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  1. Tony Nelson Jeannie Roger Healy Dr. Bellows
  2. Increase the number of weights to 11, add a 220 pound weight class and increase the number of scholarships to 11.
  3. Not only is Iowa wrestling no longer a perennial NC threat but in the not to distant future, they may not even be the best in the state of Iowa.
  4. Cael has expanded his recruiting from national to international. Next maybe some Iranian recruits?
  5. Oklahoma State fans say that about Iowa. There has to be a time frame set on dominance or OSU wins all arguments. How about limiting it to this century.
  6. An act of god was the only way that Piccininni was going to beat Suriano.
  7. http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/olympic-gold-medalist-kyle-snyder-plans-to-pursue-ufc-career-immediately-091216
  8. Kyle Snyder has future aspirations in freestyle and MMA. Why would he risk injury in folkstyle next year? I would not be surprised if he did not compete in his senior year.
  9. Even If they called stalling on Hall ( which they rarely ever do in this situation), Hall still wins with the final takedown.
  10. My point being that this may be an all new level of dominance even considering PSU's previous victories at the NCAAs.
  11. PSU has stepped up it's dominance in college wrestling to a new level. Not only did they have 5 national champs but 3 of them won with bonus points. Combine that with Suriano and Cortez returning next year and their dynasty may just be beginning.
  12. He looked a bit tired when he wrestled Caldwell. He looks much better now. Should be in top shape for BIG's. I would not bet against him or Ruth at Nationals.
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