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  1. KTI

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    for a small 125 lber, he missed weight at the Scuffle.... I don't think he will be a 125, but will be a 133 and should have been a 133 this year, but Cael was trying to fill a spot in the line-up.
  2. KTI

    No Teasdale?

    I know Teasdale and I hope it's good enough to help him win the NCAA Title as well.
  3. KTI

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Mattin beat Lizak last year and didn't All-American and Lizak finished 4th when it counted. Lee teched him 15-0 and Nathan Tomasello. made him quit on his way to a tech last year during the regular season. This is a trend for LIzak. Even the year Lizak finished 2nd in the nation, he went 30-7 and had a 4-4 record in the Big 10 before getting on a run at NCAA's. Saylor just posted that based on Fix winning, that he's the favorite at 133 this year. Fix didn't beat Lizak anywhere near as bad as several others did last year and Lizak almost got a takedown against Fix and didn't sniff a point against Lee or Nathon Tomasello. I expected more from Fix to be honest. Lizak is not good on his feet and Fix was not nearly as dominant as I expected. I wouldn't count Lizak out this year and I wouldn't make such a strong conclusion off of one match against a wrestler that has a history of not performing as well during the regular season.
  4. KTI

    Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

    Fix is in the mix for sure, but Lizak always seems to wrestle his best at the season end. Last year Lee beat Lizak 15-0 in 2 periods. Dominated every position and never even allowed a scramble, but at the NCAA's he turned it up and placed 4th. The year Lizak took 2nd, he did the same thing and got on a good run in the post season. I wouldn't count him out, but agree that Fix will be in the mix.
  5. KTI


    When Warner returned from Junior Worlds, he took a month off, because he trained through the summer, while other guys were taking a break, he was preparing. I don't see an issue with Warner getting a late start to his season. An NCAA season is long and if a wrestler burns out and doesn't peak in March then the same people that are complaining about Warner not going today are saying, look at Iowa, they burn their guys out and they can't peak in March. The coaches know their athletes best. I don't see this a being a problem. I truly don't. Yes, he wrestled in the wrestle-off and that is part of getting him ready. I'm sure he will be going soon, just not tonight.
  6. KTI

    Suriano interview s

    Great post and great story. Being off the mat for an entire month must have been tough to maintain his shape. I wonder why FLO never reached out to Lee to do the same story with Lee that they did with Suriano. Suriano was off the mat for 9-days and they do a spread and multiple clips on why he was less than 100% for the finals and he tells the adversity he had to overcome and then there is Lee who is off the mat for a full month and they did a feature story on DeSanto for beating him. Interesting.... It would have been better for Lee to have been hurt and try to wrestle early on in the injury versus having to ride a bike (as was stated in the USA Today blog) for a full month to maintain his conditioning. One wrestler (Nick) gets to tell his story and the other one (Lee) has a story told about the guy who beat him and not one time in that story was it ever mentioned that Lee was injured nor was Lee ever asked to tell his story. A very different approach to how they treated both athletes who both experienced difficult losses.
  7. KTI

    RTC discussion on Flo

    I believe the RTC's are a big reason our teams are doing so well internationally and I'm a huge supporter. It's also good for the sport because it gives our athletes a chance to train longer and have a way to earn an income and yes, it does provide additional coaching opportunities. I personally love the concept.
  8. KTI

    RTC discussion on Flo

    The names that have been posted as becoming an RTC coach are Derrick Fix at Oklahoma State, Nate Carr at Iowa State and Monday at UNC. Those are the only three that I know that are actively coaching at an RTC at the school their son is wrestling for. Carr and Monday are incredibly well credentialed for their role with Olympic backgrounds and Derrick did see spot action for Okie State for two seasons.
  9. KTI

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Okay, it was 40 months ago...thanks for proving my point! To still be talking about a day that is more than 3 YEARS ago as a relevant indicator today tells it's own story and I'm sure we can agree that has been more than 3-years ago, shows how much you're stretching and believe me it's a stretch. There are guys that lose to an opponent in the regular season that reverses that loss to the same guy later that same season--let alone what can change over one season to the next or over an extended period of time. I think you can agree that MORE THAN 3 YEARS is an extended period of time. I see Iowa on the Okie State schedule this year, let's hope that match happens.
  10. KTI

    Junior Worlds 2018

    I still can't believe that people cite a match that took place over 4-years ago. In the sport of wrestling that's a long time, hell in any sport that's a long time. The Fix fans want to believe it was yesterday, but four years ago--get a grip. Also, in that format, the wrestlers weighed in once and the finals were two days later. Now, we have day of weigh-ins and wrestling a few hours later. Lee made 110 pounds a week after losing at 121, so yeah, the two day weigh in was a factor as well, but who cares, it was over four years ago. Today, I don't think that match will be close and Lee will win easily in either folk or freestyle, but that's just an opinion. I watch both wrestlers every chance I get and Lee's wrestling has progressed on his feet far more than Fix. How many different takedowns did Lee score this past year compared to Fix whose offense is very limited. I hope we get to find out this year during the NCAA season, because it will change the narrative surrounding Fix. I think Fix is going to have to worry about more than just Lee this year in Folkstyle.
  11. KTI

    Spencer Lee 2018 support thread

    I guess it turned out ok for Lee and what do you think about the way that Lee widened the gap on NATO and Picc? Lee had NATO down, by a major had NATO gotten off his back and he had Picc down 15-1 when he pinned him after only beating him 10-5 earlier in the season when he was still coming back and getting his conditioning back and leg to 100%. So, now, you look like a genius citing Lee winning against NATO the first time, especially, since his 3 world titles were against children and now he was wrestling men... I guess he did just fine against the men as well. What a showing at nationals, the brace came off and he showed why he is a 3X World Champ and one of the nations future stars.
  12. KTI

    Jason Renteria-Free Agent

    Iowa is loading up and looks to be a real force next year and beyond with a very young team. Lee, Renteria, DeSanto's and their most recent commit Cashman all have their redshirts remaining and Lee also has an Olympic shirt in his pocket, so it looks like they are set in the lower weights for a few years.
  13. FLO gave a 5lb allowance, so 120 was actually 125. NHSCA giave 3lbs to 132 was 135. I don't know why these events give so much weight.
  14. BigTimeFan, all good points and again pointing to the great career Mark has had is truly noteworthy. It is true that Lee is two years younger than Mark in age and one year behind in grade, so time will tell the story of competitive success of competitors. I would also dare to say that Mark has achieved a milestone that no high school wrestler has ever achieved before and that is the fact that Mark has won seven high school state medals. Has that ever been done before? Anywhere, or in any state? Yes, he was the first to win 6 high school golds in MN, but he also won a high school state silver medal in Kentucky where they also allow 7th graders to compete in high school prior to moving to MN. So, when you count his six golds and one silver, I truly think he was the first ever to win 7 high school state medals and then to end his career at the Pittsburgh Classic wrestling for Team USA and winning his final high school match 8-5 in that setting against a quality PA opponent like Austin Bell (160-24 and state bronze in 2016) was a phenomenal way to end an historic career. I hope Mark continues his competitive success this year and caps it off with the World Junior Gold medal that barely eluded him last year. He's a special athlete with a proven past and a bright future. PSU is very lucky to have him joining their team.
  15. I have never once said that Lee is better, you keep bringing it up. My point was laughing at your reference to a match four years ago as being old and irrelevant just as much as Nathon T. losing a match at the Super 32 years ago didn't mean anything as he was winning an NCAA title as a freshman. I did bring up some points that you didn't address, because they didn't support your augment, but that's okay. My last post is this, how do you know, have you ever seen them wrestle? If not, how do you know? You don't, you can speculate and you might be correct and then again you might not be..., which is why I keep saying I am not saying anybody is better than anybody... it's a stupid discussion to try to compare such different eras, I was just making a point that you have obviously missed, again and again.