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  1. Reminds me of the "obvious" injury Nolf blames for the thrashing yesterday.
  2. I seem to remember that Simez kid from Cornell turning McIntosh like a pancake and breaking him at the scuffle. Maybe Tbar can dig that one out of his archives. Morgan didn't look like he was having much fun then. Of course tbar will come up with some rational explanation : " Yea but.....but.....but....."
  3. More impressive than brooks going to the bbq truck?
  4. Not hating if it's true. I thought you were never gonna post again? No? Big drama show then nothing.
  5. Plus, his teammate showed him how to do it.
  6. Yea, he looked like he was having a ball looking at those lights
  7. Seems like he gets sloppy with the same guy.........
  8. Go get 'em tbone, It might be a dig on the funboys! #theneverendingstory
  9. Awwww.......no one saw your genius.......
  10. Ha ha, right on time! Can't stand the thought of any possible chink in the armor!!! an ongoing classic comedy show!.....and still no realization of why PSU is disliked.....a beautiful thing!!!!
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