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  1. It's possible, and a few people did it while beta-testing this summer, but it's A LOT of scrolling on a phone. With the long lists of wrestlers, and all the extra "sections" that are on the page, it's not optimized for mobile.....YET. I will work on trying to make it work better for mobile, but can't promise anything with drafts already scheduled to start in the next couple days. I don't want to implement something I'm not 100% sure on, then have the entire draft process blow up for EVERYONE because I didn't test enough before deploying.
  2. Primary purpose was it would introduce a different strategy for just the 2 playoff weeks. Let me explain... The entire season is predicated around weekly matchups where it's a mixture of tournaments and duals, with the 2nd half of the season being primarily duals. Using the last 2 weeks of the regular/dual season as the playoff weeks, we stay under the same format/strategy of setting a roster instead of just the top wrestlers on your roster. This was one of the big things we debated all summer, and ultimately decided to leave them out. We will definitely address this again next offseason, as it's obviously too late to change things now (because of all the testing that would need to be done).
  3. Hey Wrestling fans, we are excited to announce the #FantasyCollegeWrestling on WrestleStat is officially open! We really hope you enjoy it, and you have any questions/comments/concerns, don't hesitate in reaching out to us at support@wrestlestat.com. https://www.wrestlestat.com/fcw
  4. Yes, when auto-pick is turned on, it will take the TOP wrestler, according to that user's "need weights", from the "Top 300/Best Available" list. If you check the "Top 300" page, that's the exact order of how they'd get drafted if auto-pick is turned on for everyone. But, the "Simulate Remainder of Draft", I believe, will choose, AT RANDOM, between the top 5 in the Need Weights/Best Available list...that was done to try and introduce SOME randomness when I test with all of the simulated users.
  5. Looking for 2 more people to fill this group for a 3:30PM EST draft today... https://www.wrestlestat.com/fcw/group/32/join
  6. It's been made public that JRent's father was going through chemo last season/year...that's why he wasn't wrestling.
  7. It's not set-in-stone yet, but it will most-likely use dual scoring format, and it will be weekly head-to-head "matches" vs one other user in your league. Then the following week, it will be against a different user in your group. Winners will be determined by the W/L record, with tiebreaker being total points scored throughout the season.
  8. I don't believe that's the case. You ALWAYS [or at least should have] the ability to edit the roster for the following fantasy week, whether that's via starter changes, trades, or free agency transactions. For the trades, have you selected which other user in your league that you want to trade with? You have to do that, before you can see the rosters.... LMK
  9. Opened up for testing... https://wrestlestat.wordpress.com/2019/07/23/fcw-fantasy-college-wrestling/
  10. Just curious when you take off the seniors. 

    1. andegre


      Switchover is on 5/1.

    2. Zebra


      Cool. Thanks man I appreciate it. 

  11. We're working on implementing the RPI calculations into the WrestleStat rankings algorithm....over 500 simulations have been done so far; I'd say we're making progress!!!
  12. I feel honored that our site ranks up there with "we landed on the moon", easily my favorite movie!
  13. Waymit! Did my "Oregon State alum who doesn't do social media" just get an account on this forum? lol
  14. Our last installment... https://wrestlestat.wordpress.com/2019/03/26/wrestlestat-rankings-final-2019/
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