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  1. If true, this could be huge. His freestyle connections and experience would be a big attraction for HS kids aspiring to be World Champs.
  2. Bo Jordan and Anthony Ashnault would be my top 2 followed closely by Kyle Snyder. Bo had a pretty easy run during the open tournaments and AA won the collegiate open so it will good to see both of them in the Big 10 grind. I was somewhat surprised at Snyder's Dapper Dan match. Thought he would have dominated more. Maybe too much freestyle but I'm sure he will be ready. One name I haven't seen on here in a while is Brooks Black. Former HVY from Blair. He was almost unstoppable in HS, but I have heard he wasn't a hard worker and the big 10 would be too much for him. Based on his success at Blair, I am interested to see how well he does. Probably the right choice to RS him this year as HVY in the Big 10 was ridiculously deep.
  3. First, congrats to SEM on winning the tournament. They played by the rules and the at the end of the day, the team they brought outscored Blair. However, I think it is fair to say that having 3 kids that were not part of the official high school team definitely changed the dynamic. As far as the injury bug, Blair was definitely bit hard this year and bitten at the tourny as well. If Dempsey-145 doesn't get hurt he probably would be top 4. Shuwanami-195 would have been top 4. Kutler-138 if healthy would have won easily. Give that kid a ton of credit. I was told he had knee surgery in January and the only reason he was out there was due to McKenna's absence. The fact that he even placed is remarkable. If you put Blair's Ironman lineup at the Preps I think they would have won it. But at the end of the day, SEM did and huge props to them.
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