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  1. Fleming

    Junior Worlds

    More impressive than brooks going to the bbq truck?
  2. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Not hating if it's true. I thought you were never gonna post again? No? Big drama show then nothing.
  3. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Plus, his teammate showed him how to do it.
  4. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    warmed up with the Bull
  5. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Yea, he looked like he was having a ball looking at those lights
  6. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    call tbar
  7. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    It hurts huh????
  8. Fleming

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Seems like he gets sloppy with the same guy.........
  9. Fleming

    Caps for 197 class

    Go get 'em tbone, It might be a dig on the funboys! #theneverendingstory
  10. Fleming

    UNC beats Pitt and no one cares

    Awwww.......no one saw your genius.......
  11. Fleming

    Princeton vs Rutgers, featuring Ashnault vs. Kolodzik...

    Ha ha, right on time! Can't stand the thought of any possible chink in the armor!!! an ongoing classic comedy show!.....and still no realization of why PSU is disliked.....a beautiful thing!!!!
  12. Fleming

    UM v PSU

    Still a mystery.......
  13. Fleming

    UM v PSU

    Just can't figure out why folks don't care for psu.....can't be the fans..........updating hotdogging....6th maybe 7th grade stuff....really cool though........
  14. Fleming

    Good thread on hawkeye report

    That's my guy!! Gotta go check up on the other phony's now........
  15. Fleming

    Over/under wins NU@PSU

    he shoots......HE SCORES!!!!!!!!