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  1. Need some help folks. The process of getting the schedules imported turned out to be....awful and time-consuming. In order to maybe help the process along, I developed a page where users can view/add schedule events themselves. So I guess I'm asking for some help. If anyone has the time to enter schedules for a team, it would be greatly appreciated. I've started out by adding Iowa, I just need to start going through for every team. You can get to these schedules from the Team menu, then "Schedule". Here's a direct link: http://www.wrestlestats.com/Team/ScheduleSelect
  2. Thanks Pinnum! smittyfan, that's almost exactly what my site is going to offer this coming season. On a week-to-week basis, there will be 20 "Feature" matches. Of those 20, you can select the winner for anywhere from 0 to 20 of those matches (aka you're not obligated to participate on a week-to-week basis). On the "ThisWeek" and "NextWeek" pages, it will show you the wrestlers for the match, their ranking, school, and then also a link to their wrestler comparison page where it shows the common opponents between the two wrestlers. That should cut down on the amount of research you guys need to do. Leaderboards are tracked on a weekly/monthly/seasonal basis. This is the extent of the Fantasy so far. Next year I'm going to provide the ability to separate everything into groups. So if the Guillotine users wanted their own "league" to do everything, that will be available. I'd love to hear any other suggestions for Fantasy. Nothing will get added until next season though....this years is already set.
  3. This is probably a result of the same thing as VaTech above, doesn't have a wrestler at all 10 weights. (I didn't look this up to verify...)
  4. He's there, but he's in the 30's or so. He didn't have that great of a record last season, and he gets docked a few points changing weights.
  5. Everyone should be, but now you got me thinking on the new additions (true freshman and transfers) and how they are/should be showing up. Preseason rankings run on Wednesday morning, but I'll check tonight to make sure. If they aren't getting set to the default ranking index, I'll get that code updated and run rankings tonight.
  6. Kyle Snyder was there, but because the data that I received didn't have his weight specified, so I default to 125. I just changed him so he's in at 197 now. http://www.wrestlestats.com/Team/SetLineup?teamId=55 As for Bo Jordan, you found a bug in my code for me. I'll get that fixed this weekend and I'll get him updated (I know exactly what the bug is, just a matter of getting time to make the code changes).
  7. smittyfan, the PreSeason rankings are generated weekly on Wednesdays (early AM). It calculates the ranking of the starter at each weight. If there is no starter at a weight, it chooses the highest ranked wrestler on the team, at that weight. In Virginia Tech's case (and about a dozen other schools), when I removed last years seniors, it left some weights without a wrestler at that weight. Therefore, when trying to calculate the preseason rank, one could not be generated because of not enough data. So, since the rosters were updated this morning, it was already after the latest run of Rankings. Since there is the possibility of wrestlers being added (likely true freshman) at those missing weights, those teams should get a ranking when the ranking process runs again. If after checking the roster(s) with the new additions (freshman, transfers, etc) there is still a weight that doesn't have a wrestler, ANY user on WrestleStats can modify the weight of a wrestler. Since there HAS to be a wrestler at that weight for duals (unless the school forfeits every match), then someone is bound to move into that weight that is now currently on the roster. After moving a wrestler to a weight, the next time the ranking process runs, a team ranking will be generated. Thanks!!!
  8. Well, it took me about a week longer than anticipated, but ALL Division I rosters have been updated with the new additions to the teams. I have NOT removed wrestlers from last year's rosters that have left them team (other than seniors). That will be coming next. http://www.wrestlestats.com
  9. (I do my testing on my iPhone also). I've noticed that too, but in the scenario I had, it was because I was already at the bottom of the menu item list, THEN the background would start scrolling. I'd assume (I haven't tested yet), that if the background starts scrolling up, it's probably because you're already at the top of the menu items. I'll check on that though. Any other feedback, especially the negative, is greatly appreciated and welcome.
  10. Can you elaborate? I'd really like to know why so I can fix/change it. Menu items (being consolidated into a single menu)? Pages with "lists" (ie rankings, roster, eligibility breakdown, lineup comparison etc) - having to scroll horizontally as well as vertically? I want it to be as easy (and painless) as possible...
  11. By the way, thanks for the kind words everyone. I've spent hundreds of hours on this site so hopefully more people than just myself get something out of it. Edit: If anyone would like to try out the rest of the features that are available, and see how they work with [last year's] data, check out the test site: http://testwrestlestat.apphb.com
  12. Yes, the menu/pages on the site mostly say Pick'Em (actually a combination of Fantasy and Pick'Em). I should probably consolidate so everything says Pick'Em, so it's consistent.
  13. I'm a little behind on the info so far this season. Was trying to get a lot of the stuff that I worked on over the summer ready and deployed. I'll work on the roster process, hopefully this week, but soon anyway.
  14. Noted. Unfortunately you can't add new wrestlers right now (from the site), I'll have to do that manually. Not sure why he wasn't on from last season, I'll have to research that.
  15. I just went in to update them and noticed that they were in the correct class/year. Someone must've already updated them. Another feature of WrestleStat, I allow the ability to modify a lot of stuff to the users of the site. My process isn't 100% on getting everything right, thanks for helping me out.
  16. The Fantasy Pick'Em is a weekly contest, where you can sign-up/participate in ANY week you choose, or you can skip weeks if you like (aka, week-to-week basis). Each week, the computer generates the 20 "Feature Matches" based on the upcoming weeks duals that are scheduled. Lots of determining factors here in my algorithm, but basically, the closer the two wrestlers are in weight, the more likely their match gets picked. Extra weighting is applied for wrestlers that are ranked higher/better. Of those 20 feature matches, you select the winner of anywhere from 0, to all 20 matches. Once the week has been completed (Either Monday thru Sunday, or Sunday thru Saturday, I don't remember), the results will be generated and weekly stats are created (done on Wednesday). Once the stats are generated, there's a weekly, monthly, and season long leaderboard that is based on the win percentage, not the total number of wins. The reason to go by win percentage is because you don't have to pick ALL feature matches. But the stipulation here is that you must make a pick in at least 50 percent of the feature matches for that specific time period in order to be included in the leaderboard (otherwise, you'll show up as {not eligible} at the bottom of the leaderboard. This is all for fun, and my first ever attempt at any kind of fantasy "thing". I'd love to hear peoples opinions on how to make it better as the season goes along and before next season. I figured this would be something fun to add to the site since there aren't ANY fantasy wrestling sites out their for the general public, that I know of. Anyway, Fantasy, as well as EVERYTHING on WrestleStat is free, and I intend to keep it that way. Enjoy!
  17. Well, I just got done making a change that I believe people will like the most. You can now change the team lineups directly from the team comparison page! Couple that with the PermaLinks and you guys can go crazy link-happy. Hope ya'll like http://www.wrestlestats.com
  18. Hey Fellas, WrestleStat guy here. Can you give me a little bit more info on which of the statistics you guys want? I'll figure out if the main data points are available, if so, I'll get'em added to the stats pages for each wrestler. Keep in mind, because of data storage limits, I'm only able to retain 1 seasons worth of stats... Hope you all enjoy the site.
  19. If anyone would like to view the lineup comparisons, here you go, just add http:// in front of each one. Maryland at George Mason, 7:00 PM - wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Maryland&teamB=George%20Mason Friday, February 21: Harvard at Columbia, 6:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Harvard&teamB=Columbia Missouri at Kent State, 6:30 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Missouri&teamB=Kent%20State Bucknell at Binghamton, 7:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Bucknell&teamB=Binghamton%20University Army at Navy, 7:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Army&teamB=Navy Rider at Princeton, 7:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Rider&teamB=Princeton Drexel at Rutgers, 7:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Drexel&teamB=Rutgers Millersville at Franklin & Marshall, 7:30 PM Edinboro at Kent State, 8:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Edinboro&teamB=Kent%20State Wyoming at North Dakota State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Wyoming&teamB=North%20Dakota%20State%20University Arizona State at Oklahoma State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Arizona%20State&teamB=Oklahoma%20State Nebraska at Wisconsin, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Nebraska&teamB=Wisconsin Saturday, February 22: North Carolina State at Duke, 10:00 AM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=North%20Carolina%20State&teamB=Duke North Carolina State vs. Northwestern at Duke, 12:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=North%20Carolina%20State&teamB=Northwestern Pittsburgh at North Carolina, 12:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Pittsburgh&teamB=North%20Carolina SIU-Edwardsville vs. The Citadel at North Carolina, 12:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Southern%20Illinois%20Edwardsville&teamB=The%20Citadel Hofstra at Cornell, 1:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Hofstra&teamB=Cornell Penn at Princeton, 1:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Pennsylvania&teamB=Princeton Bloomsburg at Binghamton, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Bloomsburg&teamB=Binghamton%20University Lehigh at Brown, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Lehigh&teamB=Brown Michigan State at Central Michigan, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Michigan%20State&teamB=Central%20Michigan Northwestern at Duke, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Northwestern&teamB=Duke Campbell vs. Pittsburgh at North Carolina, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Campbell&teamB=Pittsburgh SIU-Edwardsville at North Carolina, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Southern%20Illinois%20Edwardsville&teamB=North%20Carolina The Citadel at Campbell, 3:30 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=The%20Citadel&teamB=Campbell Sacred Heart at Boston U., 5:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Sacred%20Heart&teamB=Boston%20U. Penn at Drexel, 5:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Pennsylvania&teamB=Drexel West Virginia at Edinboro, 7:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=West%20Virginia&teamB=Edinboro Sunday, February 23: Lehigh at Harvard, 12:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Lehigh&teamB=Harvard Cleveland State vs. Gardner-Webb at Ohio, 12:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Cleveland%20State&teamB=Gardner-Webb Davidson vs. SIU-Edwardsville at Appalachian State, 1:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Davidson&teamB=Southern%20Illinois%20Edwardsville Northern Illinois at Buffalo, 1:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Northern%20Illinois&teamB=Buffalo Northern Iowa at Old Dominion, 1:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Northern%20Iowa&teamB=Old%20Dominion Gardner-Webb at Ohio, 1:30 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Gardner-Webb&teamB=Ohio Virginia Tech at Ohio State, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Virginia%20Tech&teamB=Ohio%20State Clarion at Penn State, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Clarion&teamB=Penn%20State Chattanooga at VMI, 2:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Chattanooga&teamB=VMI Iowa at Wisconsin, 2:00 PM (1:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Iowa&teamB=Wisconsin SIU-Edwardsville at Appalachian State, 2:30 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Southern%20Illinois%20Edwardsville&teamB=Appalachian%20State Brown at Columbia, 3:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Brown&teamB=Columbia Minnesota at Iowa State, 3:00 PM (2:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Minnesota&teamB=Iowa%20State South Dakota State at North Dakota State, 3:00 PM (2:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=South%20Dakota%20State&teamB=North%20Dakota%20State%20University Cleveland State at Ohio, 3:00 PM wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Cleveland%20State&teamB=Ohio Air Force at Northern Colorado, 4:00 PM (2:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=Air%20Force&teamB=Northern%20Colorado Sunday, March 2: American at Oklahoma State, 3:00 PM (2:00 PM) wrestlestat.apphb.com/Team/CompareGet?teamA=American&teamB=Oklahoma%20State
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