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  1. Anybody that posts the comment above is a true waste of space on this forum and this is related to you. I wasn't picking a winner, after the fact, I was making the point that people like you wrote the guy off after he got stuck, but he came back and YES, won when it counted for the third time. It must hurt you to read that, but it's true. As far as your feeble attempt at turning the excuses around on him in an earlier post, you actually make his point, but are too slow witted to realize it. Lee said himself that had he lost at Nationals he wouldn't have said anything... He tore his ACL in the finals against Mueller and then came out and wrestled the entire next year and never told anyone.... This was despite all of the questions regarding why he didn't wrestle that summer... Do you think if he was battling something that season that he was going to announce it? No, you made his point. He wasn't making excuses. I am an Iowa fan and I am a fan of Lee. I like many wrestlers at different schools and enjoy the banter on the forums until folks try to put the guys down in some way and of course always living an excuse of hiding behind screen names.
  2. And then there was the national tournament... No excuses just get it done when it matters the most:-).
  3. If Suriano goes to Ohio State it moves them into trophy contention. I read that rumor yesterday. Who knows... If Suriano goes 133 I think he's the favorite. From a style perspective, no one at 133 has the offense to take him down. Fix hasn't taken him down in about 30 minutes of wrestling. If he drops, I think the weight is a factor that is not in his favor. He looked the best at 133, but the PSU fans are hoping for 125 and PSU and that's understandable, but I don't think it's best for him.
  4. Agree with you and should be more specific. His work to shrink his body to wrestle at 125 I believe impacted him at the World Trials. He looked no where near as imposing. He needs to hit the weights again and be that guy that ran through a very tough 133lb bracket. He controlled the entire tournament unless his close finals with Fix.
  5. Great point. Lee tore an ACL in the finals against Mueller and said nothing and then wrestled the next year with it never saying a word. He didn't wrestle that summer and despite all of the questions he never shared the fact he was hurt. It was clear that he was told to go ahead and tell folks at least that's what the interviews pointed out. You can see on the tape that Tom leaned over to him and said something right before the interview and Lee said later that Tom told him, go ahead and tell them what you've been dealing with.
  6. I think Suriano is a great wrestler, but he's not the same wrestler at 125 as he was at 133. I thought 133 was perfect for him and he looked chiseled. He won a tough national bracket at 133 that year. NATO handled Suriano pretty easily at the recent World Trials at 125 and that shocked me, but it makes sense. If Nick does come back to College, I think Nick can win 133 again, but cutting to 125 and making the weight three straight days won't be good for him. Time will tell. It's good to be talking about wrestling again.
  7. Great for the sport and kudos to Iowa for stepping up and making this happen. A dedicated area for women's locker-rooms, training rooms etc., is being built in a new facility that is preparing to break ground. Amazing. Iowa will become the center for women's wrestling. I believe this will help Iowa wrestling in general as well. Good move!
  8. I, for one, am glad Tom told some of the back story. It supports what Spencer said in an interview at the event when he said you don't know what's going on behind the scenes, what we're dealing with... so true. What Murin did was impressive.
  9. Gimpeltf: Agree that hindsight is 20/20... I still believe an athletes only event would have been fine. Ironically, this year, at both the DIII and DI post season championships, not one athlete tested positive.
  10. The only points I would make regarding the NCAA granting an extra year are as follows: 1. Mistake to cancel the week of the championships a year ago. Let the athletes in with no families and no spectators, but to cancel was a mistake in my opinion, which put them in this situation in the first place. 2. While I am so very happy that they provided the extra year due to the cancellation last year. The only adjustment that I believe could have been appropriate would have been that everyone gets an extra year, but no one gets a 5th NCAA Tournament. This would have been easy to implement. The real loss last year was to the guys that lost 25% of their NCAA experience.
  11. What is interesting is how old some of these guys are going to be. Some of them came out of high school as old as you could be and are on track to be between 26 and maybe even 28 with another cycle in three years and the possibility of another Olympic Red Shirt.
  12. I agree with MSU 158, none of this discussion takes into consideration the grey shirting that's going on at Penn State and other places. I'm not saying it's wrong, but it adds to the ages of the athletes at graduation. Or, let's look at the guys that go on missions, which is allowable. Penn State rolled out a 125 two years ago that had been on a (multi-year) mission... Someone said he was 27. I don't know, but it's just the point that this year, due to COVID, a light is being shined on the years in College, but there are many ways guys can be older. Look at Daton Fix at Okst. He took his red shirt and used his Olympic Red Shirt. Daton was born on March 11, 1998. He is already 23 years old and has three more years left to compete, which would take him to 26 years old when finishing his collegiate career. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. It's all within the rules, but just pointing out there are many examples of guys using the system to stay in College longer. It used to be 23 years old was the 5-year window and maybe 24 at times for the guys graduating at 19, but Daton is going to be 26 without using a medical or possibly an additional Olympic Red Shirt (remember the next cycle is only three years away).... If Daton had to use a medical year and then if he took another Olympic Shirt he could be 28 upon graduating, which is crazy. My opinion is that these guys are only young once and as long as the rules are in place for everyone, then I don't see an issue with it, but to speak of one team or a specific example is missing the big picture of what's happening across the nation.
  13. Thank you for your response.  I still find it laughable that Lee used this moment to promote a Hodge campaign.  Really, do you really think he thought it through and said, "when I win, I plan to say I'm hurt to help me win the Hodge?"  Unbelievable.  He was asked at every interview and he said had he lost he wasn't going to say anything, but since he won he answered the question by the ESPN commentator that asked him what was the adversity he was dealing with?  He answered the question.    



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    2. KTI


      I do believe that for years, the whole "fun" State was a strategy.  Yes, I think it happens.  That's not what you're saying. You're saying that they staged the comments to influence the Hodge and no,  don't believe this occurred. 

    3. TBar1977


      And you are entitled to that belief. 

    4. KTI


      When you say it on a public forum when is is 100% negative and a bad look is not at all in good character.  If you're not willing to say it face to face to the athlete or the family, why say it on a message forum behind a fake name?  I think it's wrong.  No issues debating points, but not insinuating someone is staging a campaign or using an injury to win an award.  That, sir, is low class.  I will have a different perspective if you willing to say it face-to-face and I don't think that would occur. 

  14. No response to my posts?  No apology for insinuating a kid staging an injury?    Still hiding behind a screen name?  


    Who are you?  Why do you have something against Spencer Lee?  I am really curious!

    1. TBar1977


      You posted in a thread titled "Hodge Voting and Timing" where you reacted to a post I made that said his speech looked a little too staged, but you misunderstood my meaning.  It isn't that I think the injury was staged, it was that I felt the speech itself appeared "too staged" to gain more of what jammen referred to i.e. the Hodge "sympathy vote". And this is as much about Brands as Lee appearing to sway the Hodge vote.

      You do know Brands is actively campaigning for that vote? If not, check Brands comments on the subject.

      I am confident that Lee is injured, and I hope this clarifies what I was referring to with my comment. I have nothing against Spencer Lee, never have had anything against him. 

  15. Hey TBar1977, I guess Lee is still working on staging this entire scene by skipping the Olympic Trials.
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