last year was a perfect storm and they still didn't pull it out. One guy winning the match and he tears his ACL walking back to the mat was a 9 point swing alone.... Three guys wrestling with the flu... all three of them were told pre-match that they were not wrestling, Lee, DeSanto and Stoll and they all went, but were all sick. On a normal night Lee techs Mackell, DeStanto crushed Gomez later in the year when healthy and we all know the story of Stoll. If ISU couldn't win on that night, they are not going to win any time soon. Kemmer is back this year and Iowa lost at 174 last year... This year's dual will be a 20 point plus win for Iowa and it won't be close.... The hype train will be derailed with the exception of the typical blue sky marketing coming from the staff. ISU is an improved program and that's good for wrestling, but they will only progress so far and then it will be status quo. As far as stagnant, FLO has Iowa on paper as #1 this year and that team is a young team, so they could be pre-season #1 the following year as well, so I don't see a stagnant program.
  2. And Lee was off the mat for a full 6 months that year with an ACL repair, from April through October/November, while Suriano was wrestling and training during that period of time, so the argument can go back and forth. Nick had a great run at that tournament and wasn't taken down until the finals. He is so tough defensively as we all know. I hope both athletes stay healthy this upcoming season, because I would like to see how good they could both be this year.
  3. As stated in a previous post, Iowa has historically been mute on their guys wrestling hurt or injured. Despite their approach, there were comments all year by the coaching staff and Lee himself regarding not being healthy and wrestling through adversity. You have to not want to hear what's being said to not realize what was going on. As Terry says, Haters will be Haters and this board has plenty of those. Brands said in an interview during the season that Lee's been sick and banged up all year and then at nationals he said "I don't know what he said in that press conference, because he needs to give himself a lot of credit, Spencer Lee is one tough character." How can anyone question 1. his toughness and 2. the fact he wasn't healthy for the majority of the season? No one is going to come out and say he had xxxxx. It's not happening out of anybody in that Iowa room. The kid is too classy to ever use being hurt as an excuse. He said it nationals when he said this title means more because he had to wrestle through adversity. When asked to elaborate he said, I'm not going there... It's a new year, so I'm looking forward to it and I hope he and the team stays healthy. It's a long season and a tough sport.
  4. It is well known that Lee wrestled hurt all year this past year. Lee has said in numerous interviews that his favorite style is freestyle, so why isn't he wrestling? He was injured and had to get better after battling multiple issues all season. His training was impacted the entire year, which is why his head coach made the comments he made in several interviews he did regarding Lee's toughness and being "one tough hombre." He knew what Lee was battling, but Iowa has always stayed mute on these issues. Mcdonough had knee and shoulder issues his senior year and the staff never said a word. Let's see how this year goes and then I think many of you that over the years have been consistent in critiquing Lee and trying to find ways to be negative are going to have a hard time.
  5. I agree that the domination PSU has enjoyed is coming to an end. All things work in cycles and you don't have to be a troll or a fan of one team or another to know that as a fact. The pendulum is about to swing and the playing field is about to even out. TOSU is about to open a new facility and Iowa is close to announcing the timeline on a new facility to be built. It's an exciting time for the sport of wrestling. The next few years team race is going to be fun.
  6. The interview was posted on Hawkcentral during the season
  7. I am a Hawkeye fan and follow the team. Tom Brands stated in a press conference this year that Lee had been sick and injured all year and he never gives up any information, so these comments really hit home for me. I know several guys that are close to the team that verified that he spent some time in the hospital, so there are the haters that always want to call things excuses when in reality, these young people do get hurt and do get sick. You won't see Lee doing a FLO documentary about all that was wrong with him. Lee has never made an excuse, but if you listened to his NCAA press conference he stated that he had to battle through a lot of adversity, but it doesn't matter whether you're sick or hurt, you just wrestle. What perplexes me is why others can't fathom the fact that he wasn't 100%. You might hate Iowa, you might be jealous of a kids success, but it doesn't take a bright individual to connect these dots. I don't care about the results this year or last, it was obvious this year that he was hurt and or sick throughout this year and I've been told that he wasn't 100% healthy at the NCAA's either. Kudos to him for winning his 2nd national title and for being a good sport this past year in both victory and defeat. Whether a Hawkeye fan or not, you have to give him that much credit.
  8. There have been plenty of shots of Rivera hitting Lee in the face in the first period and Terry even said, "hey, that was hands to the face. I'm okay with you not calling it, but don't call it in the match." Maybe they should have thrown the brick then, because freeze framed shots show it was obvious, but I don't think they like the rule, but it's because it was called on their wrestler they threw the brick in the OT. Also, FLO showed a tape that had both guys out of bounds when they gave Rivera the escape, so the Referee missed the escape call at the 30 second mark to make it essentially 4-1 and then called the hands to the face to make it 4-2. I give Rivera credit for scoring to tie it, but he never gets the chance if the match is properly called.
  9. for a small 125 lber, he missed weight at the Scuffle.... I don't think he will be a 125, but will be a 133 and should have been a 133 this year, but Cael was trying to fill a spot in the line-up.
  10. I know Teasdale and I hope it's good enough to help him win the NCAA Title as well.
  11. Mattin beat Lizak last year and didn't All-American and Lizak finished 4th when it counted. Lee teched him 15-0 and Nathan Tomasello. made him quit on his way to a tech last year during the regular season. This is a trend for LIzak. Even the year Lizak finished 2nd in the nation, he went 30-7 and had a 4-4 record in the Big 10 before getting on a run at NCAA's. Saylor just posted that based on Fix winning, that he's the favorite at 133 this year. Fix didn't beat Lizak anywhere near as bad as several others did last year and Lizak almost got a takedown against Fix and didn't sniff a point against Lee or Nathon Tomasello. I expected more from Fix to be honest. Lizak is not good on his feet and Fix was not nearly as dominant as I expected. I wouldn't count Lizak out this year and I wouldn't make such a strong conclusion off of one match against a wrestler that has a history of not performing as well during the regular season.
  12. Fix is in the mix for sure, but Lizak always seems to wrestle his best at the season end. Last year Lee beat Lizak 15-0 in 2 periods. Dominated every position and never even allowed a scramble, but at the NCAA's he turned it up and placed 4th. The year Lizak took 2nd, he did the same thing and got on a good run in the post season. I wouldn't count him out, but agree that Fix will be in the mix.
  13. KTI


    When Warner returned from Junior Worlds, he took a month off, because he trained through the summer, while other guys were taking a break, he was preparing. I don't see an issue with Warner getting a late start to his season. An NCAA season is long and if a wrestler burns out and doesn't peak in March then the same people that are complaining about Warner not going today are saying, look at Iowa, they burn their guys out and they can't peak in March. The coaches know their athletes best. I don't see this a being a problem. I truly don't. Yes, he wrestled in the wrestle-off and that is part of getting him ready. I'm sure he will be going soon, just not tonight.
  14. Great post and great story. Being off the mat for an entire month must have been tough to maintain his shape. I wonder why FLO never reached out to Lee to do the same story with Lee that they did with Suriano. Suriano was off the mat for 9-days and they do a spread and multiple clips on why he was less than 100% for the finals and he tells the adversity he had to overcome and then there is Lee who is off the mat for a full month and they did a feature story on DeSanto for beating him. Interesting.... It would have been better for Lee to have been hurt and try to wrestle early on in the injury versus having to ride a bike (as was stated in the USA Today blog) for a full month to maintain his conditioning. One wrestler (Nick) gets to tell his story and the other one (Lee) has a story told about the guy who beat him and not one time in that story was it ever mentioned that Lee was injured nor was Lee ever asked to tell his story. A very different approach to how they treated both athletes who both experienced difficult losses.
  15. I believe the RTC's are a big reason our teams are doing so well internationally and I'm a huge supporter. It's also good for the sport because it gives our athletes a chance to train longer and have a way to earn an income and yes, it does provide additional coaching opportunities. I personally love the concept.
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