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  1. You can if you count Haselrig as having six ;)
  2. I guess a part of the reason I am asking is because Broomstick asked if any state had a better top two or top 3 and I am curious if PA can compete.
  3. I've seen threads like this a couple times and no one ever tackles PA. Is it that there's too many? I didn't really start following college wrestling until I was in college (2007) so my knowledge doesn't go back far enough. Anyone willing to give it a go? Off the top of my head I can name a few I know are probably in the running... Carlton Haselrig, Zain, Kolat, Ed Ruth, Nolf...
  4. I'm at work and typing fast, gimme a break lol.
  5. Good question. I am a little curios after reading that article.
  6. I'm 31 and while I don't post often, I do come to this site 4-6 days a week. During the off season, I make it to international board 1-2 days a week. I feel like I know a lot of you pretty well, even though most of you probably don't remember me ever posting. I have been coming here for about 12-13 years. I started when I was in college and a kid i went to HS with was wrestling for PSU. That all being said, I think the handle Lurker might apply to me better than it does Lurker.
  7. I read in one article that it was based on legal reasons, but the workers refused further comment. I obviously have no inside knowledge, but I have a hard time believing that a taco bell on college ave wasn't making enough money. When I was a student, that place was always busy. I guess that could change ten years later, but I think the legal reasons make more sense.
  8. I think Bo would beat him too, but Bo gives up takedowns to really slick guys like MM (who I don't think is even close to Bo anymore) and Cox. I could see it being closer than you might think. I could also see Bo pinning him in under a minute. My actual guess would be along the lines of a 6-2 win for Bo.
  9. I did... totally slipped my mind. I would've picked Ringer in a rematch anyway. I just think Zahid is a maybe half step behind that group whereas everyone else is at least a step behind, so I wanted to bring him up
  10. I wasn't bringing that up as a knock on Ringer. I think that all four of them would have a legit shot at bringing home at least a medal.
  11. First Wisconsin should be given credit, especially the first half of their lineup. They came to wrestle. The second half seemed content in losing by less than expected. Bellying out and taking stall calls, while a smart way to not get pinned, is not coming to wrestle i.e at 157,184,197. That's why I like tournament wrestling better, you gotta let it fly. Who wants to stall their way out of a tournament.
  12. I do think Zahid will pull out a close one. But to think Zahid can't lose for the rest of his career is crazy. He may not, but Hall has beat him before and definitely can again. Also, I don't think Amine gets the respect he has shown he deserves, to be in the conversation with these two. He took Zahid to the brink last year and only seems to keep improving. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in the finals or as a national champ this year. I still would put my money on Zahid, but it is not a sure thing. I would bet on at least three different returning champs(Nolf,NIckal, Lee) to repeat before Zahid (with Joseph and Yanni being around the same odds, maybe a little lower).
  13. If I am not past the deadline, I'll take: Starter: Reenan Backup: Lewis
  14. I am interested in two tickets. I could probably take all 4 off of you if you want to sell all four at a time. Let me know what price you're thinking if you are still looking.
  15. Hey all, I, like most of you, come from a wrestling family, and I'm trying to think of a good Father's day gift for my dad. I was hoping to find a "best of" type DVD of college matches but came up short. Thought I'd try to get some input here. Anyone have a good wrestling themed gift idea. I can't afford tickets to something like next year's ncaas and I live far enough away that going to an event would be difficult so tickets in general aren't an option. Thanks to anyone who tries to help.
  16. Hey guys, I'm working unfortunately and cant watch. If anyone would be so kind to give updates regularly, I would much appreciate it. Can't wait to see these matches!
  17. Hey guys, I am at work and they have flo restricted surprisingly. Can I get some updates on what the scores were for each finals matches so far?
  18. Doesn't phone State have eight alive, not nine? Hates lost to Sorenson in the blood round and Campbell is out.
  19. 125 1 NATO 2 suriano 3 Cruz 4 Lee 5 piccininni 6 lizak 7 fausz 8 moisey 133 1 gross 2 micic 3 Brock 4 pletcher 5 Parker 6 erneste 7 Mueller 8 keener 141 1 Meredith 2 heil 3 eierman 4 yianni 5 Jack 6 Lee 7 McKenna 8 karam 149 1 retherford 2 Sorenson 3 leeth 4 kolodzik 5 heilmann 6 Hayes 7 lewallen 8 Tsirtsis 157 1 nolf 2 pantaleo 3 kemerer 4 Shields 5 hidlay 6 Jordan 7 lavallee 8 Berger 165 1 Joseph 2 imar 3 Massa 4 Walsh 5 marstellar 6 Rogers 7 McFadden 8 marinelli 174 1 Hall 2 Valencia 3 amine 4 Lewis 5 Jordan 6 kutler 7 Ramos 8 subjeck 184 1 nickal 2 Martin 3 abounader 4 preisch 5 renda 6 venz 7 Dean 8 Foster 197 1 darmstadt 2 Moore 3 Rasheed 4 miklus 5 Haught 6 weigel 7 Machiavello 8 kasunic 285 1 coon 2 Snyder 3 Nevills 4 Kasper 5 dhesi 6 hemida 7 Hall 8 wood
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